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The Database to Use for Finding the Best Betting Sites in Ethiopia

Finding Great Betting Sites in Ethiopia Made Easy

Like most African countries of the world, the sports scene in Ethiopia is flourishing. Not only has the country taken part in foreign sports to adopt them as its own, but it also has local options that it has cultivated over the years. Moreover, online betting in Ethiopia is also gaining popularity. Even if they don’t heavily take part in any game, they shift their attention to viewership and sports betting. Over the years, the country has produced a few noteworthy athletes to create hype in online betting in Ethiopia. As sports gain traction, so does sports betting with the best betting sites in Ethiopia like 1xbet Ethiopia

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Facts About Betting and Gambling in Ethiopia

Despite various religious overtones, gambling has always been a part of Ethiopian history, and the locals have participated in it in some capacity or another. Similarly, sports betting also grew and is now considered one of the fastest-growing markets in Ethiopia. Many of the players are using mobile applications and casinos online for real money, but there’s a major problem of limited internet infrastructure in Ethiopia, which has been a bit of a hurdle for various players.

Despite all of this, many international betting platforms offer their services to the people of Ethiopia as they’re aware that the country’s locals find sports betting exciting. The local scene hasn’t flourished with the lack of regulations and retail stores where people can bet. As the internet and betting infrastructure grow, sports betting might see exponential growth over time and people will engage more in the best betting offers.

The Legality of Sports Betting in Ethiopia

Betting and gambling sites in Ethiopia receive their licenses from the Ethiopian Lottery Board. Betting and gambling in the country are still in their infancy, considering many of the activities in the country still go unregulated. The internet penetration rates for the locals are at 15.4%, but despite all of this, people are looking to participate in their craze for sports betting, particularly football. Because of this aspect, there are various offshore betting sites, including numerous top betting sites as well operating in Ethiopia. Currently, the Ethiopian Lottery Board is providing various sportsbooks with the license to legally operate in the region, which is doing well for the legitimacy of the site.

Many Ethiopian bettors still use offshore online betting websites that might not necessarily have a license, but due to their great reviews abroad and legitimate experience, they still work fine in the region.

The State of Online Betting in Ethiopia

It’s clear that gambling and sports betting online will only continue to grow in Ethiopia. To accommodate for this growing market, it’s expected that there might be new directives to properly regulate the industry. As of now, the most popular betting sites are registered and recognized under the local lottery board, but many people are relying on offshore platforms to get the job done.

With the new directives rolling out, the people of Ethiopia may see significant growth and expansion in the online betting and gambling sector that will benefit everyone in the long run.

Many betting platforms that have established some ground and prominence in other parts of the world are seeing the growing potential for a market in Ethiopia, and it’s no surprise that they’re heading to the country for prospects as the average person engages in multiple bets.

Simple Way of Finding the Best Betting Sites in Ethiopia Best Betting Sites in Ethiopia 

At Betting Sites Ranking, we’re attending to the needs of Ethiopian bettors to make their experience betting online more convenient No need to try countless sites and waste your time when you can take a look at the expertly crafted betting sites reviews list we’ve got on our website. You can find customized options for Ethiopia as well. You can also compare different options from the list using a handy tool on our website to find the best betting sites.

These websites generally feature most of the sports the locals take an interest in but are also a gateway to other major competitions bettors in other parts of the world are betting on, as well as the casino online experience. We’re aware of the various factors that bettors care about, which make a difference and should be present in the best betting sites available online.

The Top Sports to Bet on In Ethiopia

Sports betting is in a good state in Ethiopia. Even when the country hasn’t done its best on the international stage, Ethiopian bettors are still pouring more money into sports betting, and many of the biggest online betting platforms rank among the best betting sites in Ethiopia. Bettors in the country have many choices when it comes to the variety of sports to bet on, including local favorites that their fellowmen enjoy.

The best Ethiopian bettors are aware that profitability in sports betting comes from betting on the bigger games, and they’re extending their reach now. Because of this, many local bettors prefer betting on international markets and keeping up with sports that might not necessarily have the best coverage in their country, especially with sports betting site reviews.

