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Online Sports Betting in Singapore

Sports are a big part of Singaporean culture. As one of the most popular city-states in Southeast Asia, Singapore welcomes and celebrates diverse categories of games and athletic activities. There’s a massive appreciation for sports such as soccer, basketball, badminton, rugby, cricket, and tennis, and the city frequently hosts local and international competitions. Singaporeans also thoroughly enjoy cycling, aerobics, and water sports such as swimming and sailing.   

Given the popularity of sports in Singapore, it’s only natural that the city has a growing market for sports betting. Betting has flourished tremendously in Singapore and goes hand in hand with the nation’s love for sports. Singaporeans have a competitive mindset and it isn’t difficult to find people participating and betting on sports and gaming.

What is difficult, however, is finding websites where you can place your bets in a safe and legal way. Online sports betting is legal in Singapore as long as you collaborate with the state-owned company Singapore Pools. However, what many bettors don’t realize is that there are also plenty of international sites that accept Singaporean players. You can place your bets through Singaporean local betting sites as well as international platforms without worrying about indulging in any illegal activities.

The main problem that bettors face is filtering through the abundance of websites available. That’s what our team at Betting Sites Ranking is here for! We’ll help you find and access the best betting websites for Singapore.

Find the Best Online Betting Hubs for Singaporeans

Are you tired of using unreliable platforms that have sketchy terms and conditions or vague policies? Have you been deceived by illegal betting platforms that claim that they’ll help you make enormous profits? You don’t have to worry about any of that at Betting Sites Ranking! We specialize in Singaporean sports betting and cater to the needs of the locals. This means that when you work with us, you can count on receiving a curated list of betting and gaming platforms and websites that are safe to use and highly reliable.

What sets us apart from other online betting resources is our experience in the industry and our past collaborations with specialists in the field. We have a group of experts by our side that helps in comparing and reviewing all possible betting options. Through their insider information and expertise, you can access the top-ranked betting sites in Singapore and ensure that you engage in sports gambling responsibly.

Betting Sites Ranking focuses on objectivity when it comes to ranking betting websites. We put all biases aside and approach the process with an open mind to ensure that our users get their money’s worth of experience when they embark on their sports betting journey. You can find honest and detailed reviews of the best betting sites in Singapore as well as international platforms, and use that information to make a highly calculated decision.

It doesn’t matter what type of sports you want to bet on. Betting Sites Ranking has got it all covered. From local favorites such as volleyball and basketball to US sports leagues, you can find betting options for pretty much everything on our website.

Let’s get started!

The Top Sports to Bet on In Singapore

Considering how much of a big deal sports are in Singapore, it can be a little nerve-wracking to decide where to start from. Most betting platforms, including the Singaporean local betting sites, provide betting opportunities not just for local tournaments but also international competitions and games.

Here are a few ventures to dabble your way into:

Soccer Betting

Soccer is one of the most popular sports played and watched in Singapore, and the city-state has solid national teams for both women and men national. These teams frequently play other countries in different tournaments. There are also plenty of regional football clubs and cocker leagues in Singapore.

For sports bettors, soccer is a viable option. You can easily find details about upcoming matches and tournaments on the best betting sites in Singapore and place your bets.

Baseball and Softball Betting

If you thought softball is a solely American sport, think again. The game is immensely popular in the Asian nation, and The Singapore Baseball and Softball Association is responsible for arranging national and international tournaments. Many local organizations also frequently sponsor league games and competitions.

Betting on softball and baseball games can be very profitable for you. The local betting sites in Singapore typically mention the latest games and competitions that you can bet on to win a decent amount of money.

Volleyball Betting

Singapore also has national volleyball teams for men and women. The sport is greatly enjoyed by Singaporeans and is played at regional and international levels. This means that if you’re looking for sports betting options, volleyball betting is a great way to get started.

For most local betting sites in Singapore, volleyball betting is a common feature. This form of sports betting attracts dozens of bettors and is a lucrative online gambling opportunity for beginners and experienced individuals alike.

Golf Betting

Golf is considered to have a niche audience globally, and Singapore happens to be a part of that niche. The sport is huge in the country and you’ll find several golf courses throughout Singapore.

When it comes to sports betting, you can easily find golf betting options on the best betting sites in Singapore. You can also participate in betting activities for international golf tournaments and games to expand your online gambling options.

US Sports Betting

Singaporean bettors are well-aware of the potential in betting on US competitions such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and the NCAA divisions. These games are organized throughout the calendar year and give bettors a whole new gambling market to tap into.

You can find profitable options for US sports tournaments on the best betting sites in Singapore and gain a competitive edge over other local gamblers.

Get Started with Sports Betting

With our online resource, you can find the best betting sites in Singapore and place your bets through reliable platforms. We’ve also listed betting websites for casino games and slot machines.

Get started with online betting today!

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