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Best betting site in South Africa

On The Search For A Reliable Betting Site in South Africa?

Many believe that South Africa’s dominance in sports would’ve been much more remarkable had it not been for various suspensions in its earlier years. Despite any issues, sports have flourished in the country, and they have much to prove their dominance with. From football, cricket, and the Olympics, the country has had an illustrious history in the competitive field.

Naturally, people also enjoy sports betting online and look for top 10 betting sites in South Africa.

It’s fairly popular, and more people are on boardabout trying their luck on the top 10 betting sites in South Africa. It has led to an increasing number of betting platforms for the best gambling in South Africa.

Gone are the days when people were worried about scams, but the problem is shortlisting the best betting sites in South Africa. All of the best bettors will confirm that you must take your time to find the optimal options possible before registering on a site. That’s where Betting Sites Ranking steps in to make your job much easier.

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The Legality of Betting in South Africa

Despite the initial backlash over the idea of betting and gambling, South Africa has gone through several revisions of its betting and gambling laws over the years. From a complete boycott on all forms of gambling except horse racing, it’s grown to allow nearly all kinds of activities in the country. Much of the change came through the National Gambling Amendment Act of 2008.

Even now, the industry is heavily regulated, which does enforce the sportsbooks to offer the best value to their users and safeguard their rights. This does mean that bettors can’t rely on offshore betting sites that aren’t registered, as it comes under illegal use and has very little warranty of payment in numerous cases. All in all, people are allowed to bet and gamble in South Africa, and there’s also the availability of ample casinos online for real money, that are registered to work in the country.

Facts About Betting and Gambling in South Africa

For the longest time, most of the popularity of gambling in South Africa was attributed to the national lottery and horse racing. The latter was still legal when most forms of gambling were illegal in the country, which has maintained a great following in the region. Many horse racing aficionados in the country bet on horse races taking place across various parts of the world. Around 50% of the people have participated in some form of sports betting and gambling, with cricket and football getting the most attention.

In recent years, there’s been a surge in the popularity of online betting websites. It’s no surprise that the country is heavily invested in sports, with a clear indicator being the success achieved on the international scene. There are also major shifts towards mobile betting as the country has had a rise in the availability of cheaper smartphones.

Analyzing the Online Betting Hubs in South Africa

Finding the best betting sites in South Africa would be trial and error, and it’s better if the average bettor spent their time betting rather than trying every option. That’s where we step in at Betting Sites Ranking. We’ve gathered ample experience in the online betting scene and focus on finding a collection of the best betting sites for South Africans.

We’ve worked with various industry insiders and experts that focus on betting and  casino online to help create reviews for all of the sites operating for South Africans. You can rest easy knowing that these are reputable websites that offer a solid experience along with a warranty of payment.

The Top Sports To Bet On In South Africa

Luckily for South Africans, there’s no shortage of betting options, and the domain is wide. South Africa is considered a great hub for sports betting, and many of the biggest online betting platforms rank among the best betting sites in South Africa. Bettors from the Rainbow Nation have a lot to choose from, including local favorites that their fellowmen enjoy.

But expert bettors don’t limit themselves to their locality and focus on popular sports that offer great variety, and these are also available to the South African locals for sports betting site reviews.

Football Betting

While the South African football team, Bafana Bafana, hasn’t been the most successful on the national level, the beautiful game is still the most popular sport in the country. This popularity was especially amplified as the country was the host of the 2010 edition of the World Cup. The best betting sites in South Africa are aware of the increasing love for the game among the locals and have featured as many categories for soccer betting as possible to help South African bettors try their hand at football betting using the best football betting sites.

One of the best features of football betting is how diverse the offerings are. Many countries have multiple leagues along with many regional competitions. Throughout the year, football betting stays active and is a lucrative option.

Cricket Betting

The South African team’s success in the cricketing world doesn’t directly reflect when you look at their team records for trophy wins, but any other category, and you’ll see many names across the board. Despite no major victory, the country has produced exceptional talent, which the cricketing world certainly appreciates. For all these reasons, cricket betting has always been popular in the country, especially the best cricket betting apps.

Cricket betting isn’t limited to just the national team, as bettors like to try their luck wherever possible, from the country’s domestic league to any major tournament taking place for cricket around the world. The best betting sites in South Africa feature everything from national games and T20 tournaments to all major competitions around the world, offering as many fixtures as possible for the best betting experience.