Football Betting

Like many major countries in Africa, Ethiopia’s national team hasn’t made a big breakthrough in the world of football. The only remarkable moment for the country has been their African Cup of Nations win in 1962. Despite everything, the beautiful game is still the most popular sport in the country. The best betting sites in Ethiopia are making the most of this growing affection for the sport among the locals and have featured as many categories for soccer betting as possible to help Ethiopian bettors try their hand at football betting with professional betting tips.

Football has a different level of universality to it, with practically most countries having some international or domestic effort to promote the sport. Many countries offer numerous domestic leagues along with many regional competitions such as the UEFA Champions League, Premier League lines, and other options. Throughout the year, football betting stays active, making it great for competitive bettors with football betting odds.

Basketball Betting

Ever since the mid-1960s, Ethiopia’s basketball efforts haven’t been very fruitful, and the country has lost its dominance among many of the African teams. The locals, however, still enjoy the game. It’s especially popular among the youth, and access to the major leagues such as NBA and NCAA do a great job of keeping the sport relevant there. As more Ethiopians learn about and participate in basketball, the betting scene for the sport gets more people involved.

The best betting sites in Ethiopia know the significance of the sport among the locals, allowing Ethiopian bettors to bet on all of the major fixtures taking place around the globe. The NBA is the main focus for most, with great coverage, good betting odds, and an overall decent ROI being major contributors to the preference for NBA betting websites.

Volleyball Betting

Volleyball is domestically popular in the country, especially due to the playtime it gets among the youth. Unlike many of the other popular events in the country, volleyball is also relevant among Ethiopian women, and they tend to enjoy the sport a lot. Because of this aspect, it’s gained more prominence among the locals. They also understand how it can be a great option for betting.

When major volleyball tournaments roll around, it turns into a hot commodity, and bettors love to invest in big events. Volleyball is no exception, and Ethiopian bettors also give it some of their attention. The best betting sites in Ethiopia will give you ample opportunities to wager on volleyball with professional betting training.

Athletics Betting

Ethiopia has consistently produced some exceptional talents in the athletics category. Their participants in the distance running competitions, in particular, have been a spectacle, with big names such as Haile Gebrselassie setting numerous records in major tournaments such as the Olympics. Across various categories of distance running, Ethiopia has produced world-class talent that continues to impress the world and set more examples of peak athleticism.

In total, the country has 21 gold medals and 45 medals in total at the Summer Olympics. The best betting sites in Ethiopia pay close attention to these categories and allow sports bettors to bet on them. Bettors also focus on other talents from other countries to make the most of the opportunity on the sportsbook with the best odds.

Horse Racing Betting

While horse racing isn’t generally popular in Ethiopia, it’s certainly a great market that the locals can bet on. It’s one of the oldest markets, and many people equate horse racing with betting and gambling from the get-go. Despite being such a huge industry, many people are still not on board with it. Recently, there’s been great development with more data available for people to bet more accurately on horse racing.

The opportunistic sports bettors of Ethiopia will be fully aware of the potential that horse racing betting has for them and will shift their attention towards it in the future.

US Sports Betting

Sports bettors in Ethiopia are becoming aware of the potential that lies in betting on games across the United States. The odds are better, there’s so much information available online that you can use to follow each team and game to the wire, acquire NHL picks, and more. There’s also more money that you can make if you make the right call, and all of the best betting sites in Ethiopia are making it convenient to bet on these sports.

Using the best betting sites in Ethiopia, you can start betting on major tournaments like the NBA, NCAA, NHL, NFL, MLB, and more. All of these events are getting international attention, and the most professional Ethiopian bettors are going all-in on these markets for profitability.

Online Casino Gambling in EthiopiaBest Betting Sites in Ethiopia 

Despite any negative opinion that may be held by the public regarding gambling, it has been a major part of the local gaming scene, and people are all for it in the country. In fact, many people are exclusively using the online gambling websites available to them to get their fill of casino games. They have all of the benefits that you get from an online betting site, now applicable to online gambling. To sweeten the deal, these offer a collection of many of the globally popular games ranging from blackjack and poker to roulette.

