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Top 10 Betting Sites in the US that Also Offer Live Betting Options


The online betting hype is totally off the charts. With more countries legitimizing online betting pools, betting enthusiasts are keen to find safer, more reliable online betting websites and apps. Thanks to the abundance of online betting mediums, you won’t face any difficulty browsing the internet for online betting websites.

But the issue is not every mobile betting site or app can be trusted. The dramatically growing market has led to several competitive and non-competitive rivalries, ultimately impacting the users. More betting websites are now about making it to the top without making an effort in the user experience department.

Betting Sites Ranking is a leading online platform. We take pride in assisting millions of online gamblers and sports bettors to learn about online betting. Our experienced professionals share gambling tips and tricks regularly.

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So when it comes to finding an online betting website, we recommend you check these factors:

  • Reliability
  • Flexible deposit options
  • Handsome payouts
  • A wide array of betting pools
  • And, of course, a live betting option!

Live betting is one of the most exciting ways to place bets on your favorite team, player, game, or sport while it’s on air. It makes online betting much more fun as all your fellow bettors and you will make betting decisions based on live twists and turns. It allows you more room for exploration. You can test various online sports betting techniques during live betting without worrying about a computerized outcome ruining your payouts.

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In this detailed blog, our expert team at Betting Sites Ranking has listed all the amazing and safest online betting sites that offer live betting options. You can choose any one of these a mix to try your luck at live betting!

What is Live Betting, and How Does It Work?

If you’re a live betting rookie or have come across this term for the first time, our multi-faceted, versatile, and experienced online betting team is here to teach you all about it.

Live betting is also referred to as in-play betting. As the name suggests, bettors make live bets during an ongoing sports game. Live betting starts at the beginning of a sports match with variable odds according to live occurrences.

Live betting’s popularity gained a rapid pace during the pandemic. With canceled and postponed sports events, online betting lovers struggled to make profitable and exciting bets. Today, the live betting market size indicates that it will be a huge revenue-generating machine in the next few years. It has also turned into the most highly advertised online betting technique in the industry.

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At Betting Sites Ranking, we bring a vast range of live gambling guides, online sports betting tips and tricks, and much more. You can learn about how to bet, how to rank, how to choose a crypto betting site, and how to become an online poker pro.

Our experts have also lined up betting guides according to the difficulty level. You can access beginner betting, advanced gambling, and pro punting guides and learn the most effective betting strategies.

Now let’s take a look at all the safest online betting websites offering live/in-play betting options:

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1. Bet365

Bet365 is the most amazing online sports betting website out there. With its huge betting pool and lucrative payout program, online bettors are guaranteed a great time. Bet365 offers in-play betting options on many sports events happening throughout the year.

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Bet365 is a trusted name in the online gambling and sports betting industry. It offers winning and fast payout deposits with 24/7/365 betting support via live chat! What’s more, you can enjoy as much as a 15% welcome bonus on your first day on Bet365.

A woman searching for an online live betting siteHowever, this website may not be accessible in many countries and you may also not come across many ads or promotions compared to smaller bookmakers. Check out our Bet365 review today.

2. 22Bet

22Bet is another highly popular, safe, and reliable online betting website offering a lucrative and functional in-play option. You can make live bets on cricket, soccer, basketball, rugby, or any other game via 22Bet.

22Bet has one of the biggest varieties of online betting pools and payment options. It also offers a dedicated Android and iOS app, allowing online punters to make bets from anywhere, anytime! 22Bet helps bettors minimize their bankroll losses with an easy rebate option and up to a 100% welcome bonus when you sign up.

Betting Sites Ranking brings you day-to-day betting guides and top betting site reviews to help you beat the bookmakers. We tell you about the best Intertops, Betway, and Bet365 odds, among others. We aim to equip online bettors with statistical information that allows for more accurate future predictions.

Betting Sites Ranking is a leading online sports betting platform offering you complete access to the safest, most reliable online betting websites and apps. Our team of experienced online bettors is well-versed in all forms of online betting.

If you want to learn more about 22Bet, its safety features, and its benefits, check out this online betting site review now.

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3. Betway

Betway is highly advertised, loved by the pros, and is a diverse sports betting website. Known for its unique Flexi Bonus program, Betway offers a user-friendly and 24/7 accessible live betting option to its users around the world. The in-play betting site provides fast cashouts, accurate odd predictions, stellar gambling pools, dedicated Android and iOS apps, and high deposit limits.

Online sports bettors can enjoy live betting on Betway with a 100% welcome bonus. Some online bettors, however, may argue that Betway’s Flexi Bonus scheme is difficult for beginners. But don’t fret. Head over to our website to check out detailed betting site reviews and guides today!

