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The Ultimate Resources for Finding the Best Betting Sites in Tanzania

Finding Great Betting Sites in Tanzania Made Easy

The people of Tanzania are sports lovers in general. This is evident from their domestic circuit, where people are showing great zeal and discipline to take part in the various sports the locals enjoy. When they’re not participating in sports, they shift their attention to viewing and betting on them. Despite the lack of earning medals in major tournaments, the country takes sports seriously. Wherever there are sports, you’re bound to find sports betting and the best betting sites in Tanzania have gained quite some traction over the years online.

Gaming is becoming increasingly popular in the country, especially as it shifts to online platforms. There’s a lot of money to be made, and people are heading to the best betting sites in Tanzania to make a profit. Unfortunately, many of these can be hard to find, but that’s no longer the case with Betting Sites Ranking helping the locals out.

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The Legality of Betting in Tanzania

Many people may be unaware that Tanzania is one of the most lenient nations when it comes to matters of gambling and betting on casinos online for real money. This isn’t to say that there’s free reign and no accountability there. In fact, the Gaming Act reinforces various regulations and rules to ensure that all matters are conducted accordingly. They have an extensive host of licenses for all kinds of gaming activities, ensuring that no corner is left untouched. Because of this aspect, gaming and betting have flourished in the country, and more services are open to providing the locals with their products.

People in the country are also known to be major users of various offshore betting platforms in the country for the best betting offers. Considering the general public’s acceptance of the regularly updated regulation of the governing bodies, more companies are willing and open to offering their gaming services and expanding their operations in the region. As the industry grows, various local payment options that have swayed away from the business will likely be open to working with the locals.

The State of Betting in Tanzania

People in Tanzania are fairly open to betting and gambling with betting games online. Many of the people in the country participate in the activities and there’s an abundance of facilities to help them partake in them. In recent years, the main route that people have opted for is mobile betting. With the availability of mobile devices and decent network service, people in the country have many ways and options to bet on sports and participate in online gambling.

Sports betting, in particular, has been the main focus for many people, as it provides people with a great opportunity to make some profit off of their favorite games. Many of the top betting sites in Tanzania provide people coverage of their beloved sports with adequate fixtures to bet effectively and make good money. People in the country tend to opt for offshore, international betting platforms as they allow them to evade the 15% they have to pay out of their winnings.

Simple Way of Finding the Best Betting Sites in Tanzania 

At Betting Sites Ranking, we’re aware of the difficulties that the average bettor or gaming fan has to go through. No need to try countless sites and waste your time when you can take a look at the expertly crafted betting sites reviews list we’ve got on our website. You can find customized options among the most popular betting sites for Tanzania as well. You’re also allowed to compare between the platforms as well.

These provide a list of the games that are popular among the locals as well as options that bettors are generally interested in across the world for multiple bets. We’re aware of the various factors that bettors care about, which make a difference and should be present in the best betting sites available online.

The Top Sports to Bet on In Tanzania

The betting scene has popped off in Tanzania in recent years. Even when the country hasn’t performed well, Tanzanian bettors have stayed fairly competitive in sports betting, and many of the biggest online betting platforms rank among the best betting sites in Tanzania. Bettors in the country have many choices when it comes to the variety of sports to bet on, including local favorites that their fellowmen enjoy.

But expert bettors don’t limit themselves to their locality and focus on popular sports that offer great variety, and these are also available to the Tanzanian locals.

Football Betting

The Tanzanian national team hasn’t had any noteworthy performances in major events and has not been able to qualify for the FIFA World Cup as of yet.

Despite all the adversities, the beautiful game is still the most popular sport in the country. This popularity is also due to one of the biggest sporting rivalries in the country between major clubs. The best betting sites in Tanzaniaaremaking the most of this growing affection for the sport among the locals and have featured as many categories for soccer betting as possible to help Tanzanian bettors try their hand at football betting odds.

Sports bettors love football because it’s such a universal sport that’s played in nearly all parts of the world. Some countries have two or even three domestic leagues along with many regional competitions, such as the UEFA Champions League. Throughout the year, football betting stays active and is a lucrative option with premier league lines and more.

Basketball Betting

It’s important to know that Tanzania’s basketball efforts haven’t been very fruitful, but that hasn’t done any harm to the love of the game among the locals. It’s especially popular among the youth, and with the easily available screening of leagues like the NBA, the love only increases. The league found some local popularity as Hasheem Thabeet, a Tanzanian-born player, signed up for the Oklahoma City Thunder. As more Tanzanians learn and participate in basketball, the basketball betting scene has improved locally.

