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Like many of the countries in Africa, Zambia has a rich history and culture around sport. It is an integral part of how they spend their leisure time, and it has continued to flourish in the country. Apart from just playing sports, people also take part in sports betting as well. The Zambian people know that they can make a modest profit from the games they’re interested in and get more out of their passions withbetting sites in Zambia.

The difficulty that Zambia has, like many African countries, is the limited availability of betting sites available to them. It can be hard to find relevant options suited to their needs. But that’s a part of the past with Betting Sites Ranking. Now, it’s much more convenient than ever to find the best betting sites in Zambia and get your start in betting.

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Detailed List of TheBest Betting Sites in Zambia 

When you’re putting your hard-earned money on the line, you want to invest in a gambling website that offers good betting options, good sports betting odds, great value, and a warranty of payment so you can rest assured you’re getting your money back. That’s where we step in at Betting Sites Ranking to assist you.

We’re assembling a detailed database for betting sites in Zambia, collaborating with betting industry experts and insiders to list the best betting sites in Zambia that people can use to get their start in betting.

Zambian bettors can start sports betting using the options that we’ve listed for the country below. No more searching all over the internet to find a betting site that fits your needs; Betting Sites Ranking does all the work, providing you with the list of online betting sites that work in your region and offer a good betting experience.

What’s The Betting Scene Like In Zambia?

Gambling is permitted in Zambia and is governed by three main pieces of legislation. The Tourism and Hospitality Act, since 2007, has regulated the operation of casinos and established the conditions under which gambling licenses are granted. Sports betting, lotteries, and live casino gambling are all legal types of gambling in Zambia.

Gambling regulation in Zambia does not specifically include online gambling; therefore, players can gamble at overseas betting sites. Land-based casinos are still available for individuals who want to gamble in person.

As previously stated, practically all forms of betting in Zambia are both legal and strictly regulated by the state. Individuals under the legal limit of above eighteen are not permitted to participate in gambling activities. There are currently three different laws governing betting, but neither of them addresses online betting.

Online sports betting, like it is in many other African countries, is the most common type of gambling in Zambia. International cricket, basketball, and boxing bouts also attract a large number of wagers, but soccer is the most popular sport. Like most African countries with low internet connectivity, most betting takes place at local bookmakers or over the telephone.

A law implemented in 1958, the Betting Control Act, governs gambling in Zambia. The Act stipulates the circumstances under which bookmaker’s licenses can be given, and it also establishes a legislative framework for regulating and monitoring betting.

The state lottery in Zambia is titled Zambian Lotto, and it’s a popular activity for Zambians. To win the lottery, players must correctly anticipate the lucky starting from 1 to 39. Television broadcasts of the lottery drawings take place three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights.

The number of individuals using the Internet for leisure is steadily rising, and while Internet connectivity in Zambia is still lower than in some other African nations – at around 40% – there is significant room for expansion. Even though it is still relatively new, online gambling sites are rapidly gaining popularity. Although online gambling sports sites are not regulated, it is not officially prohibited by the law.

Zambians can now place bets on several well-known online sports betting sites and other top gambling sites based in other countries. More and more individuals are wagering on sports matches and playing casino games online from their phones and computers. Domestic and international sports gambling websites can now lawfully provide their online gambling, lotto, and casino services to Zambians without a permit.

Casino Gambling Zambia

Just 14.3% of Zambians have access to the internet, according to a 2019 survey. Despite this, Zambians who have access to the internet enjoy online casino gambling. Although it is growing slowly, Zambia’s online gambling sites are rising. There are only a few physical casinos, but the demand for casino games, such as online poker, is growing at an exponential rate.

Moreover, casino bonuses are another element that has boosted online gambling in Zambia. In Zambia, there is no oversight of the casino industry by any authority, including the government. As a result, the country is open to both domestic and international gambling businesses. In addition, Zambians are allowed to gamble at these casino sites and dealer sportsbooks.

On that note, let’s take a look at some of the famous casino games played in Zambia.


Roulette accounts for a quarter of all casino online betting games played. Even though roulette is purely a game of chance, it has captivated players’ attention for centuries. Players can wager on several different outcomes, such as the precise number of pockets the ball will drop-in, a variety of pockets, the color of the pocket, or even if the lucky number is even or odd.

