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How To Start Your Sports Betting Career With The BetUS Mobile Betting App


According to Statistics, the online sports betting market is currently the fastest-growing sector in the global gaming industry. Although the sports betting industry has faced numerous legal challenges in recent years, and the activity is still illegal in some regions, the 6.7% CAGR is still expected to boom through the emergence of AI strategies and various virtual play platforms.

On the one hand, the COVID-19 pandemic blocked the demand for sports betting and gambling, but the variety of sports betting apps accessible to the average punter today are helping the industry thrive. Smartphones have helped technology to grow to help punters worldwide earn some money while betting on their favorite sports during their leisure time.

You can find countless sports betting apps providing gambling opportunities to Android and iOS users worldwide. The internet is cluttered with shady gambling sites, which can be a problem many naïve punters often come across. So how to tell if a betting app is safe enough to invest your hard-earned money in? Read on to find out.

How to Choose a Betting App

For a seamless betting experience, it’s important that you choose the best betting app offering top-notch features. First of all, check if the app of your choice is compatible with the operating system of the smart device you’re planning to use. It should have an easy downloading and sign-up process.

Check if the app offers all the functions you enjoy on betting websites and pay close attention to the performance of the app itself. Any bugs or interruptive ads can hinder a memorable experience. If the interface is user-friendly, it will help you enjoy a great user experience, too.

However, secure banking options and data security are two of the most prominent factors you should base your selection on. Register only with licensed bookies like BetUs to not only enjoy exciting bonuses but also remain safe from malicious activities. The bookie uses cutting-edge SSL encryption technology to ensure optimum digital security for everyone who downloads and signs up for the BetUS mobile betting app.

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BetUS Mobile Betting App: A Brief Rundown

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BetUS is one of the few online betting sites operating in America and offers over 20,000 betting markets, including international and regional sporting events. This website is incredibly popular because it meets all the USA’s gambling regulations and operates as a full-service betting site.

Besides sports betting options, the website has a huge list of casino games for traditional gamblers. The bookie was established in the mid-1990s, making it one of the oldest gambling platforms, offering a thrilling and well-rounded experience to punters.

BetUS is operated and owned by a privately owned corporation, Firepower Trading Ltd. It is registered under the Costa Rica and Curacao laws, both of which are deemed as top jurisdictions for online gambling operators.

Today, BetUS offers an extensive selection of political and entertainment markets, VIP programs for real money play, eSports wagering options, and also a dedicated racebook.

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The online website is easy to navigate through. It’s intuitive, with every section laid out neatly to help punters find their favorite hot markets with ease. Placing the wagers is fairly easy, too, on the well-organized website. Its seamless functionality allows users to place quick bets from anywhere using their preferred smart device, as the online website is optimized to work seamlessly on various in-built web browsers.

While the playing experience is virtually the same, with none of the features being missed out, the bookmaker also has an interactive mobile app that skillfully translates all the site’s best features seamlessly and gives users a convenient outlet to bet anytime and from anywhere. Looking to learn more? Here’s how to start your sports betting career with the BetUS mobile betting app.Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.

How To Complete the BetUs Registration Process For Easy Logins

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You can use a single account for all BetUs product offerings, but you’ll need a real money account to get started. As soon as you download the BetUs app from the app store or land on the homepage, you’ll come across a registration link typically situated on the top right-hand side of the website. Check below the password and username fields and click on the ‘join’ button as soon as you find it.

A registration form will pop up asking you to provide general details such as email address, username, and password. Once you reconfirm the password, you will be asked to check the boxes for age content, promotions, privacy policy, and T&C content.

You will then need to fill in some personal data, including things like your date of birth, full name, address, and so on. Providing fake information will put you at risk of being barred from joining, as BetUs requires authenticated real money accounts.

The last and simple step before the registration process is completed would be to choose a banking method of your choice. You’ll be required to complete tee first deposit transaction before you can start wagering on your favorite sports or play your desired casino games.

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Features That Make BetUs The Go-To App For Punters Looking to Start Their Betting Career

The BetUS offers everything under the sun nicely wrapped into a single app. The simplicity and ease of the app have made it a real favorite among American bettors. The excellent welcome bonus followed by a wide range of promotional offers, a broad range of banking methods, including cryptocurrency options, and an extensive sportsbook and casino games roster—all add up to a unique betting experience. Here are a few features that make BetUS mobile app stand out.