Live betting has yet to really kick off in the country but will be the next major step.

Popular Betting Strategies

Moneyline Betting

The Moneyline betting scheme is found in numerous sports, so it’s wise to learn about this one to reduce the learning curve for various games when starting professional betting training. It is a zero-sum bet, which means you either win entirely or lose. There are no other variables involved apart from the fact that one team is winning and the other is losing. Each team has a number attached to it along with a plus or minus sign. Minus indicates that the team is a favorite, while a plus sign is given to the underdog.

For example, a team that is -150 favorite requires you to put in $150 to win $100. For the underdog with +130, you’d get $130 for $100 if they win and you favored them.

Spread Betting

Spread betting is generally used to cut the gap in quality between two teams in a fixture and generally allows an advantage to bettors. This way, both teams are equally profitable to bet on if they win. For spreads, you’ll see two numbers listed in the spread column. The number on the left will generally have a positive and negative sign for each team and dictates underdog and favorite handicaps, respectively.

The favorite has to win the game by more points than the handicap assigned to them if you wager on them, while the underdog must win the game outright or lose by fewer points than the handicap dictated on the best daily bets.


A parlay is the riskiest form of betting but can also be highly profitable. Rather than go for a single bet on a single fixture, you make multiple bets, and every single one of them needs to be correct for it to be a successful wager. A single mistake, and you lose all your money.

For example, between three fixtures, Team A vs. B, Team C vs. D, and Team E vs. F, you can wager on the same or different market across each fixture, but you can’t wager on the same market for different outcomes for the same fixture.

This is a general rule that most sportsbooks follow for parlays, but it’s always wise to go through the fine print on the best online gambling sites and get an idea of what your particular betting site follows so there’s no vagueness.

Over/Under Markets

Over/Under markets are fairly easy to comprehend. All you have to do is determine whether the total points scored by each team will be greater or lesser than a particular number. Sum up the scores by each side and make your call. If the score is below or under the number as you wagered accordingly. Understanding how over/under markets operate, even if you’re not using them on your sport of choice, is beneficial. You’ll see these being utilized (with some variations) across a myriad of sports on online gambling sports sites.

Futures Betting

What if, rather than betting on an outcome of one game, you could bet on the tournament’s winner? That’s essentially how futures work. Suppose that you think that the Golden State Warriors have the best team in the NBA and should have no trouble beating out the competition and taking the trophy.

You can use the futures betting market for the NBA and wager on the team you think will win. This market is heavily featured in numerous events, tournaments, and sports worldwide. If you don’t have the patience to bet on every event, you can always go for the futures market if you know your sports betting odds. Remember that you won’t get paid until the tournament ends. Futures can often be a profitable bet as they have high odds.

Live Betting

While live betting hasn’t taken off as much in Ethiopia’s local betting sites, it’s important to be aware. Essentially, live betting allows you to wager on a variety of events that are taking place in real-time. Because of its dynamic nature, the markets and odds for live betting events keep updating until there’s a half-time break or the event concludes. Many professionals tend to opt for live betting as it can be profitable if you’ve done your fair share of research.

Unfortunately, not every betting site has live betting options. It requires a strong network infrastructure to dynamically update these odds and figures, with most sites not having the relevant resources to offer these services that make the most of today’s bets.

What to Look For In A Betting Site?Best Betting Sites in Ethiopia 

You must do your due diligence when picking a betting site. Even if you’re using multiple betting sites to gamble on one or many sports with line shopping, you should assess the platform before you put in any money on the account. Betting Sites Ranking focuses on all of these aspects for you, which will reduce a lot of the research required on your end, but doing your own research is always a good option before you bet on sports online:


One of the biggest blunders that bettors tend to make is not ensuring that a betting site they’re using is legally licensed and regulated by a gambling authority. Unfortunately, there aren’t very strictly enforced regulations about the online gambling sector in Ethiopia. Websites do register under the Ethiopian Lottery Board to some degree. But some regulations are licensing the various betting sites, and legal betting sites are fairly upfront about this aspect.

