Top 5 BetUS Promotions to Help Bettors Win Big


Money won is always sweeter than money earned—especially if it’s done through online betting website promotions!

Fortunately, many online betting sites like BetUS (one of the top 10 betting sites in America) offer a plethora of promotions such as bonuses and contests to help bettors win big. This is fantastic news considering the worldwide popularity of online gambling sites is skyrocketing!

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Once you’ve had a look at our resources and learned about the brilliant promotions offered by BetUS, you’ll be well on your way to maximizing your betting returns.

So, without further ado, here are the top 5 BetUS promotions to help bettors win big. Enjoy reading!

1. Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are among the most popular promotions offered by BetUS. The idea behind them is simple—BetUS provides credits to new members who deposit funds into their accounts.

The value of the bonus depends on whether you’re depositing cash or cryptocurrencies, and whether you gamble online on the BetUS sportsbook or online casino.

Read on to learn about these factors in more detail!

Cash Deposits

125% Welcome Bonus

Did you know you’re entitled to a 125% welcome bonus if you deposit cash into your BetUS account for the first time? All you’ve got to do is deposit at least $100 to take advantage of this magnificent offer!

This bonus is split into a 100% sports betting bonus plus a 25% online casino bonus. In other words, BetUS will give you USD 1 in credit for every US dollar you deposit to bet on sports online, and USD 0.25 for every US dollar you deposit for casino bets.

The Fine Print

It’s worth noting that this promotion is valid for a maximum deposit of USD 3,125. This is split between USD 2,500 for online sports betting and USD 625 for casino games.

There’s also a 10x rollover on sports and a 30x rollover on casino games. This means that bettors are required to bet 10 times their initial deposit to cash out their sports betting winnings and 30 times to cash out their online casino winnings.

How to Win Big Through This Promotion

The key to taking advantage of this promotion is to place big bets knowing your personal funds aren’t at stake.

For instance, suppose BetUS gives you USD 500 in sports betting credits for depositing USD 500 as a new member. You’re keen to bet on the English Premier League fixture between Manchester City and Everton on New Year ’s Eve later this year and find BetUS offers 1.10 odds for City to win.

You know Phil Foden’s goal proved the difference the last time these two sides met, so you bet USD 500 on City. If they win, you get USD 550 in return. That might not seem like much but consider the opposite—if you lose the bet, you’ll lose none of your own money. How good is that!

150% Casino Bonus

Thinking of signing up to become a BetUS member solely for their casino games? You’re in for a treat! Every new member gets a 150% casino signup bonus for cash deposits worth up to USD 3,000. These bonuses are subject to a 30x rollover and must be used within 14 days of signing up.

One of the most attractive aspects of this promotion is the fact that it’s valid for deposits of up to USD 3,000. In other words, BetUS offers new casino players up to USD 4,500 in betting credits. Now that’s an offer we can get behind!

The Fine Print

The maximum cash out under this bonus is USD 10,000 and the minimum deposit amount is USD 50. Moreover, the bonus will be voided if an early payout is requested.

How to Win Big Through This Promotion

A great way to benefit from this promotion is by opting for games that have solid odds of paying out.

For example, suppose you get USD 450 in credits for depositing USD 300 as a new member. You decide to play double-deck blackjack because it has a smaller house edge than other games like casino spins.

In this scenario, you can bet a maximum of USD 100 per hand at least 4 times without losing your purse and you’ve got a great chance of earning handsome returns!

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Crypto Deposits

200% Welcome Bonus

Crypto bettors rejoice—BetUS offers a massive 200% bonus for all new members that deposit funds using cryptocurrencies!

This bonus is split between 150% for sports and 50% for the casino. Therefore, if you sign up and deposit USD 100 worth of crypto, you’ll receive an additional USD 150 in credits to use on the BetUS sportsbook and USD 50 to spend on your favorite online casino games.

If that isn’t enough to make you grin from ear to ear, claiming this promotional offer also entitles you to a 100% bonus on your second and third crypto deposits!

The Fine Print

This promotion is available for deposits between USD 100 and USD 2,500. There’s a 15x rollover on sports bets and a 30x rollover on casino bets. Additionally, the offer expires within 14 days of being claimed and casino winnings are subject to a maximum cash-out amount of USD 5,000.

