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Top Tips for Mastering Your Lacrosse Betting Skills


Over the years, lacrosse has gained increasing interest from the public. When bettors are unable to make lots of profit in a popular market, they tend to deviate toward lesser-known options. While lacrosse does have a dedicated and ardent fan base, it’s still not as heavily followed as football basketball or cricket. Some of the many people that are now tuning to lacrosse games better want to capitalize on the growing industry of lacrosse betting on the most popular betting sites.

If you’re someone looking to master your lacrosse betting skills, now is a great time to take advantage of this rising interest in betting sports.

Lacrosse Betting Tips

Learn How the Various Lacrosse Leagues Matter

People who are new to the sport should be aware that men’s lacrosse has two different versions:

Field Lacrosse

The sport is played outside in large stadiums, such as a football field, with 11 players on each side. Field lacrosse games have a 6′ (high) x 6′ (wide) cage as a goal.

Box Lacrosse

Box lacrosse is played indoors, with each team having a total of 6 players on either side. The indoor variant has a 4′ (high) x 4’9″ (wide) cage.

Lacrosse Levels

Lacrosse is played at different levels, including professional field and college field levels. While both sports play out the same way in essence, they have some major differences. For example, they might have shorter short clocks, shorter games, or smaller field dimensions. One of the most common differences is that the professional field lacrosse has a two-point arc.

What are Some Popular Lacrosse Events?

Some of the most popular events for betting in Lacrosse include:

  • National Lacrosse League (professional box league)
  • NCAA men’s field lacrosse
  • Premier Lacrosse League (professional field league)

While Lacrosse games have a general flow to them and understanding one variant will give you a good idea of how the sport works, each league has its differences that you’d want to be aware of when betting. You should not be using data from one league to make decisions for betting on the other.

Keeping an Eye on the Underdogs Against the Spread

College lacrosse games have a much higher margin than most professional games. A similar phenomenon can be observed in other college and professional sports. The point spreads in college lacrosse are similar to basketball spreads. If you’re familiar with NHL puck lines, you’ll notice a similarity that they have with professional lacrosse spreads

A female lacrosse playerThe college lacrosse betting scene is in its infancy, which is why the National Lacrosse League and Premier Lacrosse League are better examples for understanding purposes.

For the 2021 season, there were 34 times where 1.5-point spreads with 8 occasions of 2.5-point spreads. The underdogs in the former were covered with a 67.65% rate, totaling 23-11. The 2.5-point underdogs were much more dominant, with a 75% rate at 6-2.

Underdogs were fairly successful with a 22-20 across 42 matches for the past two seasons. Betting on the underdogs provides you with a success rate of 52.38%. Any bettor would tell you that betting on the underdog is always the better bet if it works out.

Comparing the National Lacrosse League and Professional Box Lacrosse

The NLL has been favorable for the favorites, with a convincing 76.92% rate. Even on the professional level, box lacrosse league stats supported the underdogs. The 1.5-point underdogs were at 14-17 to produce an average 45.16% rate. The 2.5-point underdogs managed to go 6-2, having a 75% success ratio.

The fact of the matter is that you can’t always bet on underdogs. Just like any other betting trend, you need to be careful about your options and do your research when betting on the world’s top betting sites.

The Effect of Pace of Play For Betting Totals

Taking a look at some of the records, lacrosse games have generally had 23 goals in each game on average. Taking a closer look at it, you’ll observe some key differences between the varying types of lacrosse matches. NLL games are much slower than NCAA games, despite both of them being 60 minutes long. PLL games are no different, but that’s attributed to the professional leagues having smaller fields, with a relatively shorter shot clock as previously mentioned.

This is the reason why college lacrosse games have higher scores, as the lower possessions included lead to higher totals as compared to NLL or PLL. You can use this fact to determine if the total will exceed or stay below the oddsmakers’ expectations.

Set a Betting Plan

Professional bettors always recommend that you have a betting plan beforehand. Rather than try out things on the fly, you should be aware of how much money you’re willing to spend. Some people opt for fixed wagers while others go for variable wagers depending on the viability of a fixture.

college lacrosse teamsThis is especially important if you’re opting for live betting. Considering the pace of the game, it’s necessary to have prediction and a limit in mind so that you don’t overspend. This isn’t to say that you should become rigid as there might be events that require you to make some changes on the fly. Expert bettors stand to handicap the match before the game begins. Being reactionary can often be a mistake; instead, you should use moments of ability to capitalize on line movements which can lead to a better payout.