While Betting Sites Ranking does verify that the betting site in question does have a license to operate, it’s always smart to verify it on your own. The best legal sports betting sites have publicly posted their license number so you don’t have to worry about this aspect so often.

Warranty of Money Payment to Users at Any Rate

The main thing that people need to ensure before anything is that the platform in question provides a warranty of payment to its users. Go through the reviews to get substantial information to confirm that the website hands out payments to its users when they win or withdraw cash. While transactions for e-Wallet are the fastest, credit card and bank transfers payment options, take around 24 hours generally, but due to certain reasons, this can extend to some degree. Each website has different transactions times, depending on the payment verification protocol that they have.

Customer Support

Many people don’t pay much attention to customer support, but if you run into any form of issues on the betting platform such as betting software issues, it will be customer support that will be your savior. Each website has a different level of customer support, and it’s often a great indicator of how transparent and committed a particular service provider is to helping its customers out.

At the very least, a website should have live chat support, support in the commonly spoken language in the region, and email and customer support numbers that you can call on for help.

Choices For Betting

If you’re betting online on a site, at the very least, that website should feature most if not every sport that you’re interested in betting on. While it’s always smart to use more than one betting site as it allows you to find the right odds and also assists in some market research as you line shop, people generally tend to favor getting all of their goods in one basket. In such a case, most of your most-waged on sports should be available there.

Similarly, you’d benefit from betting on a site that also has a healthy gambling scene as you can gamble on the sport of your choice and make money off of it while the game you’re interested in is having an offseason.

Mobile Application

Most people aren’t fully aware of the possibilities of what a mobile betting application has to offer. Essentially, you have your betting center and gambling den in your pocket. Wherever you are, you can easily bet on the go. Many of the betting apps for real money are aware that the majority of their demographic consists of the youth, and they carry around smartphones.

To keep people hooked, they provide all kinds of options. And these applications are fully stable, providing the same accessibility to betting and gambling as a desktop application or a website on your phone screen. You might want to look if they have an app for your mobile OS if it’s something important to you.


Promotions are always great to have but aren’t a must-have aspect. Essentially, promotions are various packages from the site that offer you some form of benefit while you’re gambling online. These can range from sign-up bonus amounts, cashback offers, and more. These generally have certain conditions that apply to them and are generally provided to keep people gambling more frequently.

You should focus on promotions at the last stage of making your choice and not be entirely tempted by any promotion that sounds too good to be true. The other aspects will better dictate your options so go with the sportsbook with the best odds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online sports betting is in a grey area in Ethiopia, despite all of the best efforts of the Ethiopian Lottery Board. Despite all of this, sports bettors in the country are still heavily using various offshore sites due to the lack of concrete regulations that prevent people from using these sites. There certainly are several platforms that are registered under the Ethiopian Lottery Board, and many of these registrations slots end up getting filled.

While the Ethiopian Lottery Board does have a 15% tax on every winning on gambling, many people tend to get away from these taxes as they don’t constitute gambling. Similarly, many people are using offshore sites that aren’t registered, which acts as a bypass to too many of these tax requirements.

As long as you’re using a website that’s been registered and licensed by a legitimate and reliable licensing authority, you shouldn’t have any trouble betting or gambling online. The only thing to ensure is that the service provides the necessary payment solutions you need to use. Even in Ethiopia, it’s better to use local versions of legitimate and licensed service providers.

While the payment option among each bookmaker can vary to some degree, some of the most common options include e-wallets like Belcash/HelloCash, VISA, MasterCard, and Amole Wallet. Apart from any of the offshore sites that are fairly developed and have a detailed infrastructure for it, hardly any provide cryptocurrency transaction systems despite being one of the prominent countries with legal sports betting.

In-play betting or live betting hasn’t taken off in the Ethiopian market as of yet. Hardly any local service is providing people the option to bet on a game in real-time, which is expected as the sports betting scene is still under development here. If you’re using any international offshore betting sites, you’ll certainly find many of them with live betting options that you can utilize.

It’s an open secret that many bettors in the country tend to use offshore betting sites. It’s also generally advised not to rely on any offshore betting sites for the sake of avoiding taxes as it can be problematic. The Ethiopian market is generally limited with offers, but it has shown potential as various banks are working with financial authorities while the sports betting market gradually grows.