Events Selection

The BetUS mobile app is ideal for punters who like to wager on a little bit of everything under the sun. ‘Variety’ is the operative phrase when it comes to the setup in every possible way. It’s tough to think of any sports event that the bookie might not cover adequately. This includes niche and major sports, like tennis, golf, basketball, baseball, football, motorsports, and specialty events like the Olympics. Regardless of where in the world the event or game might be going on, BetUS will provide punters with the chance to wager on it.

Competitive Odds

Odds in sports betting directly highlight how much punters can win. They also foreshadow the likelihood of various events. BetUS’s mobile app offers some of the most competitive odds in the US betting market. Punters can find odds with high payouts and low wagers. What’s more interesting is that the app also releases odds for major sporting events in advance so bettors can compare them and make their pick.

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Live Betting

Live betting features are becoming increasingly popular on sports betting sites, but they are hard to translate to apps. But BetUS’s app is stock-piled with lag-free live betting options Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.for a variety of the top sporting events. The in-play betting options are displayed on the same window that screens the matches.

Punters can also find an updated calendar on the screen that lists all the upcoming matches with live odds to help them plan ahead. Since every coaching decision, make, miss, injury, and other factors could swing things; the live odds constantly fluctuate for players who prefer in-play wagering.

The betting experience becomes even more thrilling when all wagers placed on the sportsbook accumulate towards BetUS’s loyalty program. The points then divide the players into one of the many reward levels—Blue, Silver, Black, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum. All of them offer unique perks and benefits to the player. They can enjoy extra free play, entries into exclusive casino tournaments, free payouts, and so on. However, punters cannot yet exchange the loyalty points for hard cash, a perk that many competing sportsbooks offer as part of their loyalty programs.

Banking Options

Punters often turn away from betting sites if they don’t offer versatile deposit options. But with the BetUS app, punters can choose from a cash deposit, credit cards, wire transfers, and even cryptocurrency. Punters can also withdraw or deposit money using e-wallets and even crypto wallets.

While the bookmaker currently only supports USD transactions, the dedicated team processes withdrawal and deposit requests round-the-clock. Punters who prefer digital currency payment methods can enjoy same-day transfers. While deposits are free of charge, cash-outs via credit or debit cards come with a processing fee. Punters don’t need to pay any surcharges when they use crypto options.

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One of the most lucrative aspects of an online betting platform is its bonuses, and BetUs mobile app isn’t behind on that either. The app offers exciting deposit matches and free bets for new sign-ups, and it also offers several bonuses and other promotions for dedicated sports betting events.

Sign-Up Bonus

In terms of pure USD, there are hardly any bookmakers that offer bonuses and promotions better than the ones offered by BetUS. Punters can earn thousands of dollars in free play when they fund their BetUS account for the first time after completing the registration process. Depending on the initial deposit method, BetUS matches a certain deposit percentage in free dollars as a sign-up bonus. The bonus can be anywhere between 100% and 125%, with a $2500 capped limit for free play. Impressive!

Crypto Bonus

Players who prefer using crypto are in for a treat! The bonus swells to a whopping 150% when they sign up and make the first deposit using digital currencies. 100 is dedicated to the sportsbook, while 50 can be enjoyed in the casino section. The maximum reward limit for this bonus is an eye-popping $7,500 in free play, which is one of the most generous bonuses offered across the bookmakers operating online.


Reload Bonus

Most giant betting platforms dedicate bonus offers to attract new players. BetUS is among the well-established bookies that cater to seasoned and newbie bettors alike. The bookmaker offers tried-and-tested reload bonuses to regular punters. Every time a player re-ups their account, the bookie reloads the account with a certain cashback percentage in free play. Depending on the method and amount, it could be anywhere between 10% to 50%.

Refer-A-Friend Bonus 

When players refer BetUS to friends and family via email, the bookmaker appreciates the gesture by giving them cashback in-play rewards up to 100% of the new member’s deposit. All new players need to do is use the unique sign-up link sent to their account. Unlike the industry average, that’s about 20%-30%, BetUS offers a dollar-for-dollar match that’s worth up to a whopping $1000.

Bet Monitoring

Switching to the BetUS mobile app means being able to access the account from anywhere, even when you don’t have access to a computer. Punters can check the balance money and monitor all the wagers they have placed. The app shows detailed reports of the wagers placed and won in one place to prevent punters from missing out on any critical information. Tracking teams’ progress for any sport is also convenient when using the app. You can also sign up for notifications to keep a finger on the pulse of whatever is happening with your favorite teams or sports events worldwide.


During its almost three decades of operations, BetUS has never experienced any hacks or data breaches. The bookmaker utilizes advanced security features and works with top iGaming developers to ensure members’ data remains protected and that no private information gets into the wrong hands.

