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UEFA Champions League

Match Odds

w1 = 1.3 w2 = 1.2 x = 1.8
18/02/2022 6:49 pm

00 Hours

00 Minutes

Champions League

Match Odds

w1 = 1.3 w2 = 1.2 x = 1.8
26/02/2022 3:00 pm

00 Hours

00 Minutes

UEFA Champions League

Match Odds

w1 = 1.3 w2 = 1.3 x = 1.3
22/02/2022 6:58 pm

00 Hours

00 Minutes

the biggest sports events in 2022


Catch every major sporting championship, tournament, and event this year!



2022 Winter Olympics

Beijing will be hosting both the Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics in 2022. The event features 15 different competitions with the best athletes in the world fighting for Gold.



Super Bowl LVI

With the uncertainty of who will make it to the Super Bowl, one thing’s for sure that the event will be one of a kind—taking place at the SoFi Stadium in California.


4-13 March

2022 Winter Paralympics

The Winter Paralympics take place one month after the Olympics, hosting six different sports. It will be the first time two major Olympics events are held in the same city in a year.


13-29 May

IIHF World Championship

Finland hosts the Hockey World Championship, with the home team, Belarus, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Norway, ROC, Slovakia, Switzerland, and the US competing for the top prize in Ice Hockey.


28 May

UEFA Champions League Final

Considered the biggest game in European Club Football, the UCL Final takes place in Krestovsky Stadium in St. Petersburg, Russia. The winners take on 2021/22 UEFA Europa League’s top team to crown 2022 UEFA Super Cup winners later on in August.


2-19 June

NBA Finals

The top teams from the Eastern and Western conferences take each other on in seven-game series. With many combinations still up for the top spots, the competition only grows more intense for the top league for basketball in the US.


27-July 10 June


The most prestigious tournament in Tennis returns in June with a major change this year. The fourth-round games will now be played on Sunday and Monday, rather than the standard “Manic Monday” style.


14-17 July

UEFA Women’s Euro 2022

After Summer 2021 event was rescheduled, the UEFA Women’s Euro returns to England at the Wembley Stadium in London. The tournament is expected to be tough, with the defending team, the Netherlands looking to continue their streak.


29-September 11 August

2022 Tennis US Open

The fun doesn’t stop at Wimbledon for tennis fans as the Tennis US Open takes place in New York City in 2022.


21-December 18 November

2022 FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is arguably the biggest sporting event in the world and continues to bring in viewers from all over the world. The excitement is always through the roof, and each game brings so much value.

10 important sporting events in the world that can be bet on.


Americans bet over $150 billion annually on major sporting events!
Here are the top 10 global sporting events that see the biggest bets placed on matches.

1 1

Fifa World Cup

Even those that don’t follow football are aware that the FIFA World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world. Hardly anyone can avoid the allure the great game has during its peak season.

2 1

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched events in the US, with the world at a standstill as the next NFL Champions are crowned.


Summer Olympics

Arguably the most-watched event out of all the Olympics competition, countries from all over the world bring in the greatest competitors to put on a display of top-notch athleticism.


Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics present some incredible sportsmanship from the best athletes in the world across a series of breathtaking games that leads to some of the most memorable moments in sports.


UEFA Champions League

The biggest event in European Club Football, the UEFA Champions League, brings out the greatest teams on the European club level. Many of the brightest stars in football are found on the Champion’s League circuit.


NBA Finals

The top bracket teams from the Eastern and Western conferences play seven-game series to crown the NBA champions. It attracts a lot of hype from people around the world.



Despite the numerous events for tennis throughout the year, hardly any are as prestigious as the Wimbledon Open. Expect top-notch performances, with major upsets and great sportsmanship.


Tour de France

While cycling isn’t generally the most followed sport, all of that changes when theTour de France comes around. It rakes in billions of viewers with their eyes set as the new top dog in cycling is crowned.


ICC World Cup

Cricket is hardly a niche sport when the ICC World Cup tournaments roll around, attracting new and veteran fans alike. The intense rivalries and displays of athleticism are on another level at the top level of Cricket.


World Series

The winner of the American League taking on National League champs in a best of seven series to for the World Series award is a culmination of events that brings in huge crowds. The event is responsible for making many people baseball fans.


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