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World Snooker Championship: The Betting Guide


Enthusiastic snooker fans and sports bettors are eagerly waiting for the start of one of the most prestigious snooker tournaments, the World Snooker Championship.

Each year several bettors flock to snooker betting sites to wager on their favorite players and get a chance to score big.

As a result, these betting sites offer special promos and bonuses for punters so they can generate even more traffic. If you’re interested in learning about the star players and the odds of the championship, read on!

How Many Players Will Be In The Championship?

The 46th World Snooker Championship will be held from April 16 to May 2 at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. Each year 32 players enter the championship. These players will compete in 16 match-ups, and the winners of these ties will go straight to the main event, where the players will compete for the trophy.

Who Are The Up And Communing Players?

Yan Bing Tao is one of the youngest professional snooker players out there. He won the 2020 season of the Riga Masters at the age of 19 and won his first triple crown event at the 2021 Masters.

Despite his low odds and rankings, Bing Tao is a tough opponent, even for seasoned players. That’s why he’s likely to also reach the World Snooker Championship’s final stages.

Who Was Last Year’s Champion?

Mark Selby will return to the championship to defend his title once again. He is placed at the top of the draw as the Number 1 seed. The four-time reigning World Snooker Champion is currently the number 1 snooker player globally and has won a total of 20 different titles.

His spectacular performance has earned him the number 7 spot on the all-time list of ranking tournament winners.

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What Do The Top Players Get?

The winner of the 2022 World Snooker Championship will get a prize of £500,000, while the runner-up will receive £200,000. There are prized for the winners of the semi and quarter-finals and several other prizes for the last 16 and 32 players.

The tournament winner will also automatically get a pass to the main event, increasing their chances of winning the championship the next year.

Players You Should Bet On?

Your snooker betting strategy should be carefully formulated. For each game, you need to assess the players’ odds and then make your pick.

Sticking to the top players such as Selby, Bing Tao, and O’Sullivan is a good idea when betting on snooker. That way, you’ll decrease your chances of losing bets and learn some useful betting tips.

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