All transactions at BetUS are secured through encryption technology, but the bookmaker also has a dedicated section with tips, guides, and best practices on placing secure wagers while keeping track of suspicious activities.

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The BetUS app helps punters remain on top of the latest news about their favorite teams, players, and sports. The app shows the results of recent bets in an organized manner and intuitively notifies punters regarding the updates from various different games.

This means punters will no longer have to wait for days to see how an important game is unrolling or how their favorite player or team is performing. You can also find everything you need to know about the latest gambling trends, winnings, and long-term bets if that interests you.

Customer Support

The best part is that BetUS customer support staff is available round-the-clock, even for users who prefer betting via the app. Punters can reach them via telephone, live chat, or email as per their preferred communication mode or convenience.

BetUS has dedicated different lines to cater to different player inquiries. For instance, they have a separate line for account management, one for horse betting, one for casino, another for sports betting, and then more for banking methods, account information, and speaking to crypto specialists.

Types of Wagers Punters can Make Via the BetUS Mobile App

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While betting options at the BetUS mobile app will be largely based on the type of sport you want to wager on. Mostly, all major wager options are available on the app. And that, too, with some of the most competitive odds. Here are a few common types of wagers punters can enjoy when they sign up on BetUS.

Moneyline Wagers

Moneyline bets allow you to wager on the contest’s outcome. For instance, the odds are set on who would win. This means betting on the favorite would help you win better payback. These wagers are incredible for those looking to keep it simple or punters who are starting their real money sports betting careers.

Spread Betting

Wagering on the spread is extremely popular, especially amongst American football lovers. With spread wagers, the underdog ‘gets points’ whereas the favorite ‘gives points.’ Punters can wager on any of the sides after factoring in the spread in an attempt to beat it. However, these bets are not only popular in soccer and football but also many other major sports enjoyed by punters worldwide.

Total Under/Over Wagers

Total bets involve the punter taking either the under or over side when placing the wager. The oddsmaker has to guess the number of goals or points the preferred teams could score in each game. Punters then try guessing whether the actual total would fall short (under) or exceed (over) the chosen total.

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Prop Bets

These are essentially associated with many aspects of the game other than the final score. For instance, punters may bet on the individual player’s statistical performance in a match. BetUS witnesses a drastic increase in prop bets during events like the Super Bowl, where people love to bet on the game’s entertainment aspect, such as the halftime performance.

Futures Wagers

Future bets allow punters to be on events that are yet well down the road calendar-wise from when you’re making the wager. The idea behind these bets is to get punters to lock in the odds in this manner than if they were wagering on a match right before it takes place.

Pari-Mutuel Bets

These are bets that form the prime horse race betting system. With pari-mutuel betting, the odds are based on the totality of wagers placed on a race. This means the odds don’t truly get settled until the race has begun. In a nutshell, the odds are practically set by punters instead of oddsmakers.

BetUS Mobile Casino

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If sports wagering isn’t your cup of tea, or you’re looking to spice things up a bit, the BetUS mobile app also boasts an excellent selection of casino games. Players can find everything they need to enjoy the full casino experience without having to step outside to visit a land-based casino. Here are some top-rated features offered by the BetUS app.

Live-Dealer Games

Players who love the idea of casinos sometimes shy away from the online experience sometimes because they feel it lacks the thrill and atmosphere of the real thing. One way to recreate that experience is to play one of the BetUS mobile app’s live dealer casino games. Punters can interact with an actual and experienced dealer in charge of running the game, which will make them feel as if they’re right in the action.

Casino-Specific Promotion Offers

Since BetUS is perhaps known more widely as a virtual sportsbook, many players often think that all the promotions offered by the bookie are targeted at the sportsbook. However, when punters get to the section on the real money bonuses offered on the app, they’re likely to find a wonderful balance in the offerings. Punters can also find special offers that help give the casino action a positive boost.

Free Play

This feature isn’t referring to the free spins that are a part of several promotions. Instead, free play refers to the ability to try some of the casino games on the BetUS mobile app without putting anything at stake. Having this ability lets punters decide if the games they’re trying out are worth playing for real money.

Variety Within Variety

The BetUS mobile app boasts a casino that adequately covers the many game categories gamblers look for in a credible casino. Within those categories, punters can find different styles at their disposal. Many varieties of war, baccarat, poker, craps, roulette, slots, blackjack, and other exciting conventional and modern games are available for punters who download the BetUS app to experience the world of casino games from the comfort and safety of their homes.

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