The best betting sites in Tanzaniaare aware of the popularity of basketball across the globe, allowing Tanzanian bettors access to a plethora of fixtures and tournaments to put their money on. The NBA does get a majority of the love as it does provide them with great odds and an overall decent ROI with the best NBA bets today.

Cricket Betting

Cricket is still a developing sport in Tanzania. After hosting the ICC Cricket League Division 4 in 2008, where they were able to win one match, the locals started paying more attention to the sport. While success is further away, people are now interested in the game as well as its betting space as it offer profitable cricket odds.

Cricket betting isn’t limited to the national team, as bettors like to try their luck wherever possible, focusing on the various domestic cricket leagues and major tournaments taking place around the world. The best betting sites in Tanzania are doing their best to add as many ICC games, T20 tournaments, and other major cricket fixtures from around the world. Any sport that offers multiple odds and many games to choose from is great, and cricket is one of them. Nearly all of the major cricketing nations have some form of the domestic tournament that’s worth investing in as a sports bettor on the world’s best cricket betting sites.

Rugby Betting

While there’s massive popularity of other sports in Tanzania that overshadows other options, a sport that the country is now focusing more on is rugby. The country has developed its team, splitting from the East Africa team to form its own.

As expected, this brought more attention to rugby from the public. With rivalries forming with other neighbors in the sport, it’s a hot commodity that will gain more potential with time. Sports bettors can easily find the latest updates on the games to make informed decisions betting on Rugby Union as well. The best betting sites in Tanzaniaprovide the locals with a variety of options when it comes to rugby union betting, featuring tournaments and fixtures from all over the world. They can benefit from numerous exciting tournaments as they give the betting scene more traction.

Esports Betting

Esports betting hasn’t reached the same level of popularity as other options around the globe. The region hasn’t had the same wave of playtime from the youth as other, more developed nations, but that doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t pay attention to esports. It’s considered by many to be one of the fastest-growing betting markets in the world, and as more countries legalize betting on them, it will exponentially expand.

Various betting experts will emphasize people to try and understand this market to capitalize on the benefits on esports betting sites.

You have a variety of games to choose from, including but not limited to CS: GO, Valorant, DoTA, League of Legends. With the availability of information on them along with many of them being free to play, their accessibility is much better than ever.

Athletics Betting

Even though Tanzania hasn’t had the best performances when it comes to athletics, having bagged only two silver medals at the Summer event once, the locals still enjoy watching the great display of athleticism when these events are underway. Similarly, many of the bettors around the world share the same mentality. Athletics events tend to be some of the most profitable options out there, especially with sportsbook with the best odds.

These consist of low odds markets, where the odds are lower, but the payout can be fairly profitable.

There are numerous kinds of athletics events taking place across the globe that bettors turn their attention towards. Betting sites give them detailed coverage when they’re underway, and it’s worth your time and attention to follow suit. Many of the best betting sites in Tanzania provide front-page attention to major athletics events across the globe when they’re active, which is enough of an indicator of how big of a deal these events are.

US Sports Betting

People from around the world are paying attention to the various sports being played in the US. The US is one of the best places to pay attention to when it comes to sports betting as they produce a great deal of talent and host many major competitions in different sports that people from other parts of the world can bet on as well. Because of how they’re becoming universally popular, the overall value of the market goes up, and the clever bettors tend to profit the most from this with choices like MLB picks and parlays.

With the best betting sites in Tanzania, you can find sports betting options for NBA, NCAA, NHL, NFL, MLB, and more to choose from. You can also easily find all the major tournaments and their fixtures in the United States on these platforms. You don’t have to keep an eye on every second of the sport you’re betting on, as most of the information like NHL picks are readily available on the internet.

Online Casino Gambling in Tanzania

Tanzanians have always been into casino gambling, and the lack of adequate brick and mortar options have pushed people to using online options. Luckily for the locals, they have the ability to use best online gambling sites from around the world.

The best online casino options worldwide offer options from hit classics like blackjack, poker to niche hits from various regions that the locals will certainly enjoy.

Popular Betting Strategies

Moneyline Betting

The first betting market to be aware of is the Moneyline bet to start off as you bet on sports online. It’s fairly simple, with no conditions apart from a win or loss influencing the outcome (though there’s a draw clause for certain sports where draws are common, like soccer). Each team has a number attached to it along with a plus or minus sign. The minus sign indicates that the team is a favorite, while a plus sign signals the underdog.

For example, a team that is a -150 favorite requires you to put in $150 to win $100. For the underdog with +130, you’d get $130 for $100 if they win and you favored them.