For the sake of better local liquidity, people in Ethiopiagenerally deal in Ethiopian birr but can use some betting sites to transfer amounts in other currencies. Cryptocurrencies haven’t necessarily taken off in the country, which is why they’re not being used on most of the platforms available to them. The most common options among cryptocurrencies for online betting include Bitcoin and Ethereum, but most crypto-focused betting platforms will provide you with more options, but these are generally the best gambling websites and offshore platforms.

The local betting sites, as well as offshore options, are welcoming the people of Ethiopia by offering reliable local payment options with sports betting apps for real money. Belcash/HelloCash, VISA, MasterCard, and Amole Wallet are available on most options. Each service provider will have a different set of payment options to choose from, and it’s recommended that you take a look at it before making any decision to sign up.

The real question is whether you should be opting for online sports betting or retail betting in Ethiopia. It’s a bit of a no-brainer that online betting is the preferred option in the country due to the very limited number of brick-and-mortar options in the country. Several of the retail betting options might not necessarily be registered either. Rather than take any unnecessary risks that could lead to you losing your hard-earned money, stick to online betting.

You have more options to choose from and better access to bonuses and promotions. If you’re traveling or have a busy day on the eve of a big game, you can still easily bet while you’re on the go if your sportsbook of choice has sports betting apps for Android or iOS that you can use.

Offshore Betting or Legal Sites?

Let’s compare the pros and cons of both options. Firstly, using an offshore betting site can be beneficial if it’s a renowned platform that’s globally recommended as a reliable entity to gamble online. It’s more than likely that you’ll get a ton of options to choose from when betting online. Many of these aren’t solely betting platforms either, and also have gambling options that you can choose from. Similarly, many of the best betting sites also have exceptional customer support as they want to give their customers a unique incentive to continue using their site.

But not all is perfectly fine with offshore betting sites. You’re not paying your taxes when using these, and once there are regulations for tax control in online betting in Ethiopia, this may be considered illegal. Currently, this aspect lies in a grey area which can be problematic. It’s also important to note that many betting sites aren’t directly catering to Ethiopia, so you’ll have to come up with several workarounds to work out payment methods and other issues like constantly using a VPN, which can hinder the experience.

Legal betting sites, on the other hand, have some glaring flaws. Firstly, you have a limited directory to go with for betting legal countries, but there certainly are a few international platforms that are operating within the legal parameters that you can benefit from. You don’t have the option to go line shopping so freely because of this limited range. But it’s better if people generally use legal betting sites as it will increase the userbase in the long term, which can present Ethiopia as an excellent option for sportsbooks to start operations there.

Things to Know

These are some miscellaneous rules that most online sportsbooks enforce. While there may be some exclusions but generally, you can expect these:

  1. As a legal requirement, you need to be 18 or older to take part in online sports betting.
  2. You can begin betting immediately after funds confirmation by the platform.
  3. You can’t bet with any funds that don’t belong to you. Essentially, third-party funding for betting is prohibited to prevent any legal action.
  4. All accounts are private, secure, and confidential. If the platform collects any data regarding the user, it’s all within the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
  5. Before you can withdraw any money, there’s an extensive verification process. It helps confirm that the withdrawal was made by the owner of the account and not some fraudulent activity.
  6. While sportsbooks are generally lenient, they reserve the right to block any activity within their domain if they have any suspicions. Many of these can take place without any explanations.
  7. Ensure that you’re entirely sure about any wagers you’re making. Once you’ve confirmed it, there aren’t any takebacks.
  8. You can’t bet more than what you have in your account.


Money Management

When it comes to betting online, the rules of money management are practically the same as physical betting at some brick-and-mortar location. If you’re a veteran, it’ll help you get comfortable that you’re now operating in the familiar but safer, faster, and more reliable territory. As with any investment, you’re always at a risk of losing out on some of your money. You don’t want to invest any money that you don’t have or any amount that you can’t afford to lose.

It’s foolish to put up your life savings on a parlay and expect to retire comfortably after that. For a single outcome, don’t invest more than 1 to 3 percent of your bankroll for safe online betting.

