Why crypto betting ?


Crypto sports betting sites have completely transformed online betting platforms, with more and more people seeking out these modernized sites for a more varied experience with gaming. Instead of betting through traditional means of payment such as an e-wallet or debit/credit card, you use cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether, or Dai instead.

Crypto sports betting sites have witnessed mixed results over the last few years, with the gambling industry performing exceptionally well.

Cryptocurrency’s digital and global nature eliminates many problems faced by international gamblers, increasing the number of bettors that would be playing otherwise. You can place bets using cryptocurrency on both sporting events and online casino games. With a multitude of choices available over the internet, gamblers have the option of exploring new games and methods of betting orsticking with the games that they know and love.

Casino gaming is usually riskier—relyingentirely on luck and wishing that things go the way that you want.People often choose crypto betting over casino gaming due to better opportunities to win on sports betting sites—they can use their love and knowledge about their favourite sports to win big. Hence, casino gaming is completely unaffected by your choices or knowledge as compared to sports betting sites. This makes online betting so popular among gamblers—they have a higher chance of success.

How popular is cryptocurrency betting?

There aren’t many ways to verify the exact figure, but according to estimations, around 60% of Bitcoin transactions are related to crypto betting. It might be higher since many people use cryptocurrency to gamble in countries where the practice is banned.

To start betting using cryptocurrency, you must find appropriate betting sites and make an account, and get an e-wallet opened up to hold your currency, and have a place to get your winning funds transferred to. You’d have to buy any form of cryptocurrency using a credit or debit card at that particular day’s exchange rate to fund your electronic wallet. After that, you can link your wallet to your account on the bookie’s website and start transferring funds to place bets. The system works in the same way as other online money transfers, without the additional fee of currency exchange.

After funding your account on a cryptocurrency betting site, you can continue placing bets like normal! Look out for free bets, regular promotions, enhanced odds, and other advantageous features.


Advantages of crypto betting

There are various advantages associated with betting using cryptocurrency. It’s important to understand the process before you commit to funding your betting hobby with cryptocurrency as opposed to your home nation’s own currency. read more


Crypto betting sites allow bettors to remain anonymous while depositing funds. Your personal details and account details aren’t visible to the bookmaker;they can only see information about your financial funds. This is a great feature for individuals who prefer to remain anonymous while placing bets over the internet.

Fast deposits

Cryptocurrency gets processed much faster than fiat currency, with free and fast deposits on offer. Certain payment methods take a while for bookmakers to process, but payments made through cryptocurrencies are instantaneous and generate funds to start placing bets almost immediately. All deposits using cryptocurrencies are also free of charge, compared to the currency conversion fees that some traditional bookmakers charge.

Easier withdrawals

Traditional bookmakers use multiple payment methods to transfer your winnings to you, but they require a certain amount of time to get processed. Cryptocurrency betting sites offer instantaneous transfers, so you only have to wait for your bookmaker’s approval, which usually doesn’t take too long. This allows funds to be made available in a much shorter period of time as compared to the multiple days it takes on traditional bookie sites. Crypto betting sites often require a small fee to be paid before you’re allowed to withdraw your funds, but it’s generally much smaller than conversion fees that you’d have to pay for getting money from an overseas bookmaker. This allows foreign bettors who make regular withdrawals to save a lot of money. Read Less


To start betting with cryptocurrency, it’s important to first gain a proper understanding of what it is. This digital currency uses cryptography to verify and secure transactions while controlling the creation process of new digital currency units. Most cryptocurrencies are built using blockchain technology—distributed computers working together on a ledger. read more

These currencies differ from fiat currencies such as the British pound or US dollar because of the lack of a central figure of authority who issues the currency, making them almost impervious to any manipulation orintervention by the government.

Cryptocurrencies live solely on the internet and don’t exist as physical coins or stacks of notes. The value of these virtual tokens is decided completely by the market forces that are created by buyers and sellers. They’re formed through the process of crypto mining, where computers use their processing power to provide solutions for complex math problems in order to earn coins. Users also have the option to purchase coins from brokers to store or spend with the help of encrypted wallets.

Bitcoin has long been a market leader in cryptocurrency, but there are many competitors that hold their own against this popular giant. Many of them are slowly getting accepted as legitimate ways of depositing money on online betting sites. Some other acceptable cryptocurrencies share various characteristics with Bitcoin, while others embody different aspects.