Spread Betting

Once you realize that Moneyline isn’t profitable enough as the underdogs don’t win as often – which means you don’t get enough of a payout, the option to switch to is spread betting as you continue professional betting training. For spreads, you’ll see two numbers listed in the spread column. The number on the left will generally have a positive and negative sign for each team and indicates the underdog and favorite handicaps, respectively.

The favorite has to win the game by more points than the handicap assigned to them if you wager on them, while the underdog must win the game outright or lose by fewer points than the handicap dictated.


A parlay is often also called an accumulator in some parts of the world.

Here, you make several bets within a single wager. For example, between three fixtures, Team A vs. B, Team C vs. D, and Team E vs. F, you can wager on the same or different market across each fixture, but you can’t wager on the same market for different outcomes for the same fixture. As you call more and more shots, the likelihood of each of them being correct goes down by a fair margin, making it one of the riskier forms of bets, but the payout is generally the best here.

Over/Under Markets

Over/Under markets are also one of the easier markets to understand. The oddsmaker will determine a specific number of points, runs, or goals that they expect both teams to make. All you have to do is determine whether the sum of the total points scored by each team will be greater or lesser than that particular number. You’ll see these being utilized (with some variations) across a myriad of sports for sports betting odds.

Futures Betting

Also known as outright tournament betting in various parts of the world, the futures betting market requires you to bet on who will win the tournament. It’s a hard bet to call as the tournament events can change heavily as time passes by and betting predictions change.

This market is heavily featured in numerous events, tournaments, and sports worldwide. Despite any of the uncertainty involved in this form of wager, it’s still heavily popular. You don’t receive your payout until the tournament concludes.

What to Look for In A Betting Site?

Considering that you’re putting your hard-earned money on the line when you’re betting or gambling online, it makes a lot of sense to be conscious about the platform you’re signing up for. As many regular bettors tend to use multiple platforms at a time, it’s equally crucial to be aware of the pros and cons of each platform you’re looking for. While Betting Sites Ranking almost removes the need for bettors to conduct their independent research, it’s still a great habit, and people should know what to look for:


One of the core aspects that people should pay first attention to is ensuring that the site in question is regulated and licensed by some gaming authority. The Gaming Board of Tanzania has regulated the various online betting and gambling activities on legal betting sites. taking place in the country. Despite this aspect, many people tend to rely on offshore betting sites that are offering their services to the locals instead of local options.

While Betting Sites Ranking does verify that the betting site in question does have a license to operate, it’s always smart to verify it on your own. The best legal sports betting sites have publicly posted their license number, so you don’t have to worry about this aspect so often.

Warranty of Money Payment to Users at Any Rate

No betting site is worth your time or attention if they can’t ensure that you can get your due winnings from them. Most locally registered sites will pay you in Tanzanian shillings, and this is can be a downside for various offshore sites as they don’t offer local currency payments. You also need to look into payment speeds on the best online casino to win money. Generally, e-Wallet is the quickest, but credit card and bank transfers payment takes up to a day. This can extend to some degree. Due to various conditions, transactions can take up varying amounts of time. Going through reviews will help get a better idea.

Note that many of the local payment options supported and used by Tanzanians might not be available on various betting sites.

Choices for Betting

Another major talking point for betting sites is regarding the options they provide for the sports bettor. No betting site can provide bets for each sport and all of its fixtures, so your job is to find a betting site covering most of the sports and leagues you’re interested in.

Sports betting sites have also heavily forayed into gambling and provide several options to people that are interested in games of luck. You should always have a backup platform that you can use, as it allows you to continue betting if your main platform is down or if they’re not offering such profitable odds.

Customer Support

Customer support is there to help a player or user out if there’s any error, malfunction, or confusion about any aspect of the betting site. Each website has a different level of customer support, and it’s crucial to go with the most responsive ones that are dedicated to providing quality service to the end-user.

At the very least, a website should have live chat support, support in the commonly spoken language in the region, email and customer support numbers that you can call on for help. Unfortunately, not everyone offers the same level of quality service, and that’s where Betting Sites Ranking’s reviews about will help.

Mobile Application

Mobile betting has been the go-to option for millions of bettors across the globe, and people are taking advantage of the processing power of the devices in their hands. Mobile betting is legal in the country, and both the sites and the public are taking great advantage of this aspect. These require your average smartphone with iOS, Android, and a functional internet connection to work properly.

The betting experience on betting apps for real money from the top betting platforms is fairly commendable, and you’re not missing out on a lot compared to the desktop version. Make sure that the site you’re using has an application for either Android or iOS as per your requirement.