Select Multiple Games

Many bettors will tell you the difficulty of finding a place to bet on the particular sport they’re interested in. Online betting is the end-all solution to this problem. Online betting allows you to bet on multiple sports under one hub, and if there’s still a lack of variety as per your requirement, you can always find other betting sites and sign up for them.

Because of the unique style of modern betting platforms, it won’t take you a long time to figure out how each and every single website works. Many of the top betting sites take inspiration from each other, and most of the major games are made by the same vendor so there’s a smaller learning curve. If you’re a novice, it will all be more comfortable for you to get around.

Ranking the Best Sports Betting Sites in Ethiopia

At Betting Sites Ranking, we’ve worked extensively with betting industry experts and insiders to work on a review methodology that makes it easy for users to find betting platforms and have most of their questions answered. We’ve compiled reviews for sites across 105 countries, including Ethiopia.

We have a variety of tools and solutions on our website that you can use to compare various sites and get user feedback about their personal experience on the platform. No longer do you have to spend too much time going through various portals and having a hit or miss experience for the best daily bets with the help of Betting Sites Ranking.


At Betting Sites Ranking, we’ve worked extensively with betting industry experts and insiders to work on a review methodology that makes it easy for users to find betting platforms and have most of their questions answered. We’ve compiled reviews for sites across 105 countries, including Ethiopia.

We have a variety of tools and solutions on our website that you can use to compare various sites and get user feedback about their personal experience on the platform. No longer do you have to spend too much time going through various portals and having a hit or miss experience for the best daily bets with the help of Betting Sites Ranking.

Ranking the Best Sports Betting Sites in Ethiopia

At Betting Sites Ranking, we’ve worked extensively with betting industry experts and insiders to work on a review methodology that makes it easy for users to find betting platforms and have most of their questions answered. We’ve compiled reviews for sites across 105 countries, including Ethiopia.

We have a variety of tools and solutions on our website that you can use to compare various sites and get user feedback about their personal experience on the platform. No longer do you have to spend too much time going through various portals and having a hit or miss experience for the best daily bets with the help of Betting Sites Ranking.


Over the years, the scenario for online gambling in Ethiopia is expected to improve as more sportsbooks find it fruitful to start investing their money in online gambling and betting in the country. There are reforms in the works to make it a regulated industry, but because of the enthusiasm of the locals towards gambling and betting, it’s certainly a great market that many oddsmakers and sportsbooks would want to capture and hold onto.

It’s ideal for sports bettors in Ethiopia to use the platform that provides low conversion rates to deal in Ethiopian birr or stick to platforms that allow them to natively use their local currency to engage in sports betting. While they may have limited access to aspects like live casino options, it will be helpful for them in the long run and avoid any run-ins with the law while promoting their local industry.

How to Get Started in Online Betting

Once you’ve made up your mind about sports betting, the next step is to sign up for an online betting platform. Many of these have a generic but easy-to-go-through form for signing up, which generally doesn’t take up a lot of time. You’ll have to head to the sign-up button, which will take you to a form that you’ll have to fill up.

In some cases, you might be required to provide some personally identifiable information, but don’t fret, as those are for legal purposes and reliable betting sites will ensure that the data you give them remains safe. While generally not the case, some sports betting sites take some time to register and can take up to 24 hours. Once this is done, you’ll have to transfer some cash into your account. This will be the money you can use to gamble and bet on various games. Many betting sites provide promotions, such as 1xbet bonus, which you can use to further bet and gamble.

Getting Started

Whether you’re looking for the top casinos and sports betting platforms, you can find it all at Betting Sites Ranking. Many of the sites we recommend also feature great slot machines, casino games, and live casino sessions against other human players alongside the large roster of sports betting choices.

We’ve worked with industry professionals that understand what factors contribute to a top-notch betting experience, helping us formulate a proper review methodology for objective recommendations. Our goal is to offer a great betting experience for our clients by reviewing and recommending the best betting sites in Ethiopia. Don’t wait too long. Sign up and get started today in the best country for sports betting.

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