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Top Car Racing Events Of 2022 For Sports Betting


Motor racing events are mainly popular for the thrill they offer instead of the people involved in the races. Millions of viewers, as well as enthusiastic sports bettors, watch the events. Besides the excitement, the event also offers several opportunities to bet on the races. This blog will highlight the top motorsport racing events that you should keep an eye on for sports betting.

Formula 1

Formula 1 is perhaps the biggest car racing event globally. It takes place between March and December each year. The top drivers of the event are given the same fanfare as top footballers, while the cars are idolized for their engines and body parts.

The event is equally popular among sports bettors. In addition, top sportsbooks even release special promotions to wager on Formula 1 events. These promos include free bets, higher payouts, and good deposit matches to facilitate the bettors.

NASCAR Motor Racing

Just like F1 is considered the biggest racing event in the world, NASCAR is the biggest event in the US. Each year, there are over 1500 NASCAR races at more than 100 tracks in 48 US states as well as in Europe, Canada, and Mexico.

The races are held throughout the year in different subcategories. Unlike F1 cars, the NASCAR cars are more rugged and durable, and the races depend mostly on the driver’s abilities to maneuver on the track. As a result, most NASCAR wagers depend on the driving style rather than the track or the car.


Formula E

Like F1, Formula E is a single-seater motorsport championship for electric cars. The championship began in 2014 and is held annually between January and August.

In each race, the drivers start with 52kWh of energy, and they are required to strategically use the battery throughout the race.

Formula E wasn’t as popular among motor racing bettors, but it has slowly made its way into the top events in the past few years. Now, different sportsbooks have special wagers and promos for this event.

World Rally Championship

The World Rally Championship comprises 12 racing rounds that start in January and end in November. The championship passes through many continents to host the races.

The WRC focuses more on the driver’s skill to navigate difficult terrain. The cars are all four-wheel drive and are designed with turbochargers. The circuit is a combination of tarmac and dirt track. Sometimes, it can include ice as well.

The ruggedness of the race makes it a favorite among car racing punters because the bets are unpredictable and exciting.

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