Companies tend to provide all kinds of promotions under certain terms and conditions to users to entice users to use their betting platform. These can range from sign-up bonus amounts, cashback offers, and more. Promotions are focused on luring more customers and shouldn’t necessarily be the sole factor why you decide to use one betting site over another. You should focus on other aspects first before making an informed decision about registering for a betting platform. Once you’ve assessed everything else, especially the aforementioned factors about a betting site, you can focus on promotions to make the call. Various sites provide differently.

The Appeal of Online Betting

 Secure Transactions

It’s often a valid concern when people are worried about losing their hard-earned money gambling online. Online betting sites use safe payment gateways, regularly incorporated with the top banks to provide an easy transaction system. Most sites have more than one option that you can use to gamble online. Needless to say, many of these systems have state-of-the-art security and various measures to ensure that your data stays secure and the transaction is safely made.

Unless a portal has a lengthy verification system to work with or generally takes up a lot of time (bank transfers, for example), most transactions will be done instantly. You can sign up and transfer cash and get to betting right away online.

Ease of Use

Many people are afraid of betting sites because they’re worried they won’t be able to use them properly. Betting and gambling platform designers worked hard to develop easy-to-understand layouts and UX experiences that practically anyone can use, with elaborate designs to create functional systems everyone can benefit from. You can find simple iconography and clear layouts that many people can quickly get accustomed to and find the right information they need for using online gambling websites.

It’s just as simple as gambling in person, and various digital systems aim to eliminate the problems traditional betting methods had as you’d face in person. Many betting and gambling portals share similar layouts, and you’d have no problems using more than one site if a single platform was not meeting all your requirements.

You’ve Got More Options Than Just Betting

Many of the top online betting sites aren’t just gambling hubs. They also have a variety of other options, such as casino games and live casino options where you can play against other real players, making them the best gambling websites. These also feature lotteries, virtuals, horse racing, and many others that you can take advantage of.

Tanzanian bettors have access to both local betting sites catering to some of the popular options that the local populace will be interested in. There’s also great availability of offshore sites that only increases the number of choices you have, not just for sports betting but gambling and other exotic options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online betting and gambling are legal in Tanzania, which means that providers are allowed to offer services for online gambling to the locals. People in the country don’t solely have to rely on offshore betting sites here, especially as top betting websitescan legally register in the country to provide their services to the locals. It’s always preferable to use a locally registered platform to avoid any warranty or payment issues.

Gamblers and bettors in Tanzania are certainly taxed for their winnings. You have to pay 12% on Net Winnings if you’re gambling at a land-based casino. For online betting and gambling, you’re 15% on Net Winnings. The same applies to sports betting, lotteries, and most form of online betting and gambling.

As long as you’re using a website that’s been registered and licensed by a legitimate and reliable licensing authority, you shouldn’t have any trouble betting or gambling online on safe betting sites. The only thing to ensure is that the service provides the necessary payment solutions you need to use.

Many of the top betting platforms in the world are providing dedicated services to the locals of Tanzania, so they will be an adequate solution for most people.

While the payment option among each bookmaker can vary to some degree, some of the most common options include ecoPayz, Skrill, Neteller, and debit cards. Cryptocurrency options aren’t popular in the country as of yet, but they’re soon gaining momentum. It’s important to note that many of the popular payment options like Airtel, Mpesa, MTN, and Tigo aren’t supported by many service providers in the betting space.

Yes, bettors from Tanzania can take part in online in-play betting. As some of the top betting sites in the world are offering services to the locals, they’re able to access most of the betting options available to them. There are no local regulations that prevent them from engaging in live or in-play betting, depending on what the platform in question calls it.

Things to Know

These are some miscellaneous rules that most online sportsbooks enforce not just in Tanzania but globally. While there may be some exclusions but generally, you can expect these:

  1. As a legal requirement, you need to be 18 or older to take part in online sports betting.
  2. You can begin betting immediately after funds confirmation by the platform. Note that some sites have lengthy verification processes while others may confirm you within a few hours or even minutes.
  3. You can’t bet with any funds that don’t belong to you. Essentially, third-party funding for betting is prohibited to prevent any legal action.
  4. All accounts are private, secure, and confidential. If the platform collects any data regarding the user, it’s all within the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
  5. Before you can withdraw any money, there’s an extensive verification process. It helps confirm that the account owner made the withdrawal and that it wasn’t some fraudulent activity.
  6. While sportsbooks are generally lenient, they reserve the right to block any activity within their domain if they have any suspicions. Many of these can take place without any explanations. It’s recommended that you go over any rules and regulations instead of making assumptions.
  7. Ensure that you’re entirely sure about any wagers you’re making. Once you’ve confirmed it, there aren’t any takebacks. Oddsmakers and sportsbooks will not be liable for any loss that you incur.
  8. You can’t bet more than what you have in your account.

