Formula 1 Race

Top 5 Sporting Events That Offer Big Prize Money


There are over 200 recognized sports events in the world, with either national or international federations. However, not every sports event offers the same prize. Some go big while others offer minor prizes. Ever wonder which teams or athletes compete for the big guns offering life-changing prize money? Well, we’re sure you are still waiting for the answer.

Here’s a quick rundown of five major sports events that offer the biggest prize money.

UEFA Champions League

UEFA is considered Europe’s glitziest regional tournament that offers the biggest overall payout in international sports. While the prize is never fixed, the winning club for the 2020 Champions League won more than 80 million euros in prize money.

In the season of 2019, there was another increase of 30% in the prize money that got the final reward to €2.04 billion compared to the €1.257 billion in the 2018 season.

Formula One

Taking about sports events with the most significant prize money and thought we won’t mention Formula One? We doubt that’s even possible since this is one of the most expensive sports to compete in the first place. While we know for a fact that Formula One offers the most significant prize funds in the world of car racing, the actual figure is kept very secretive.

Formula 1 Race

As per industry experts, it’s expected that the winning team gets about $75 million, and the rest is distributed amongst other teams depending on the race results. Thinking about all the things you can do with that kind of money? Tell us about it.

Boxing Title Fights

Boxing is considered one of the most lucrative sports in the world, where world championship title fights generate thousands of millions of dollars. Floyd Mayweather earned $180 million in 2015 for his fight against Manny Pacquiao, giving their fight the title of “Fights of the Century.” In 2017, they each earned $100 million for their super-fight.

MLB – The World Series

The World Series (MLB) pays out significant prize money that no other major league sport in the US pays. They are estimated to pay a prize pool of $66 million every year, and sometimes even more.

In 2018, 10 postseason teams earned $88.2 million in bonuses, while the World Series winner won $31.7 million.

FedEx Cup

One might assume that the golf’s richest event might be one of the four Majors, but in reality, it’s the FedEx Cup, PGA Tour’s season finale. To win the finale, a golfer must accumulate the most points while playing the four playoffs of the FedEx Cup.


Golf ball and clubThe FedEx Cup pool jumped up to $75 million in 2022 from $60 million in 2021. The winner itself receives a massive prize of $18 million.

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