Golf Betting

Many ardent fans of the sport will know about some of the contributions South Africans have made to golf in the form of several competent and noteworthy professionals of the sport. They’ve done a great job of giving popularity to the sport in the rainbow nation, and more people pay attention to it. Golf is considered an excellent option among various bettors, and its die-hard fans think of it as a great way of getting some incentive out of their passion.

The best betting sites in South Africa generally feature many of the popular golfing events taking place around the globe. Pick from many lucrative markets and bet on golf using these options. Many South African bettors are opportunists, and rather than invest only in those events where their countrymen compete, they focus on all the best odds for their success. Enjoy golf bets and the profits they offer.

Rugby Betting

Despite the massive popularity of both cricket and football in South Africa, the sport that enjoys a dominant position from all standpoints is rugby. The country won its third Rugby World Cup in 2019 and is not only the most successful team in the world cup but also the current world cup titleholder.

As expected, rugby has a massive following in the country that continues to bring attention from the public and more people on the competitive circuit to display their talent. Sports bettors can easily find the latest updates on the games to make informed decisions betting on Rugby Union as well. The best betting sites in South Africa provide the locals with a variety of options when it comes to rugby union betting, featuring tournaments and fixtures from all over the world.

US Sports Betting

US Sports betting has become extremely popular in South Africa. The US is one of the best places to pay attention to when it comes to sports betting as they produce a great deal of talent and host many major competitions in different sports that are great options for not just South Africans but bettors from all parts of the world. Because of how much attention the globe pays to the US sports sector, it’s always wise to bet on them.

With the best betting sites in South Africa, you can find sports betting options for NBA, NCAA, NHL, NFL, MLB, and more to choose from. You can also easily find all the major tournaments and their fixtures in the United States on these platforms. With how popular these sports are, you can readily find information online without having to watch each second of every game. Earn from NHL picks, MLB odds, and more.

Horse Racing Betting

People that have done their fair share of research about South Africa will be aware of the popularity of horse racing betting in the country. It has a strong history with zealous fans who have been participating in it, even when most betting and gambling activities are either looked down upon or barred by the law. At one stage, it was one of the very activities you could partake in gambling or betting in South Africa.

Even today, it’s highly popular to the point that the players are taxed for their winnings. The best betting sites in South Africa take full advantage and provide the locals with enough options to get their fill of horse racing betting.

Athletics Betting

South Africa has produced top-notch athletes in a variety of sports, and athletics is no exception. Whenever the Olympics or other major games take place, South African bettors are at it, focusing on as many games as possible. They don’t have a bias toward their players and focus on making the right call, which is easier with the availability of information on games and competitors.

With the best betting sites in South Africa, you can find the option you’re looking for in the world of athletics fairly easily.

Because of the relative success the locals have had in this department, along with the global hype that adds to the profitability of athletics betting in general, it’s a great idea to shift your attention towards this category. It’s one of the most profitable gambling markets in the world as athletics events’ odds are often much higher, leading to great payouts with professional betting tips.

Esports Betting

Esports betting is growing across the globe. Many people were skeptical about the potential of the Esports market for betting and gambling, but that has drastically changed over the years as the industry has become mainstream. South Africans aren’t just participating in esports but also enjoying all that the industry has to offer.

Various mainstream top-level sports have been unable to compete with the popularity of the growing esports community and their dedication to these events. It’s an industry that will only continue to grow over time, and it would be wise for bettors to start learning about it and start investing in it. More and more games are developing an esports scene, so if you’ve not already gotten into it, you’re still not out of the competition.

Online Casino Gambling in South Africa

Despite a strong land-based betting network, people are learning the advantages of online gambling and fully opting for it. The online gambling website infrastructure offers security and transparency and has a check and balance from the various authorities in the region while offering access to all of the games gamblers would want to participate in. There are numerous incentives depending on the site you’re using, which sweetens the deal further including live betting.

Popular Betting Strategies

Moneyline Betting

It’s important to become well acquainted with Moneyline betting during professional betting training because of how often you’ll see it if you plan to bet on various sports. One of the reasons it’s so heavily used is because of its simplicity, as it has no conditions apart from a win or loss (though there’s a draw clause for certain sports where draws are common, like football). Each team has a number attached to it along with a plus or minus sign. The minus sign indicates that the team is a favorite, while a plus sign is given to the underdog.

For example, a team that is -150 favorite requires you to put in $150 to win $100. For the underdog with +130, you’d get $130 for $100 if they win and you favored them.