The Payment Options Available

While the payment option among each bookmaker can vary to some degree, some of the most common options include e-wallets like ecoPayz, Skrill, Neteller, and debit cards, among others. You can link to many of the major banks operating in Tanzania fairly conveniently, and they allow you to make transactions and gamble easily. One of the biggest drawbacks is that most betting platforms do not support Airtel, Mpesa, MTN, and Tigo, which are heavily used by the locals in the country.

Nearly all of these sites accept the local currency, making it a breeze to deposit and withdraw Tanzania shillings without the need to spend any extra cash on conversions.

Online or Retail Betting?

In Tanzania, you’re fairly limited in the number of options available when it comes to retail betting. While there is the availability of retail brick and mortar locations, they’re fairly scarce. On the flip side, you have numerous gambling platforms to choose from, and many of them allow you to bet and gamble on them at the same time.

You don’t have that kind of flexibility in every gambling or betting den in the country. You can choose from a variety of sports from all over the globe and have better access to bonuses and promotions that can increase your playing time. If you’re fond of betting and gambling while you’re on the go, you can take part in it if your sportsbook of choice has sports betting apps for Android or IOS that you can use. All of these points are enough to make a solid case that if you can utilize online betting, you certainly should.

How to Get Started in Online Betting

Now that you’ve made up your mind about which particular websites and platforms you want to sign up on to partake in online betting, you can get to the actual process. Most of these betting platforms have an easy-to-go-through form for signing up that you will breeze through fairly quickly. You’ll have to head to the sign-up button which will take you to a form that you’ll have to fill up.

In some cases, you might be required to provide some personally identifiable information, but don’t fret, as those are for legal purposes, and reliable betting sites will ensure that the data you give them remains safe. Many betting sites have a detailed verification process, which may take up to 24 hours for you to be registered online. Once this is done, you’ll have to transfer some cash into your account. This will be the money you can use to gamble and bet on various games. Many betting sites provide promotions, which you can use to further bet and gamble.

Ranking the Best Sports Betting Sites in Tanzania

At Betting Sites Ranking, we’re aware that many bettors find it very hard to locate the best betting platforms in their country. It’s tricky to read past the fine print and the false marketing to determine whether a site is worth your time and money or not. Our experts have worked tirelessly to rank a huge roster of betting sites available on the internet, creating a detailed database of many of the best online sports betting in Tanzania websites with the best features that bettors are interested in.

Because of our ventures, we believe that bettors have a reliable system that they can use to participate in online betting. We’ve already assessed most of the aspects and questions that bettors are curious about when looking for betting options online, so most of the heavy lifting is done for you.


Sports betting is in a great state in Tanzania, and there are various reforms to remove past limitations from it while making the space better regulated for safe online betting. The new wave is focused on mobile betting, which will see more transitions from the local as the local payment methods become more readily available to make the process convenient. With newer betting sites setting up shops in betting legal countries to offer services to the locals, it’s a great time to get on board with sports betting.

If you’re new to the concept of sports betting, resources and materials are abundantly available online on Betting Sites Ranking to help you onboard. Betting Sites Ranking has been working hard to provide a one-stop-shop solution for all Tanzanian bettors looking to casually or professionally partake in sports betting or gambling.

Learning More About Betting

One of the most crucial aspects of betting is that bettors are constantly learning. From staying updated on their favorite sport to learning new techniques of betting, there’s a lot that people can adapt to and improve upon for more efficient betting. It’s not a challenge to find all of the relevant resources that can help you get started in this venture, including the top 10 betting sites.

Betting Sites Ranking has been hard at work at assembling a collection of resources that people can use to learn about various concepts from scratch. We also have material for professionals and intermediary level bettors, along with a host of content that’s aimed at providing people information about the latest and great in the online gambling space. We aim to make betting and gambling more accessible.

Getting Started

Whether you’re looking for the top live casino options and sports betting platforms, you can find it all at Betting Sites Ranking. Many of the sites we recommend also feature great slot machines, casino games, and live casino sessions against other human players alongside the large roster of sports betting choices.

We’ve worked with industry professionals that understand what factors contribute to a top-notch betting experience, helping us formulate a proper review methodology for objective recommendations. Our goal is to offer a great betting experience for our clients by reviewing and recommending the best betting sites in Tanzania. Don’t wait too long; sign up and get started today.

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