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The Differences Between European & American Roulette


Roulette is an incredibly famous game. Most gamblers who like to play roulette know that the game has several versions. However, European and American roulette are two of the most common variants found in online and physical roulette tables. Many find it challenging to differentiate between them both. Experts at Betting Site Ranking have created this blog to help all roulette lovers learn the prime differences between European and American roulette.

The Extra 00 in the American Roulette Wheel

Players of roulette would know that the double zero and zero in the American version of roulette are typically considered bad news for players. The only exception is when a player takes out a Five Number Bet or has placed a bet that the white ball will land there. All other punts on the table are considered forfeited.

The numbers on the wheel in European roulette are different. There’s only one green zero, with no 00 segments. This small but important distinction is crucial when you look at the nuances that could significantly affect the long-term winning rate.

The Number Five Bet in American Roulette

In American roulette, players can make a Five Number Bet. This is a wager that covers the numbers 3, 2, and 1, along with the double zeroes and the green zero. On the surface, the bet comes with a 6:1 payout, but, in reality, it’s one of the least profitable plays in the American roulette rule book. After a while, it’s no fun, especially with a whoppingly high house edge percentage.

The Rules in European Roulette

European roulette provides better odds. How? It’s simple math. The odds of a ball landing on a certain number are 38 times in American roulette instead of 37 in European roulette. This is because there are only 37 pockets in the latter. There are many ways the house edge comes down in the European version. The ‘in-prison,’ translated from ‘en prison,’ is part of the European roulette. While it might sound scary, it’s good news for players.

When a player backs a 1:1 bet before the spin, perhaps even or odd, black or red, they get execution to stay if the ball lands on the single green zero. Even when all other hapless people lose their punts, the player gets to leave the bet where it is and go ahead with another wheel spin. It’s a European roulette trick to score a win. In general, betting on even money is more profitable in European roulette than the American counterpart.

European Roulette or American Roulette: Which Version of The Popular Game is Best?

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It’s down to what the player seeks from the roulette session. The way the ever-popular casino game is played doesn’t change. If a player is in it to increase the chances of winning cash, the European version of roulette is recommended. The fewer wheel segments, plus the En Prison option, make it a no-brainer. However, while it’s a tad bit difficult to win American roulette, the version is more fun. The Five Number Bet and two green segments add some entertaining variety.

Want To Try It Yourself?

No, we’re not asking you to go out to find a physical casino that offers roulette. That’s requires too much time and effort. Instead, we know a better way to learn whether the American or European roulette is your type. Go online!

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