Spread Betting

Going by what the Moneyline dictates and with some experience, you’ll notice that it’s more profitable to bet on the underdog, and betting on the favorite is great but doesn’t lead to the best payouts. Because of this aspect, spread betting became more popular as it tried to level the playing field. For spreads, you’ll see two numbers listed in the spread column. The number on the left will generally have a positive and negative sign for each team and dictates underdog and favorite handicaps, respectively.

The favorite has to win the game by more points than the handicap assigned to them if you wager on them, while the underdog must win the game outright or lose by fewer points than the handicap dictated by the best daily bets.


A parlay is a form of bet, which is also referred to as an accumulator in other parts of the world. A parlay requires you to place multiple wagers in one single bet, and each of them has to be correct for you to win the wager.

For example, between three fixtures, Team A vs. B, Team C vs. D, and Team E vs. F, you can wager on the same or different market across each fixture, but you can’t wager on the same market for different outcomes for the same fixture. As you call more and more shots, the likelihood of each of them being correct goes down by a fair margin, making it one of the riskier forms of bets, but the payout is generally the best here on online gambling sports sites.

Over/Under Markets

Over/Under markets are also common and fairly easy to wrap your head around. All you have to do is determine whether the total points scored by each team will be greater or lesser than a particular number. Sum up the scores by each side and make your call. If the score is below or under the number as you wagered accordingly. It is beneficial to understand how over/under markets operate, even if you’re not using them on your sport of choice. You’ll see these being utilized (with some variations) across many sports on the best online gambling sites.

Futures Betting

Also known as outright tournament betting in various parts of the world, the futures betting market allows you to bet on the winner of the tournament. Rather than having to bet on various fixtures, you can go for the crown right away.

This market is heavily featured in numerous events, tournaments, and sports worldwide. Futures betting isn’t easy as a lot can change over the season, but it’s still a readily available option and a popular market that people enjoy wagering on. You don’t receive your payout until the tournament concludes. Many bettors pick futures when underdogs are playing well and have the chance to take the cup.

Live Betting

Live betting has gained a lot of traction in the country, especially thanks to a few sites that provide live transmissions of various sports and games. Live betting allows you to wager on a variety of events that are taking place in real-time. One of the best aspects of live betting is that the markets are regularly updated on the sportsbook’s site as various wagers conclude, and new ones can be started. All kinds of bettors opt for live betting as it allows them more opportunities to make money using sports betting odds.

Unfortunately, not every betting site has live betting options. It requires a strong network infrastructure to dynamically update these odds and figures, with most sites not having the relevant resources to offer these services.

What To Look For In A Betting Site?


One of the biggest blunders bettors tend to make is not ensuring that the betting site they’re using is legally licensed and regulated by the National Gambling Board. The National Gambling Board has done a good job of ensuring that the industry is well regulated for the locals to participate using the best legal sports betting sites. There’s no reason to use illegal offshore betting sites as long as you’ve got options to use NGB-registered betting platforms, which are the best betting sites.

While Betting Sites Ranking does verify that the betting site in question does have a license to operate, it’s always smart to verify it on your own. The best betting and gambling platforms have publicly posted their license number, so you don’t have to worry about this aspect so often.

Warranty of Money Payment to Users at Any Rate

The first and often the main question that bettors ask when they’re looking for a platform is betting apps for real money, ensuring they’re going to get their winnings. You can get the best details about this factor by going through the reviews. While transactions for e-Wallet are the fastest, credit card and bank transfers payment take around 24 hours generally, but due to certain reasons, this can extend to some degree. Each website has different transactions times, depending on its payment verification protocol. You can get an accurate idea of how these work by scouring through some reviews online to get the best representation of performance regularly.

At Betting Sites Ranking, we’ve reviewed many of these platforms already, and you can get an answer through our reviews about this aspect.

Choices for Betting

After the above points are assessed, take a look at what and how many sports and games you can bet on using the site in question. While it’s always smart to use more than one betting site as it allows you to find the right odds and assists in some market research as you line shop, it would be great if you could bet on a site that has all you need. In such a case, most of your most-waged on sports should be available there.

Various betting sites also double as a great gambling portal, which you can use if you’re looking for a change or if the sports you’re into are not actively having games. These generally include 3rd party gambling games as well as live casino options, which are generally an option on some of the best sites in the world.

At the very least, a website should have live chat support, support in the commonly spoken language in the region, and email and customer support numbers that you can call on for help. Unfortunately, not everyone offers the same level of quality service, and that’s where Betting Sites Ranking’s reviews will help.