There are numerous other possibilities as well depending on the roulette odds. Each game, table, or operator has its own unique set of rewards. The minimum and maximum wagers on a roulette table are usually established. The Marvel Roulette, which has an additional slot connecting to a 2nd wheel in which you can come out on top with a jackpot prize, is one of the more unique and popular Roulette varieties available today.


Among the best online casino games, poker is the most popular, and maybe the most well-known. Many variations of this game exist, the most popular of which being Texas hold ’em and five-card draw poker. Different games have different betting choices, including dynamic jackpot wagers.

Poker and online poker is a popular game because it doesn’t rely heavily on luck, unlike many other gambling games. It’s not just luck that matters in this game; it’s also a player’s ability to strategize and think strategically. As a game that requires the most skill and ability to play, poker is a very enticing option for those who want to improve their game over time.

Millions of casino lovers love video poker, which can be found on poker websites since the video version feels the most like playing at a real table and allows you to utilize good strategy just like you would in a real casino.

Casino Slot Machines

When most players hear the words “casino” or “online casino,” they immediately conjure up images of casino slot machines, and this is understandable. In terms of popularity, slot machines are the most popular casino game.

Casino slot machines are the most popular kind of online gambling because they offer the opportunity to win a substantial sum of money, which is the ultimate goal of every gambler. Furthermore, online casino slot machines have become popular because of their usability, great graphics, fascinating themes as well as high RTPs.


Card games such as blackjack are extremely popular in casinos. There’s quite a bit of strategy involved in this one. That is something that many people enjoy about the game. Decisions must be made on every hand, and they have a significant impact on the outcome. That’s why it’s advised to make yourself aware of basic blackjack strategies, blackjack rules, and blackjack odds.

If you play successfully, the house edge in some blackjack variants can be as low as 1%, which is significantly lower than the house edge in the majority of other casino games. However, it’s important to put in some effort to learn the finest blackjack strategies. While the laws of the game are straightforward, the process of learning how to play successfully is another matter entirely.

The Top Sports to Bet on In Zambia

While most sports are played in the country on some level, some get more importance from the locals than others. While most of the best betting sites in Zambia do offer sports betting options for all the locally popular sports, they can also bet on sports that might not be that popular in the country. The best sports bettors don’t just limit themselves to the games that are played a lot in their country.

These are some of the top sports for betting on in Zambia:

Football Betting 

Football is easily the biggest sport in Zambia. Their national team hasn’t had a breakthrough as of yet, but there’s great potential, and their win in the African Cup of Nations in 2012 was a big mark in their football history. Zambian clubs have a good standing in the African region, even at the club level. Their biggest league is the Zambian Super League. For this reason, the betting scene for the sport in the country has flourished.

The best betting sites in Zambiaallow bettors to try their luck on fixtures across multiple competitions across the world. Whether the EPL is more of your taste or you’re a fan of La Liga, you can find football betting odds online.

Rugby Betting

Rugby is still in its infancy in the country, but it shows a promising future for Zambia. They’ve recently made more waves on the scene, and more people are paying more attention to Rugby than ever.

Sports bettors generally focus on rugby events across the world, but the local interest makes it an even more appealing option. They don’t just bet on Zambia, but on any viable option that they can find. With a simple betting system and the option to place multiple bets on the best betting sites in Zambia, it’s an overall solid deal for the locals to invest in.

Boxing Betting

Most people will be surprised to know that boxing is the second most popular sport for betting live in Zambia. The renaissance started with the victory of Keith Mwila, winning bronze in the flyweight boxing category at the Olympics in 1984. Later on, Lottie Mwila would win gold at the 1974 Commonwealth Games, forever giving popularity to boxing in the country.

The best betting sites in Zambia are aware of the love for the sport and allow bettors to put their money on the numerous fixtures around the year. These events frequently take place, making them lucrative for bettors to make money on.

Basketball Betting

Zambia hasn’t had any noticeable presence in the competitive scene of basketball, but it’s a game that the general public has always enjoyed. Because of its popularity in various parts of Africa, the locals soon followed in playing the game across the country.

Basketball is generally popular as a major sport for betting. The best betting sites in Zambia act as an excellent gateway for local bettors to put their money on teams in the NBA and the NCAA basketball league, making it a profitable venture to focus on basketball odds. They also cover any other basketball events taking place around the globe, but mostly in the US.