Use Multiple Betting Sites

This one is not limited to lacrosse, but expert bettors recommend that you use more than one side for sports betting. Every betting site has different lines and margins for each game and you should opt for the most advantage possible. As you rack up the number of bets, making these slight adjustments can lead to a better payout.

People using computers and phones at a table

Apart from the fact that you make the most profit, you also have numerous aspects like promotional offers that are available on different sites for different events that you want to take full advantage of. Don’t limit yourself to one platform as you could miss out on an event if a betting site is not working due to a technical fault. There’s also the options for sports betting apps for iOS and Android.

Stick to What You’re Aware Of

Many people get excited and overwhelmed by the number of options available to them when betting online. For a single game, you’ll notice that there are numerous markets that you want to wager on. If you want to be successful in betting, you need to be very specific about the markets and options that you offer. This isn’t to say that you should refrain from trying all the options available, but you should do your research so that you’re not wasting any money.

Some of the best bettors tend to focus on several teams or leagues that they can get the most information about. Ultimately, your goal is to have an edge over the bookies, acquiring all of the knowledge that they don’t have to faze the public. One of the biggest advantages of games like lacrosse is that many people don’t tend to dedicate their time to it. It allows some dedicated fans to take advantage of the market with their growing knowledge.

Using Domain Knowledge

Suppose you’re an ardent fan of a lacrosse league that many people don’t have information about. You’ll observe that there are mispriced lines that you can take to make the most of. Similarly, you might have information about players that haven’t made their mark but can make a huge difference on the field.

You might be aware of some ground-level issues that might cause issues in a team’s performance, knowledge of which is limited to the local community. All of this information is incredible leverage allowing you to make a lot of money if you make the right wagers.

Study Team Strengths and Weaknesses

Sometimes a lacrosse game is dictated by the strategy and style of a team rather than how talented players are on each side. Rankings are not always the best indicators of how our team might perform in a fixture. An excellent team might be overshadowed by a weaker one just because they have the perfect countermeasures to their opponent’s strategies.

Just because the team is having an exceptional season doesn’t mean you should base your predictions off of current records. For example, if Team A has defeated Team B, and Team C also lost to Team B, one might assume Team A is more likely to beat Team C as well. But strategies can defy statistics, so you should focus on actual metrics that make a big difference in the game.

Lacrosse Statistics That Matter

These are some of the metrics that you should pay attention to when betting on lacrosse, with each metric being listed according to its significance:

  • Assists
  • Goals
  • Caused turnovers
  • Goals saved

Consider the average for each value for each team when you’re handicapping a fixture. Mini lacrosse experts would also suggest that you focus on the style of play to get an idea of the opportunities that will develop in the game. They play an important role in skewing your calculation.

Betting on Value

Value-based betting is the way to go. Regardless of the implied probability, there’s always the chance that an event could occur.

female lacrosse teams in action

What matters is how likely a given outcome is compared to the implied probability, which is merely the betting odds converted into percentage form.

If you’re betting on a coin toss, the outcome will either be heads or tails, with each of them likely to happen. The odds can be expressed as +100 on the Moneyline.

Imagine that “heads” is listed at -150 and “tails” at +150? Even though both of them are likely to happen, one of the options is more profitable than the other. A -150 favorite has a higher probability at 60%, but at the same time, you will need to be successful at least 60% of the time to break even. The +150-betting line has a lower probability of 40%. You need to win 40% of the time to break even. The real-life likelihood of the outcome occurring is higher than the odds suggest.

Offensive Efficiency and Possession

One of the most interesting aspects of lacrosse teams is that they can turn the game around with disproportionate positions. Not many sports have a similar element like this but the closest is hockey where most teams tend to play in the middle of the field. This is the most advantageous for a team, allowing them to play on the offense.

Some of the top performers of the game have a 65% efficiency rate across the season. Dominant faceoff players in particular have a huge impact on the outcome of the game, the team success ratio will be equally higher. These are some of the teams and players that you should be on the lookout for.