Customer Support

While one of the least important choices for most bettors, it’s the most vital aspect if there’s a need for it. Customer support is there to help a player or user out if there’s any error such as betting software issues, malfunction, or confusion about any aspect of the betting site. Each website has a different level of customer support, and it’s crucial to go with the most responsive ones that are dedicated to providing quality service to the end-user.

Mobile Application

As long as they’re regulated for it, betting service providers allow you to use their services from your phone in South Africa. Wherever you are in the country and using a South Africa-based IP, you can easily bet on the go. Because of the great infrastructure for online connectivity and the wide availability of mobile devices in the country, mobile betting has flourished in the rainbow nation.

Most of these applications are fully stable, providing the same accessibility to betting and gambling as a desktop application or a website on your phone screen. You might want to look if they have an app for your mobile OS if it’s something important to you.


Promotions are various offers that betting sites offer their customers. These can range from sign-up bonus amounts, cashback offers, and more. While their main goal is to keep the customer hooked, they can be great as they help you bet more.

It’s important to know that promotions aren’t a bad thing, but they shouldn’t be an element that dictates which site you end up picking from the get-go. The other aspects will better dictate your options to determine which site is the best pick for your requirements. Once you’ve assessed everything else, especially the aforementioned factors about a betting site, you can focus on promotions to make the call on the best daily bets.

The Appeal of Online Betting

Secure Transactions

One of the biggest advantages of online betting is that you have secure payment options. Most betting platforms provide you with numerous transaction options to choose from. All of these come with a high level of security, with most of the details being encrypted with high-end algorithms to ensure that your data is safe and you can bet online safe.

Unless a portal has a lengthy verification system to work with or generally takes up a lot of time (bank transfers, for example), most transactions will be done instantly. Essentially, you can sign up, transfer cash and get to betting right away online.

Ease of Use

Many people tend to sway away from online betting sites as they’re not tech-savvy. Betting and gambling platform designers are aware of this and have worked hard to create easy-to-understand layouts and UX experiences that people can grasp fairly easily. The designers have collaborated with various individuals to create a uniform, simple to use but functional layout that achieves all of its purposes.

It’s just as simple, if not any simpler, than gambling in person and various digital systems aim to eliminate the problems traditional betting methods had as you’d face in person. Many betting and gambling portals share similar layouts, and you’d have no problems using more than one site if a single platform was not meeting all your requirements.

You’ve Got More Options Than Just Betting

Many of the top online betting sites aren’t just gambling hubs. They also have a variety of other options, such as casino games and live casino options where you can play against other real players. These also feature lotteries, virtuals, horse racing, and many others that you can take advantage of. Go with a sportsbook with the best odds.

Many people tend to prefer those platforms that provide both betting and gambling options to break the monotony of the experience and gamble more when their favorite sports have the season off.

Betting Sites Ranking makes it simple to find the world’s top betting sites. Get access to reviewed and recommended betting platforms from all over the world.

Things to Know

These are some miscellaneous rules that most online sportsbooks enforce. While there may be some exclusions but generally, you can expect these:

  1. As a legal requirement, you need to be 18 or older to take part in online sports betting.
  2. You can begin betting immediately after funds confirmation by the platform.
  3. You can’t bet with any funds that don’t belong to you. Essentially, third-party funding for betting is prohibited to prevent any legal action.
  4. All accounts are private, secure, and confidential. If the platform collects any data regarding the user, it’s all within the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
  5. Before you can withdraw any money, there’s an extensive verification process. It helps confirm that the withdrawal was made by the owner of the account and not some fraudulent activity. While these systems aren’t universal, most betting platforms have some way to verify that the withdrawal is going to the intended users.
  6. While sportsbooks are generally lenient, they reserve the right to block any activity within their domain if they have any suspicions. Many of these can take place without any explanations.
  7. Ensure that you’re entirely sure about any wagers you’re making. Once you’ve confirmed it, there aren’t any takebacks.
  8. You can’t bet more than what you have in your account. Responsible gambling and gaming are heavily promoted on all the best betting sites.


Frequently Asked Questions

Online sports betting is legal in South Africa, and the industry is heavily regulated by the National Gambling Board (NGB). All betting services providers are required to register under the regulations and register according to the South African Gambling Act. They’re required to present their license when inquired, and it’s recommended that bettors look into this aspect when they’re signing up for a betting platform.

No, players are not taxed in South Africa for their winnings, apart from the exception of horse racing betting, where you have to pay around 6% of the winnings. On the other hand, the businesses operating under the NGB license are taxed accordingly. As a player, you shouldn’t be worried about this aspect unless you’re betting on horse races.