4. 888

888 is a versatile online betting website offering sports betting, gambling, casino, and in-play betting pools to beginners and advanced online punters. It offers exciting promo codes and bonuses to existing customers along with a $250 signing-up bonus for new ones.

You can use 888 to access lucrative betting pools and unrestricted in-play betting options. 888, however, is restricted in a few countries. The website also charges hidden fees on some of the most complex payout and betting methods. Nevertheless, it’s a safe, reliable, and very well-designed online betting website for punting enthusiasts.

Betting Sites Ranking is an online platform for punters and sports gamblers who want to access the safest and most reliable online betting websites and track top daily bets to make winning moves. You can access the best live casinos and online poker websites from around the world. Our platform is replete with the top-ranked online live betting websites and best betting site reviews.

5. BetUS

BetUS is the best-rated live betting website in the world. Its sign-up bonus amount to as much as $2,500! BetUS is the top betting website for Americans with an operative experience of over 25 years! BetUS has never disappointed online betting lovers by offering a well-rounded and thrilling online gambling experience and in-play betting pools. You can access over 20,000 online sports betting markets and over 280 live casinos via BetUS.

At Betting Sites Ranking, you can find the safest US live betting sites along with informative in-play betting guides. And our offerings aren’t limited to one country. Whether you’re in Australia, England, or any other part of the world, we can assist you in finding the best online live betting websites.

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In short, when it comes to having a versatile and highly rewarding online betting experience, BetUS will never disappoint you. Betting Sites Ranking has a team of experienced live gamblers and sports punters sharing innumerable guides and how-to blogs via the blog section. You can learn all about how to play poker online, how to bet to win real cash, how to choose the right sports betting app, and more!

Check out this full guide to using BetUS and its live betting option today!

6. MyBookie

MyBookie is your go-to online sports betting app for live betting. It has one of the best management and support teams in the market that allows users to have a seamless online betting experience. This bookmaker, however, faced some intense financial problems a few years ago and, therefore, experienced a major reputational loss.

But we love how MyBookie’s team bounced back against all the odds! The live betting platform accepts crypto payments and offers a huge withdrawal limit and a handsome welcome bonus of $1,000. You can make live bets via MyBookie for excellent coverage across cricket, soccer, baseball, basketball, and hockey games, among many others.

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7. BetOnline

If you’re looking for a modern online betting website with a wide range of live betting pools, BetOnline is the right option for you. It’s a sportsbook, casino, online poker site, and live betting website—an all-in-one option.

BetOnline has been operating in the betting market since 1991 and has managed to create a static yet ever-growing industry position. The best part is that online punters can make an initial $25 live bet on BetOnline, and if they lose, the website will offer an additional $25 for your next bet. You can also enjoy esports betting on BetOnlineand play your favorite game such as Counter-Strike, FIFA, Valorant, DOTA, etc.A zoomed-in image of a poker chip

8. Bovada

Many online punters ask us whether or not Bovada is a legit online gambling website, and the short answer is yes. Bovada has managed to create a market-leading position in the gambling industry. It accepts real money from punters in the US and offers a staggering $3,750 sign-up bonus to new customers.

Bovada offers an all-encompassing live betting option based on ongoing leagues and sports events. You can enjoy in-play betting on this website for unique betting options. For example, Bovada lets live bettors place bets on a player who will score the highest or win the next basket. The website ranks well for live betting during cricket, basketball, soccer, hockey, and rugby games. You can also enjoy in-play betting on domestic sports events via this website.

9. Bodog

Bodog, Bovada, Ignition Casino, and a few more popular online betting sites are interconnected. They’re sister casinos and have a huge fan and bettors base. Bodog was the pioneer among all and was launched back in 1994.

Bodog evolved as gambling, and online betting developed and took new forms. Being in the market for over three decades validates a few negative reviews. However, there’s nothing that poses a red flag for new punters. Bodog only offers live casino gambling options. It has one of the biggest casino game varieties in the live gambling industry.

The website offers separate web pages for live and traditional casino games with a user-friendly and responsive layout. What’s more, Bodog’s live games are a testament to quality and profitability because they’re brought in by Visionary iGaming.

10. TonyBet

Our tenth pick is TonyBet. You’re in for a big surprise and a completely revamped website if you haven’t used TonyBet since 2016. The online gambling platform received a facelift after it was acquired by Betsson. The website offers rewarding live betting pools in a modern, well-organized manner.

You can enjoy bonus buys, slots, and drops on TonyBet with a wide array of branded slots and paid re-spins. You also don’t want to miss out on surprise free spins, pre-bonus buys, and random prizes during a game!

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Micro Betting—What’s It All About?

Micro betting is the newest, most rewarding, and most thrilling live betting trend these days. Initiated and popularized by social media star Jake Paul, micro betting has made it to headlines. Micro betting is funneled-down version of in-play betting that allows online punters to place on individual odds without any impact on final score bets. It also occurs during a game and has become one of the most popular live betting techniques, especially among beginners.

