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Top 10 Ways to Master the Art of Soccer Betting


Soccer, or as the people in Great Britain call it football, is the world’s most popular and watched sport. According to FIFA, there are over five billion football/soccer lovers globally, and the game’s popularity is increasing by the day.

You’ll find deep-rooted soccer fandoms and players whether you’re in the Middle East, UK, USA, Asia, or Africa. The game was first introduced by Association Football. While soccer or football doesn’t have a classic history, it successfully gained traction within a few years.

However, FIFA argues that there’s a classic and historic connection between soccer and other ball games. Sources reveal that the first-ever soccer or football match was played in 1869. The game had simple rules. Two college teams, Princeton and Rutgers, with 25 players on each side, played this match with a ball that could not be picked or carried in hands.

And the game only took a few years to spread its wings and fly globally. Today, soccer is everyone’s favorite and an awesome game to bet on. With FIFA World Cup coming up, Betting Sites Ranking brings you a detailed guide to mastering the art of soccer betting. Online sports punters love betting on their favorite team, league, player, and match during yearly soccer events. And what if we tell you that the global soccer betting market generates over $83.65 billion per annum? This market is also predicted to grow at a CAGR of 10.2% during 2020 and 2030. So don’t miss out on your chance to bet on soccer games. You can actually win amazing rewards, prices, and payouts just by using the right technique and betting strategy.

Continue reading and learn amazing and effective ways to become a pro soccer punter!

1. First Things First: Leagues or Live?

Football or soccer punters are often unable to decide between betting on leagues and live soccer betting. While both options are extremely exciting and rewarding, we recommend starters begin with the leagues. Reasons, you ask?

  • Leagues are easier to study and understand
  • They help you grasp conventional and new soccer rules without the pressure of making immediate bets
  • You can craft a betting strategy before a game or tournament
  • You only have to study two leagues per match, thereby simplifying the betting process

On the contrary, live soccer betting requires online sports gamblers to have experience and firm know-how of the game. And both these things are impossible to find in soccer betting rookies. If you’ve been betting on soccer games, go ahead and explore the live betting option but don’t leap if you’re still new to the online gambling space until you’re an expert at league betting.

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Now let’s talk more about maximizing soccer betting wins and profits:

2. Study the Sport

You must learn about the game if you want to master betting on it and create your space and reputation in a niche betting market. There are thousands of soccer leagues and numerous college, national, and international teams all over the world. While you cannot learn everything about every team, starting with the popular and high-ranking ones can be a great start.

Learning how the pros play will help you understand why mediocre and underperforming teams don’t make it to the charts. It also assists online soccer bettors in understanding the new ways and techniques players use to score goals during a soccer match.

Here are a few key things you must know about soccer and soccer teams:

  • Game origin
  • Game rules
  • Evolving soccer rules and play sets
  • Soccer team arrangement
  • The name, type, and function of each player on a soccer team
  • Top-performing players in a particular team
  • Team’s past wins and losses
  • The name, background, performance, and leadership of coaches
  • Players’ fitness, latest news, and updates

Online sports betting has become a lucrative avenue for punters and sports fans. You can bet on cricket, football, tennis, auto-sports, and all other types of sports via the safest betting websites and online gambling mobile apps. Check out Betting Sites Ranking for more details.

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3. Shop Around

Many beginners in the sports punting industry tend to focus on one bookmaker. They deposit all their bankroll into one soccer betting site and continue making bets without shopping around. There are over 25,000 online sports bookmakers out there. Some of them are legit and licensed, while others are sketchy and unreliable.

The first step to maximizing your winnings and profits in soccer betting is to assess and analyze different sports betting websites. We recommend you read Betting Sites Ranking’s sports betting website reviews online and compare different betting pools. Our reviews are curated by a qualified and extremely experienced team of former sports bettors and casino gamblers. They know the industry inside out and are experts at betting on cricket, soccer, rugby, basketball, and many other sports.