As long as you’re using a website that’s been registered and licensed by a legitimate and reliable licensing authority, you shouldn’t have any trouble betting or gambling online. The only thing to ensure is that the service provides the necessary payment solutions you need to use. South Africa already has a great local betting scene that people can use and take advantage of for safe online betting.

It’s considered illegal to use offshore betting sites, and with the diverse options available locally, there’s hardly any need for it.

While the payment option among each bookmaker can vary to some degree, some of the most common options include SiD, EasyEFT, OZOW, and cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin and Litecoin. Not all of the platforms offer cryptocurrency payment options.

Yes, South African betting sites allow bettors to take part in the in-play betting scene. It allows you to bet on games in real-time and you’ll see regularly updated odds and markets, including dedicated markets for in-play sports. Not every site has in-play betting options, so we recommend you look into that before signing up if it’s a must-have. Because live betting takes up a lot of processing power, not every betting site is capable of providing such extensive services when you gamble online.

The Payment Options Available

While the payment option among each bookmaker can vary to some degree, some of the most common options include e-wallets like SiD, EasyEFT, and OZOW on the best gambling websites. While there aren’t as many options, you still have some websites available where you can add cash to your account using cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin and Litecoin. Not all of the platforms offer cryptocurrency payment options.

Because many of the platforms operating in South Africa are local options along with internationally recognized top platforms, you can trade in Rand as well. This is great as it prevents the baggage of any extra conversion costs that you’d have to otherwise deal with.

Online or Retail Betting?

A major question that most people will have is whether they should bet in person or engage in online betting. One of the best aspects of online betting in South Africa is that it’s completely legal as long as you’re using a licensed service that’s registered to operate in the nation. You have various advantages in online betting as well.

You have more options to choose from and better access to bonuses and promotions. If you’re traveling or have a busy day on the eve of a big game, you can still easily bet while you’re on the go if your sportsbook of choice has a sports betting app for Android or iOS that you can use. Many of these are simply not a part of the equation when it comes to retail betting, which has seen a steady decline as more people shift to the digital space.

How to Get Started in Online Betting

Now that you’ve made up your mind about which particular websites and platforms you want to sign up on to partake in online betting, you can get to the actual process. Most of these betting platforms have an easy-to-go-through form for signing up that you will breeze through fairly quickly. You’ll have to head to the sign-up button, which will take you to a form that you’ll have to fill up.

In some cases, you might be required to provide some personally identifiable information, but don’t fret, as those are for legal purposes, and reliable betting sites will ensure that the data you give them remains safe. Many betting sites have a detailed verification process, which may take up to 24 hours for you to be registered online in countries with legal sports betting. Once this is done, you’ll have to transfer some cash into your account. This will be the money you can use to gamble and bet on various games. Many betting sites provide promotions, which you can use to further bet and gamble.

Ranking the Best Sports Betting Sites in South Africa

At Betting Sites Ranking, we want to make the betting and gambling space online more accessible for people. Whether they’re looking to find a new website for betting or gambling or want to learn the fundamentals from the ground up, we’re providing them dedicated resources in each category. Our experts have worked tirelessly to create an extensive list of all the online sports betting in South Africa websites with the best features that bettors are interested in.

With our efforts, sports bettors don’t have to put too much time and attention into doing their independent research in finding reliable betting sites. For bettors in South Africa, we’ve tested many of the popular and some fewer known options that they can use to partake in online betting so they don’t have to assess things on their own.


It’s safe to say that getting into online sports betting in South Africa has become fairly convenient. Firstly, it’s legal in the region, and many local and international betting platforms have registered with an NGB license to operate in the region. You can verify the licensing on your own to ensure that you’re working with a reliable part. These provide all of the popular options that you’d want to bet on.

If you’re new to the concept of sports betting, resources and materials are abundantly available online that will be able to guide you on how to get started. Betting Sites Ranking is regularly updating its site to reflect on the upcoming changes and will prove to be beneficial for South African bettors.

The Best Sites – Ranked Down

Finding the top 5 betting sites in South Africa has never been this easy. Simply head on over to our list, find an option that intrigues you, and get started on betting. The experience is easy, simple to understand, and intuitive. Betting Sites Ranking also has a simple comparison tool that you can use to pit together multiple sites to learn about their major differences and feature. As South African bettors have various options to choose from, it will come in handy to make an informed decision and compare easily.

Many of these sites are dedicated to gambling as well, while others are paired with sports betting choices too. You can play various casino games, live casino matches along with slot machines on these websites. Get started today.

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