Tracking Bets

Expert betters will always recommend that you focus on tracking your bets. You should have proper strategies for betting, keeping a detailed catalog of your existing winnings or losses. Essentially for every game you bet on, you need to keep track of what kind of wager you made, how much money you wagered in a bet, and the markets that you wagered on.

a defender trying to block another player

It can prevent you from making the wrong bets, allowing you insights into the bets that were successful for you. Many also considered it a great way of keeping track of their finances. Similarly, bettors prevent falling into gambling addictions by keeping track of their betting habits. Professional bettors often tend to advise newer players to not fall for any biases when betting online.

Learn More About the Sport

A golden rule that applies to every single sport for betting is to learn as much as you can about the game that you’re betting on. You should research every single aspect of the game that you can. Considering that you’re putting your hard-earned money into the game, you shouldn’t be making any blind bets. You can’t win every single bet considering that some of the most popular and successful sports gamblers only have a win rate of around 50%.

So if you’re looking to make some serious money while sports betting, you should try to get as much information about every single game that you bet on. Thanks to the Internet, all of the information that you need is a lot more accessible. Simply relying on luck while betting will not help you very long. Concerning how lacrosse is a niche sport even in countries with legal sports betting, any information that you have will give you an edge.

Focus on Stats

The fact of the matter is that statistics might not be everything, but they are a major consideration that you need to focus on every single time. Factors like team rankings, performances, injuries, and other aspects. Being updated is a major part of sports betting things progress over the season. The information that you had at the start of the season will vary differently as the season draws out.

If you’re new to lacrosse, it will take you some time to understand how all of these aspects come together. In some cases, you might not always have the best run when you’re starting as a bettor with little knowledge of lacrosse. But as you continue to engage in lacrosse betting, you will see some improvements over time and a greater fundamental understanding of the game.

Top Betting Sites for Lacrosse

If you’re looking to bet on lacrosse, the best option is to bet online. While there are many options out there, some of them rank as the best and provide exceptional value. In some parts of the world, lacrosse is not played heavily or at all so it won’t be available on every betting platform out there. These are some of the most reliable and accessible lacrosse options for online betting.


Bovada has gained a lot of traction over the years to become one of the most popular betting options. One of the main aspects for people choose Bovada over other platforms is because they have a huge selection of sports to choose from. They also covered lacrosse and its different variations.

Person using a phone

It is one of the few betting platforms out there that focus on Premier Lacrosse League games. A major advantage of signing up on the platform is that they provide a welcome bonus. They’re also fairly accessible for crypto betters providing them with additional discounts. After the fact that they have a strong reputation and great customer service, it becomes easy to recommend the platform to bettors.


BetOnline has expanded its territory over the years, becoming more accessible to a larger audience which is always welcome. People that are betting from the US and Canada will notice that they have a lot of familiar payment platform options. They have great options for casino gambling but the main reason people opt for the platform is due to their sports betting variety.

Person using a computer

Among the huge roster of sports that the website covers, lacrosse does not get left out. BetOnline is accepting wagers on Premier Lacrosse League games. If it’s your first time signing up for a betting platform, you will certainly appreciate the number of promotions that the site has to offer after you sign up. It’s one of the top safe betting sites.


In many parts of the world, it is the go-to betting platform for people, whether they’re looking for casino gambling or sports betting. 1xbet had a strong reputation for reliability, providing an exceptional experience, with a robust system that you can enjoy from both your computer and your mobile phone.

1xbet also features a lot of lacrosse fixtures in their sports section that you can use. Newcomers will be presented with numerous promotions such as the 1xbet sign-up bonus that can help them save up a lot of money and bet more frequently using the 1xbet application.


As previously stated, lacrosse is a niche sport but it allows you a great opportunity to make good money by taking advantage of a smaller market. Many professionals still do not have enough information about the sport so you can capitalize on this market to make a lot of money. It does require you to put a lot of time and effort into sports betting and can be a fruitful venture.

For newcomers into the betting space or those that have not had ample luck in other games, lacrosse is a great game to pay attention to in order to make your mark. But like every other sport, it comes with a host of risks that you need to be aware of.

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