US Sports Betting

Like many other countries of the world, Zambia is aware that the US is a great region to focus on for sports betting. Just for a single sport, bettors can put their money on different teams across different leagues and different divisions. With the availability of sports forums, oddsmakers online, and more, it’s easy to get relevant updates on sports taking place in the country from anywhere in the world.

The best betting sites in Zambia are inclusive of US sports betting options to give Zambian bettors a unique incentive to bet on their platform rather than switch to an offshore betting platform.

How Do We Rank Zambian Betting Sites?

Choosing a bookie can be a challenge since the number of online betting websites grows at a rapid pace. There are advantages and disadvantages to each bookmaker, so it’s important to weigh your options carefully. Our specialists have done the heavy lifting for you. When weighing the advantages and disadvantages of Zambian sports betting websites, we consider the following aspects:


To use a Zambian sports gambling website, it must be safe. This means that the company must be licensed and controlled, as well as have a wide range of security measures. Using one of our suggested Zambian betting sites assures that bettors are protected at all times. The use of SSL encryption, firewalls, and other security measures ensures that all transactions are completed without danger of fraud.


Customers at Zambian sports betting websites are growing interested in a wide range of sports and other activities. In addition to sports such as soccer, athletics, and cricket, Esports, tennis, and basketball competitions are also widely watched. Online gambling sports sites must therefore make certain that the markets they offer should satisfy the needs of bettors.

In addition to wagering on the outcome of each match, there should be a slew of other possibilities available. For example, wagering on the number of goals netted in a soccer game or the highest-scoring player in a soccer competition. There are usually pre-match, in-play, and outright markets to choose from.


The value of the online sporting odds provided by top sports betting sites is often undervalued. The value of winning wagers will be determined by the current value of the odds. It should be easy for bettors to place bets if the odds are available in decimal, American, and fractional forms in the majority of situations. All of our top-rated Zambian betting sites provide competitive sports odds.


Bettors benefit greatly from promotional offers such as free bets, casino bonuses, and other forms of free money.

It’s a win-win situation for both new clients and existing players. In addition to a selection of ongoing promos, each of our suggested online gambling sites in Zambia has a welcome bonus.

Don’t forget to read the fine print ahead of time before signing up for any promotion. The terms and conditions for eligibility, such as the minimum amount of qualifying wagers, should always be read carefully.


Punters’ enjoyment of online sports betting can be greatly enhanced by the inclusion of additional features such as live broadcasting, cash out, pulse betting, as well as bet builder.


A betting site is only viable for joining up if the features and markets are easy to access. The finest Zambian betting websites have a nice layout and user-friendliness. Using these features, it’s easy to navigate between pages and place bets in a matter of seconds. Regardless of whether a user is using a computer or a smartphone, they should have a great experience.


The majority of today’s sports bets are made on mobile devices. As a result, online gambling sports sites must make sure that mobile clients have a positive experience. This involves providing the same amount of marketplaces and services on tablets and phones, as well as maybe delivering discounts tailored to mobile devices specifically.

Customer Support

Even if customer support isn’t required regularly due to the success of our top-ranked legal betting site, it’s comforting to know that it is provided. The most prevalent methods of customer service are via call, email, and chat support. However, some bookmakers are also accessible through social networking sites, WhatsApp, and even Skype.

How To Choose The Best Zambian Betting Site?

With all of this information in mind, bettors will have a lot better understanding of how Zambian betting sites operate. There are still a few procedures to take before deciding which online betting website to sign up with. Complete the following actions to guarantee that you register at a gambling website that best meets your needs:

Check Out Our Reviews

The top betting websites in Zambia are thoroughly examined in our best betting sites reviews. Bettors can learn about a bookie’s strengths and weaknesses by reading betting site reviews that address everything from betting markets and betting odds to promotions and payments.

Look At Feedback

Potential gamblers can benefit from the opinions of current and previous players. While not all criticism is accurate, it is worthwhile to look at how others have rated a possible bookmaker. Generally speaking, this kind of information can be found online.

Do Your Research

By doing this, customers will be able to view the betting markets and options that are available. As a result, it gives a greater sense of how simple it is to do things.