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4. Don’t Focus on Odds-On Prices

Long shots in soccer betting are hard to come by, but if done right, they can win you handsome payouts! So if it’s Sunday afternoon and you find yourself waiting for one while having a drink on your couch, we’ve got the right strategy to help you!

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First of all, avoid gearing your soccer bets based on odds-on selections. Odds-on prices are extremely attractive but actually quite demonetizing. They reduce an online sports bettor’s chances of winning. Odds-on prices are common in tennis, golf, and soccer betting fields. They’re easy to follow because you can conveniently lump them into a group and bet on the best players for easy money. But it’s not so simple.

Our experts at Betting Sites Ranking strongly recommend soccer players shop around and check accurate odds before making a bet. Neither the favorites always win nor the underdogs always lose.

Betting Sites Ranking has a team of experienced live gamblers and sports punters sharing innumerable guides and how-to blogs via the blog section. You can learn all about how to play poker online, how to bet to win real cash, how to choose the right sports betting app, and more!

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5. Stick to the Most Profitable Soccer Betting Strategies

Choosing a soccer betting strategy is a tough task. You not only have to study the team going head to head but also track odds, check fits, and keep tabs on last-minute team changes. Moreover, online sports gamblers also have to create a foolproof and highly customized betting strategy. You cannot apply one betting plan to every game and match.

There’s a lot to learn about each soccer team’s history and lineup before deciding on a particular betting type. According to experts, mastering the art of soccer betting isn’t as difficult as you might think. The professionals have already highlighted the best betting strategies using their industry experience. Let’s take a look at them:

· Double Chance

Double chance is an all-time favorite among football/soccer betting enthusiasts.

It’s highly risk-aversive, easy, and simple to understand for bettors who want to stay safe and protect their bankrolls. Double chance only requires online bettors to study the two possible outcomes of a football game and bet accordingly. What’s more, a double chance soccer bet increases your winning chances by 33%!

· Halftime/ Fulltime Soccer Bets

Since football or soccer matches are divided into two sections: halftime and full-time, online gamblers have the choice to bet on each together or separately. The risk of losing a bet is comparatively higher in this strategy, but so are the profits.

FIFA World Cup

Using odds trackers and team knowledge, you can win both bets at the same time and double your bankroll.

· Handicap Soccer Bets

Handicap bets are only made on game favorites. They’re your best picks when you want to trust your instincts and bet on your favorite team that you think will win big. The chances of winning a handicap bet are quite high since you’re giving an advantage to the weaker team. On the same end, you think that the favorite will leverage the advantage to come out successful.

A soccer practice match in progress

· Multibet

Want to combine several odds in favor and against two teams and maximize your chances of winning? Multibet is the answer. By coupling multiple soccer betting types, you minimize the total risk of losing. However, you will face a higher loss probability with each section. Multiple legs make a multi-bet, meaning only the best legs will give you the best outcomes.

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Explore our top ten live casino and sports betting sites today and find the best online gambling platform. Our experts have also lined up betting guides according to the difficulty level. You can access beginner betting, advanced gambling, and pro punting guides and learn the most effective betting strategies.

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6. Test the 1-3-2-6 Betting System

Similar to the Paroli betting technique, the 1-3-2-6 betting system involves high stakes but high returns. Professional soccer bettors love to implement this betting technique in the most popular soccer matches. The technique involves a well-strategized sequence and is quite appealing to online sports gamblers.

The 1-3-2-6 betting system provides even payouts. The outcome can be really big, considering the accuracy of your bets. This technique is used in online casino gambling and live betting too.

Start by deciding the amount of money you’re willing to bet on a particular match, team, or player. Next, decide the amount you’re okay with losing if the game goes south. This shouldn’t be more than 2 to 5% of the total betting sum. If you keep these two simple rules in mind, it should be easy to implement the unique betting strategy in soccer bets.

Betting Sites Ranking is a leading online platform. We take pride in assisting millions of online gamblers and sports bettors in learning about online betting. Our experienced professionals share gambling tips and tricks regularly. We bring a vast range of casinogambling guides, online sports betting tips and tricks, and a lot more. You can learn about how to bet, how to rank, how to choose a crypto betting site, and how to become an online poker pro.