The success and demand for micro betting pools are growing due to widespread smartphone usage. Online punters need a quick and easy way to make online bets, and micro betting is their favorite option. Micro betting offers betting pools in real-time with accurate odd predictions to help punters slip into the most profitable betting pools.

How Does Betting Sites Ranking Ranks Live Betting Websites?

Live or in-play betting is nothing but pure thrill and fun. It’s one of the most enjoyable online betting techniques allowing punters to make a solid mark in the online betting sector. However, finding a live betting site that ticks all the right boxes is a tough task. You must rely on a credible online betting tipster such as Betting Sites Ranking.

We rank not only the safest online betting websites but also offer a wide range of vetted, monitored, and well-assessed crypto betting sites, live casinos, betting apps, and no-verification online betting sites.

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In this section, our team has highlighted the key factors we use to analyze and rank live betting websites:

  • Sports and Leagues: Versatility and sportsbook variety plays a pivotal role in understanding whether or not an in-play betting website is worth your time. The best live betting websites must offer a huge variety of sports events and league betting pools to cater to a diverse bunch of gamblers from different countries.
  • Live Betting Odds Accuracy: One cannot deny the significance of odds in live betting. You cannot place safe and lucrative bets if you’re unable to access accurate odds and scores. When choosing and ranking live betting websites, Betting Sites Ranking’s team closely monitors live odds management and brings you our top picks for guaranteed wins!
  • Bonuses and Promotions: There’s nothing more exciting and attractive in an in-play gambling site than regular promotions and bonuses. We also validate a website’s bonus programs and their regularity to ensure that online punters have access to a unique set of opportunities.

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Some of the other key features that make an in-play betting website stand apart from others include:

  • User-friendliness
  • User security
  • Anonymity options
  • Payment options
  • Deposit limits
  • Withdrawal safety
  • Scam prevention options
  • A delicate yet foolproof user check system to prevent scammers from harming legitimate users’ bankrolls
  • Firewalls and VPN integration allow users to enjoy a hitch-free live betting experience

An online gambler can only maximize their success if he knows about accurate betting odds, betting margins, and safe and high-ranking betting sites. At Betting Site Ranking, we have them all reviewed and ranked for you.

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Has Live Betting Changed the Nature of Traditional Online Gambling and Sports Betting?

Yes, it has revolutionized online betting practices in more than one way. Online sports betting lovers often start their betting journeys by learning about the what, why, and how of online betting. But when it comes to live betting, there’s more room for practice experience right from the start. We’ve come across many beginners trying their luck in live betting and winning big.

Live betting eliminates geographical, social, and financial barriers among players from different countries and cultures. It brings people together during their favorite game and helps them bond and earn huge payouts.

What’s more, live betting is easier and more suitable for beginners as it doesn’t have a hard-and-fast technique. You can kick-start your live betting experience after brushing on a few basics about the betting technique.

3 Things To Know About Online Live Betting

Worldwide Sports Betting and Live Betting Statistics

Excited to make your mark in the world of online live betting?

But before you do that, check out these cutting-edge statistics about online betting popularity around the world:

  • The global revenue generated by online betting websites and mobile apps touched 194 billion USD by the end of 2021.
  • There are over 25,000 sports betting websites, live casinos, and mobile betting apps in the world.
  • Bet365 is the most popular, biggest, and highest-valued gambling website in the world! Check out Bet365 reviews here, or start betting right away!

Explore Betting Sites Ranking to Access Top Daily Bets and the SafestLive Sports Betting and Casino Websites Worldwide

Betting Sites Ranking is a prominent, safe, and entertaining online solution providing you a convenient, fast, and hassle-free access to the best betting websites. Online casino gambling lovers can find detailed live betting site reviews and new bookmaker guides, bonuses, signing packages, and promotions on our website.

A person holding money in front of his laptopBetting Sites Ranking is your ultimate source of the best betting sites, live casinos, crypto bet sites, and betting apps in the world. You can access betting apps and websites in India, UAE, UK, USA, Singapore, Nepal, Canada, or any other country. You can also rely on us to find top sports betting and casino gambling websites and apps such as Sportsbet, BetUS, and Stake.

You can also explore our informative guides to learn about sports betting odds, payout ratios, house edge, and other live gambling terms in detail. We also have a complete list of the best betting sites that require no verification.

For the correct figures on the best betting websites, online top gambling pools, betting sites rankings, reviews, or daily best bets, Betting Sites Ranking is the answer. The site delivers comprehensive guides on how to rank and how to bet on sports games, players, teams, and leagues.

Our website also has a localization filter that can help you find betting sites in your country. Check out our blog section to find daily betting tips and tricks, betting strategies, live gambling dos and don’ts, and more.

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