Best Betting Sites in 2022


The year 2022 is going to be exceptional from a betting standpoint, with numerous major competitions across various sports taking place. Many would consider it an ideal time to get betting, especially using the best betting sites in 2022. With more gambling and sports betting options available, the top 10 betting sites in 2022 are more accessible for the general public.

All of our top recommendations for the best betting sites in 2022 will feature as many fixtures as possible and provide you with great odds while allowing you to make transactions in the payment form and currency of your choice. Make sure you’re well-prepped by signing up for the football betting sites 2022.

Since its inception, 1XBET has amassed a large audience of devoted bettors. One of the exceptional features of the platform, which has led to it regularly being ranked by some of the biggest betting outlets in the world as the top betting site, is its large reach. It’s available in a large number of countries across the globe, providing all of the best features available for bettors online. Their commitment to growth and development by focusing on developing industry trends has been fruitful to give it a position among the best betting sites in 2022. read more

The whole experience has been catered to keep bettors coming. First, you’re greeted with their promotions which push people to bet more and more. They’ve got a large roster of sports to choose from, covering both mainstream and smaller sports, especially as a strong candidate for top football betting sites in 2022. They have around 1,400 markets to choose from, which is frankly overwhelming, but the overall experience on the website is still fluid and responsive.

If you’re fond of mobile betting, you can use their dedicated applications, which also snag a spot within the top 10 betting sites in 2022 as well. You also have the option of live betting on their site, which only adds more value. Great customer service and a solid variety of payment options make it a no-brainer to start using 1XBET if it’s available for you.  Read Less

Despite being one of the newest platforms in the market, 1xBit has gone all out in its venture to be one of the top cryptocurrency-focused betting platforms in the world, ranking among the best betting sites in 2022. They’ve targeted Asia and have swiftly claimed a strong reputation as a reliable betting platform, and its payout of 95% is a clear indicator to back all those claims. 1xBit doesn’t require you to provide a ton of information when you’re signing up, which will be welcomed by most bettors looking to quickly get started.

read more

Apart from having a fairly adequate roster of sports betting options to choose from, 1xBit has one of the most attractive collections of casino games online. Their live casino sessions are considered exceptional, providing a life-like experience and providing an entertaining environment for gamblers. Dealing with 1xBit for crypto is extremely easy as the platform works with around 70 operators around the globe. Another noteworthy feature of 1xBit is how accessible the site is from mobile phones, which eliminates the need to download an application for mobile betting using the best online betting sites in 2022. 

Their website is available in different languages, which only adds to the increasing number of incentives provided to users to start taking advantage of 1xBit. Sign up today for one of the top 10 betting sites in 2022.  Read Less

BetOnline has been in the betting industry since the early 90s, and being a betting business based in the US, it has shaped itself to be one of the most reliable and responsible betting sites out there. It has to adhere to some of the strictest gambling codes, and it does an excellent job at it. You’ve got a generous number of sports to bet on, with a fast and functional layout that will take no time to get used to and learn. They offer a higher limit for deposits and wagers on the fixtures, which allows people to make good payouts off the platform, making it one of the best betting sites in 2022. read more

If you’re interested in a bit of gambling alongside your sports betting, BetOnline has you covered with an adequate number of options. People that enjoy promotions and bonuses will certainly welcome the variety that BetOnline has in store for them, which makes the platform more welcoming and overall rewarding as you play more. For American users, in particular, it’s definitely worth having an account here, considering all of the offerings BetOnline has in store for them on of the top football betting sites in 2022. They’ve recently ventured into crypto options for payments as well, which is another pro for the site that’s worth noting on one of the best sports betting sites in 2022.  Read Less

SportsBet joins the roster of many of the newer betting platforms that have offered great value to users to become a reliable option for those looking for new sites to bet on, finding a position among the best betting sites in 2022. They offer great promotions while lacking any signup bonuses, rewarding loyalty to their fanbase to help them bet more and more. Sportsbet has a strong focus on performance, creating an easy-to-understand layout and improving the overall experience on their site with a fast processing and loading time for most operations. read more

You can find a large roster of sports to bet on, including a whole section for live betting where they’ve provided a lot of markets that bettors can take advantage of. They’ve also ventured a fair bit into esports betting, making the site more attractive to people planning to diversify their betting investments on the best online betting sites in 2022.

If all of that wasn’t enough, they feature around 1000 games in their casino section, which is more than enough for practically any bettor. Most of these are from reputable vendors, so you can expect to have a great time on the top 10 betting sites in 2022. They round off their services well with decent customer support and language support for various languages and continually improve their services as new trends take place in the industry. Read Less

Stake is easily one of the most well-rounded online betting platforms in the world. It’s gained a good reputation as providing all of the relevant features that bettors care about and offering a good experience with them. Whether you’re looking to bet on sports or want to gamble for money in an online casino, Stake has a respectable list of options that you can choose from, establishing itself as one of the best online sports betting sites in 2022. Stake has focused heavily on cryptocurrency, being one of the main forms of payment on the platform.  Read More

Stake has aimed for an international market by providing a variety of convenient payment systems in crypto. Similarly, the website is available in different languages, allowing people to find amazing content in their native language for the best experience. To make things better, their customer support services are equally competent and have done well to answer queries and resolving issues. The website’s performance is also commendable, with fast loading and processing times that make the experience fairly fluid and enjoyable. Stake is ideal for people who are new to betting and want to give things a try without going overboard, and those looking for football betting sites in 2022. They allow fairly low odds betting, which is uncommon, giving people leverage to try less risky bets on the online betting sites 2023. Read Less

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