This leading cryptocurrency has earned a number one spot in its usage for placing online bets, as well as general popularity. The cryptocurrency revolution began with Bitcoin at its center, and it’ll be challenging for other cryptocurrencies to knock this firm leader out of its spot for a long time. It currently boasts the highest value out of all the cryptocurrencies that are available and is easily accepted by most, if not all, crypto betting sites. It’s the most popular choice amongst bettors and betting sites.


Litecoin is slowly gaining popularity amongst online bettors and shares many characteristics with Bitcoin. It’s comparatively cheaper to use and has superior transaction speeds but isn’t quite as popular as the well-known Bitcoin. Litecoin is generally becoming more accepted by betting sites and crypto dabblers, so it would be useful to keep an eye on this particular cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash is different from Bitcoin—it contains larger block sizes that allow big transactions to be carried out more efficiently. Bitcoin cash has fewer fees associated with it compared to Bitcoin, aiding in its rise to popularity. Bitcoin cash is available for buyers all across the world, just like other cryptos.


Ethereum operates using an open-source blockchain, the same as Bitcoin, but has many of its own unique proprietary traits. Ethereum has been available since 2015 and has already branched out from Ethereum Classic to ETH, which is a much more popular option for online betting sites.


Dash was formerly known as Xcoin or Darkcoin and is quickly gaining popularity in the United States at a much faster rate than many other well-known cryptos. It has many similar characteristics as Bitcoin, such as its open-source, peer-to-peer system, shared by many existing cryptos.


Tether, also known as USDT, is a cryptocurrency that’s called a stablecoin due to its value always remaining at USD $1.00. The issuing company, Tether Limited, maintains $1.00 in their reserves for every tether issued. This ensures a stable value and lower volatility in markets. This cryptocurrency is fully backed by loans and bank reserves to maintain the value of the currency.


Dai is a stablcoin that that attempts to maintain a consistent value of USD $1.00. This decentralized cryptocurrency isn’t backed by a bank account of loans with USD. Instead, it uses the Maker platform as collateral. Dai works rather well for transferring money due to its stable value and support from multiple exchanges.Read Less


Bitcoin Betting Exchange

People often think of sportsbooks when they first think of using cryptocurrency for betting. However, Bitcoin betting exchanges are gaining popularity and blowing away their customers. They provide much more control to bettors, making it a captivating choice for online gamblers. Just like sportsbooks, betting exchanges allow users to place bets on different sporting events with the use of Bitcoin. read more

The difference lies in the fact that in a sportsbook, bettors are competing against eachother by placing wagers while the bookmaker acts as the facilitator. In Bitcoin betting, bettors set up their own events and conditions and lay down a wager that can be taken up by others. The process is much easier to pull off in the virtual world as compared to real life. Due to the world wide web, there is a large audience for this gambling with high-tech software ensuring a smooth run of the process. With seamless and quick transactions around the world, Bitcoin betting sites have become a fan-favourite.

Sports bettors have infinite options to choose from when placing bets—from political news to sporting events. Online betting covers every avenue that bookmakers don’t generally allow.

As cryptocurrencies are relatively new, not all gambling websitesallow bets with them. However, more and more users try and find reliable websites and applications that allow betting with cryptocurrencies due to the cost-effectiveness, security, and instant transactions. The exact details will depend on what website you’re using, so make sure to read the reviews and terms of service thoroughly before proceeding.

Looking for reliable crypto betting sites can be difficult, especially without a guaranteedresult. With tons of crypto bookmakers available online, it’s challenging to find a legitimate and trustworthy bookie. Finding a reliable betting company online is even more important when cryptocurrency comes into play since you need to have confidence in your ability to safely and easily deposit or withdraw cryptocurrencies through their channels.

That’s why we curated this list of top ten crypto betting sites based on various factors such as safety, odds, availability, markets, and payments! We’veresearched their bonus offers and ensured that each of these sites is friendly to any newcomers, works in multiple countries, and has a legitimate history. Some important points that make or break the best crypto betting sites for players are their reliability, best odds, availability of customer service in a wide variety of languages, and a long work experience.

With heavily regulated KYC policiesand instant withdrawals,you’re sure to have a safe and fun experience with crypto betting. These betting sites are the best for cryptocurrencies. Read Less

Best crypto betting sites

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