Top Zambian Betting Sites

Finding the best and safest online gambling sites in Zambia has become more difficult due to the growing demand for safe online betting services. There are several factors that you should take into account before deciding on whether or not to engage with a betting company. We’ve compiled a list of the best bookmakers in Zambia.

1. 1xBet

In our selection of the best online bookmakers in Zambia, we have 1xbet, a well-known and highly rated betting site. As a result of its Curacao license, this Russian online gambling site can operate in a wide range of countries.

1xBet was founded in 2007 and managed to build a solid reputation because of the excellent odds it offers its consumers.

If you’re looking for a unique online betting site, look no further than 1xbet Zambia. There are a wide variety of sports to choose from. There are also several sports markets that this online bookie offers for the most popular sporting events. One of the major advantages of using this operator is the excellent sporting odds, as previously indicated.

2. Melbet

Melbet is yet another excellent bookmaker in Zambia that should be included in our list of the best. Established in 2012, this company swiftly established itself as one of the top online gambling sites. This company has a presence in Zambia and has been granted a license by the country’s gambling authorities. Melbet will astonish you with more than 200 sporting events on which you can wager each day. Another huge bonus is the wide variety of available bets, as well as the competitive online sports odds that are offered. As a result, gamblers can benefit greatly from appealing betting site bonus offers. Your custom betting page can be created using the Multi-Live section.

3. Betwinner

For Zambian punters, BetWinner is another reliable bookmaker that should be considered among the best. It was founded for the first time in 2018. Despite this, it has already become a well-known brand in a large number of African countries. Online HQ Solutions Limited, which is licensed by the relevant regulatory bodies, is the firm that manages this top gambling site in Zambia. When it comes to offering the most popular betting options to customers, BetWinner comes out on top. The sports odds offered by this online gambling website for Zmabiab bets are also among the most competitive in the industry. This, coupled with the in-play selection of premier sporting events, makes this provider a great choice for Zambian punters.

How To Start Betting On Zambian Websites

Registration on a gaming website is easy in Zambia. You can create an account by implementing these simple instructions:

Choose The Appropriate Betting Website

Finding a betting website that matches your requirements is the first stage in getting involved with online gambling. When selecting a betting site, you should consider a range of factors such as the sporting events, privacy, promotional offers, payment options, and licensing by respectable agencies like the Western Cape Gambling Commission. You should also consider the minimum deposit limit of your favorite sports betting site.

Open An Account

The next course of action is to sign up for an account at an online gambling site, which is quick and easy. All new players in Zambia are required to complete an application form and input private details such as their name, family name, home address, postal code, birth date, and also supporting paperwork like a driver’s license or other forms of government-issued identification.

Once you’ve completed the account onboarding process, an email with a verification link is going to be sent to the email you provided. Once you’ve completed the account registration procedure, an email with a verification code will be sent to the address you entered. You must tap on the verification link in your inbox to confirm your email and enable your sports betting account.

Add Funds To Your Account

To gamble online, you must load your account with actual funds. Whatever payment option is most suitable for you can be utilized to fund your user’s account.

Some of the most widely accepted payment options in Zambia are bank transfers and credit cards, as well as a few electronic payment providers like Skrill and Neteller.

Opt-in For Your Welcome Bonus

Once you’ve signed up, be sure to take advantage of any free bets offered by the online gambling sites. Additionally, some online sportsbooks offer free bets that don’t require a deposit in the form of complimentary spins or a cash bonus.

Even if you haven’t yet placed your first deposit, you may still use the promotional code to obtain this complimentary wager. Sports betting websites in Zambia provide a variety of free bets and bonuses to new customers. The purpose of these benefits is to allow players to spend more time playing.

Start Betting

After you have funded your sports betting account, you can immediately begin betting on sports you prefer. When betting, be sure to take advantage of any bonuses that the betting website may be offering.

 In addition, some gambling websites offer enticing bonuses to help bettors enhance their overall wagering experience. The convenience of live streaming allows you to see all of your favorite sporting events conveniently from your living room or den while betting live.