7. Step Into the World of Soccer Betting Accumulators

Soccer accumulators make soccer betting interesting, exciting, and simple. Football accumulators’ popularity has grown over the years. Today, most sports gambling lovers enjoy using accumulators to maximize their wins. Accumulators are ideal for bettors who want an easy and pre-planned scheme to bet on various soccer matches.

These grouped bets are focused on more than one match and allow gamblers to win multiple bets simultaneously. However, there’s one downside to accumulators. They can lead to a major loss if there’s one wrong prediction from the bettor’s end.

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A soccer ball on a grassy surfaceButthe party’s on if you end up winning a soccer accumulator! Here are some expert tips to increase your odds of winning a soccer accumulator bet:

  • Think strategically instead of picking a team based on odds and predictions
  • Try betting on a low-odds game at the start
  • Don’t add more than four teams in an accumulator to hold off big losses
  • Check out different sports betting websites and choose a reliable and top-ranking one to ensure your bet goes through smoothly
  • Don’t rely on small, local bookmakers to prevent scams and payout delays
  • Try incorporating over and under-betting techniques into an accumulator to subdivide each bet

According to our experts, the best soccer betting sites that offer handsome payouts, bonuses, and signup promotions are 1XBET, 1XBIT, BETWAY, and22BET. Moreover, our team has also curated the top betting app list to help you enjoy online gambling and casino games on your smartphones. Check out the best betting apps of 2022 here.

8. Learn How to Manage Your Money

Making extremely small bets or putting all your money into one in one go are two of the most common mistakes online gamblers make. They either let their emotions take over or play so safe that the outcomes don’t affect their bankroll as positively as they should.

Two soccer players in actionAccording to the latest sports gambling statistics, professional bettors only win 55% of their bets. Know that you cannot win every bet you make and it’s all right. Moreover, keep in mind that your sportsbook maker will also charge a profit fee over an extended betting cycle. So the more you win, the more you’ll threaten your bookmaker. That’s when we advise online sports bettors to mix and match different online sports betting websites and divide their betting pool.

This way, you won’t just have access to a larger, more versatile soccer betting avenue but also lower risks of losing bets due to house edge.

A nighttime soccer match

9. Use Quality Online Betting Guides and Resources

Knowledge is power—especially for new online soccer bettors. However, finding the best online betting tipster can be a challenge. That’s where Betting Sites Ranking comes in. Our rich pool of local and international sports gambling and live casinos websites can help you kick start your soccer betting journey. We’re your ultimate solution to all kinds of online sports betting needs. If you want to avail professional training to become a pro at soccer betting, let our experts guide you!

Our extensive betting resources include everything from best betting app reviews, top daily bets, and soccer betting guides tobetting tips and betting sites reviews!

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10.  Polish Your Betting Persona

Well, it’s true what they say: success comes from within. As a professional online soccer bettor, you also need a strong personality to make logical and well-thought decisions. Online gambling is a highly competitive sport and you must polish a few traits to drive toward success.

As an online sports gambler, you must be confident and determined. You may not win your first few bets but it’s not an excuse to give up. It goes without saying that to make your mark in the sports betting industry, you must have a keen interest in sports. This interest will drive you to learn more about the games and players.

All online sports bettors must develop and refine their ability to work with numbers. Gambling is about calculations, reading odds, using betting techniques, and understanding probabilities. Becoming a real expert requires you to work with patience, improve bankroll management, and reason logically before making a bet.

Moreover, you should:

  • Set realistic goals
  • Keep track of your previous soccer bets, their outcomes, and understand what you did right or wrong that led to a particular outcome
  • Don’t ever let your emotions deviate you from making logical bets
  • Try to improve your discipline and confidence when opting for riskier wagers
  • Try live betting and fantasy soccer betting to escalate your industry experience to the next level

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