How To Win Big With Sports Betting In Zambia

When it comes to the best legal sports betting sites online, you can’t rely solely on chance; a little forethought can help you win more money than you expect. To be successful in this endeavor, you’ll need to have a well-thought-out strategy in place. As an added benefit, following some rules will make the experience more pleasurable and profitable. It is in your best interest to remember these guidelines:

Never Be Biased

Zambian sports bettors need to gamble on more than just their favorite teams. Because of this, you’ll end up losing a significant amount of money. Do not disregard the teams you dislike as a whole. If they’re the best squad on the field that year, they could be crucial to further impressive victories. You should put facts ahead of personal taste and allegiance to your team when it comes to deciding what to do.

Educate Yourself

It’s a good idea to do some study and learn about the types of bets available in Zambia. You must be conversant with words such as “online sports odds,” “betting live,” and many more. In addition, doing your homework on sporting events and teams will provide you with the information you need to place better bets on online sports and, maybe, win more money on the side.

Set A Betting Budget

Long-term enjoyment of sports betting without a negative impact on your finances is what you’re looking for. Set aside a certain amount of money each day, week, or month to place bets on various sports. Decide on a schedule and commit to it because then you can make bets on Zambian events whenever you come across a good betting chance during the month.

Be Smart About Your Bets

Don’t place your best daily bets at random. Work out a strategy so that each sports bet has as much chance of winning as feasible. You can utilize methods such as betting on the favorite or keeping track of a team’s consecutive wins. It’s better to have a few well-placed wagers than a slew of fruitless ones.

Do Bettors Need To Verify Their Betting Account?

For security reasons, you’ll need to validate your account. The best betting sites verify the account holder’s genuine identity. These measures are in place to keep your account safe from being used to commit financial crimes. Customers of online betting sites expect a high level of security and safety while placing their wagers.

You could be required to show proof of your identities, such as an identity card, driver’s license, or passport, to prove your identity as a user. Some online gambling sites will ask for your registered mobile number or email address to provide you with a registration code when you register for the first time.

This is a technique to verify that the person who is creating the new account is the one who has the associated telephone number and email address.

Making a withdrawal may be subject to verification to protect your betting account from being used by someone else. In the case of major withdrawals or casino bonuses, this is particularly true. Once you’ve submitted all the necessary details and paperwork, the verification procedure is usually quick.

Account verification prevents you from opening multiple betting accounts with the same online gambling websites using the same personal information since the best online gambling sites keep track of the information you submit.

Mobile Betting In Zambia

A lot of leeways are given to modern Zambian top online betting sites and sports wagering businesses in providing options for their customers because the country’s online betting and gaming regulations do not include mobile betting. Because of the permissive legislation, both domestic and international online betting websites can now easily set up platforms for Zambians to wager on.

These settings allow foreign and Zambian gambling organizations to profit from the scenario. As a result, top gambling sites like MELbet casino offer mobile apps that their customers can access. 1xBet Zambia also has similar alternatives.

Bonuses And Promotion

To receive a new customer welcome bonus, you must open a fresh account with a legal betting site that provides one. Almost every best online betting site offers some type of welcome bonus, but it never hurts to double-check.

On this page, you’ll find a list of the top gambling sites that offer bonuses. The welcome bonus is only available once when you join up for a new account. First-deposit bonuses are the most common sort of a new player welcome bonus.

A new customer’s first deposit determines whether or not they are eligible for the welcome incentive. As a proportion of your initial deposit, it might range from 50 percent to 200 percent. Once you’ve made the required first deposit, the bonus will be automatically applied to your account. 

When claiming a complimentary wager or betting credit, you might have to make an initial bet to receive the incentive.

To be eligible for the bonus, such as the casino bonus, you must meet the requirements laid out by the bookmaker. Before you may cash out your wins, you must comply with the bonus terms and conditions, which are detailed on the site. You will not be eligible for the bonus if you fail to comply with these restrictions.

When reviewing a sports betting site’s bonus conditions, we make it clear to our readers how the bonus works. Also, keep in mind that bonus offers often have an expiration period of 24 hours to 1 month. Please make sure to claim your bonus before it expires by following the instructions in the offer.

Popular Betting Types In Zambia

Having a flutter is simply the first step; after that, choosing a sport as well as a betting line requires considerable consideration. These are also defined as multiple bet kinds, and they come in a wide range of variations. The victory bet, which predicts which club or individual will win in the end, appears to be the most popular among Zambian bettors. Even yet, some may find this uninteresting.

This set of Zambian gamers is more than happy to make use of these so-called side or proposition bets. The three best ZM online betting sites we’ve reviewed here are all experts at sports odds scraping as well as coming up with unique proposition bets. These might range from the first player to score a goal to the number of fouls committed in a particular game.

Handicapping, outrights, and double chance should appeal to you if you prefer a more traditional approach. Don’t get us wrong: there’s nothing wrong with betting on the victor, but a skilled punter may take advantage of a variety of other possibilities. And, just like buying more tickets increases your chances of winning the lottery in Zambia, betting on sports online increases your chances of winning.

In-Play Betting

Online gambling in Zambia relies heavily on in-play betting sites. Customers can place bets on these sites in real-time as the activity takes place. Pre-match markets are frequently more diverse than those linked with this betting mode. You can take advantage of intriguing prop bets that are only available in the live marketplace. You can use effective hedging tactics as bets live bets are taken.

In the unlikely event that a live stream of a broadcast athletic event is not available on the sports betting website, animated visuals will keep you updated on the progress of the game you’re following. As events unfold on the field, the sports odds are constantly adjusted to reflect this. These visuals are especially helpful when placing bets in real-time.

Some claim that they are far superior to watching the live broadcast due to the massive statistical data that is accessible to them. If the online sports odds change in any way, you’ll be notified and prompted to reconfirm any pending bets you’ve made.

E-Sports Betting

Sports betting and e-sports have grown interwoven as a result of the paradigm shift esports brought about. The popularity of video games such as League of Legends as well as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive means that individuals who want to bet on them want to be able to do so. The esports betting sites we’ve selected go one step further: they offer odds on a year-round basis on a wide range of scheduled e-sports events.

Dota 2, Fortnite, and Call of Duty are among the other videogames that are included in this section. RTS games like Starcraft II are available on rare occasions, but the focus is definitely on the MOBA genre, which is the most popular choice among Zambian bettors and gamers.

Cryptocurrency Betting Zambia

An expanding cryptocurrency economy in Zambia means the country is no exception when it comes to crypto-wagering. Zambian law recognizes and permits all forms of gambling at this time. To open an online betting website that accepts bets on international athletic events, entrepreneurs in the country must obtain approval from the government and a license.

Zambians can wager on a variety of platforms without fear of legal consequences because there are no specific laws stating that cryptocurrency wagering is illegal. To bet in Zambia, you must abide by the same rules as everyone else, just like in any other country. Any Zambian cryptocurrency sportsbook worth its’ salt will allow you to place bets.

When gambling online, you’ll need to have an e-wallet, which is straightforward to set up and can be done on a wide range of the top betting websites. However, you’ll need some cryptocurrency before you can start placing wagers.

Most safe betting websites offer a wide variety of payment options, even though Bitcoin is now the most popular cryptocurrency. Many Zambian cryptocurrency betting sites provide cryptos like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and more. To put it another way, you may rest easy knowing that all of your deposits are safe.

Payment Options

Payment options at Zambian gambling websites include a wide range of safe and secure payment options. A legal betting site is where players can deposit and make withdrawals promptly, securely, efficiently, and regularly is a must for every online gambler. 

While Zambian online gambling sites have a range of payment options, it is critical to choose the one that best matches your needs.

Luckily, most Zambian secure online gambling sites are dedicated to providing their consumers with a wide variety of banking and payment options. Zambian players are more likely to return to a gambling website and make extra deposits if the payment mechanism is quicker and more effective. A few of the most prominent payment options utilized by online gambling websites in Zambia include the following:

  • Credit and debit cards issued by Mastercard and Visa
  • Structured Investment Deposit, Electronic Fund Transfer, and Wire Transfer
  • Electronic wallets such as Neteller, Skrill, and ecoPayz are just a few of the options available.

Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether, Litecoin, and more cryptocurrencies are available.

Get Started

The websites that you find on our database are well-reviewed and recommended by experts and used by people from across the globe. These aren’t restricted to betting either, as they have gambling and live casinos as well. You can play casino games, casino slot machines, and even live casinos where you can play against others on online gambling sites. Once you’re verified as legally allowed to bet, you’re all set in getting your start.

We focus on the needs of the Zambian bettors to ensure that the locals enjoy safe betting online using these websites and their available mobile applications. Begin your journey today by finding the best betting sites in Zambia.

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