How to Win Big Through This Promotion

The strategy to win big with this promotion is to focus on sports bets. Why? Because they’re not subject to a maximum cash-out!

For example, if you deposit USD 500 worth of crypto to use the BetUS sportsbook, you’ll get USD 750 in betting credits. Once you’ve caught up on the most popular betting sports, pop your credits on an athlete/team of your liking and revel in the fact that you can theoretically win a limitless amount of money!

2. USD 500 Back on Blackjack Mondays

Several playing cards on a red table

Afraid you’ll deplete all your funds before racking up wins playing blackjack on BetUS? We’ve got great news for you! Every Monday, BetUS gives upto USD 500 back to members who have accumulated losses playing blackjack online.

In other words, you can bet up to USD 500 on the various versions of blackjack offered by BetUS safe in the knowledge that you’ll get it back in betting credits by the start of the week—and the best part? The offer resets every week!

The Fine Print

This promotion is subject to a 30x rollover requirement and winnings cannot exceed 5x the value of the bonus. Non-deposit bonuses expire within a week of the issuing date and losses must amount to at least $50.

How to Win Big Through This Promotion

BetUS offers numerous versions of this popular game, so it’s worth going through the Blackjack rules for each variant. In terms of blackjack strategies for this promotion, we recommend avoiding 21 Burn Blackjack because BetUS only pays 1 to 1 if you hit blackjack.

It’s far better to try your luck on high stakes Single Deck Blackjack instead where the minimum bet is USD 20 (which means you can play 25 rounds without losing a dime of your own money!)

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3. Casino Slots Bonuses

A slot machineIf you’re a fan of casino spins, you’ll love the fact that BetUS offers promotions for this popular game four days a week! Here’s a summary of the promotions:

  • On Tuesdays, members are given up to 250% in casino bonusesfor a maximum of USD 2,500
  • On Wednesdays, BetUS gives a free casino bonus to the 20 bettors who achieve the biggest spins on Dragon slots
  • On Fridays, members get one free spin for every US dollar they deposit (the minimum deposit is USD 50 and the maximum is USD 100)
  • On Saturdays, members get a 150% slot bonus for up to USD 1,500 and 20 free spins on slot games developed by Nucleus Gaming!

The Fine Print

Here’s a summary of the terms and conditions of each offer:

  • Tuesdays: the offer is subject to a 30x rollover, and the maximum cash-out amount is USD 10,000.
  • Wednesdays: bonus prizes are given out on the next day by noon. The offer is subject to a 20x rollover requirement and expires within 14 days. The maximum cash-out amount is USD 100. Bonus prizes can’t be used for classic casino games or slot games developed by Betsoft, Nucleus Gaming, and DGS.
  • Fridays: only one bonus per account per player per week is allowed, and bonus spins must be used within 72 hours on Nucleus Gaming and DGS slot games only.
  • Saturdays: this promotion requires a minimum deposit of USD 100 and is subject to a 20x rollover. The maximum cash-out amount is USD 10,000.

How to Win Big Through These Promotions

We recommend avoiding the Tuesday and Wednesday promotions if you want to win big. Why? Because the chances of getting one of the top 20 spins on Wednesday are low, and the 30x rollover on Tuesday’s offer is quite challenging.

What you want to do instead is focus on Fridays and Saturdays when you’ll get up to 120 free spins in total. Free spins are a fantastic way to rack up your earnings and meet the rollover requirements for these offers!

4. Referral Bonuses

A person sitting in a garden showing their friend something on their phone

300% Bonus Per Referral (Limited Time Offer!)

Why win big on your own when you can do it together with your best buds? As of October 2022, BetUS offers a referral bonus amounting to 300% for any member that refers their friends!

Once your mates start depositing funds into their BetUS accounts, you’ll be entitled to a 100% bonus of up to USD 2,000 for their first three deposits. In other words, you stand to earn up to USD 6,000 in betting credits through this offer!

The Fine Print

Half of this bonus is to be used on the BetUS sportsbook and the other half on the online casino. Members must use the ‘refer a friend’ tab after logging into BetUS and bonuses are provided on your friends’ first three deposits only.

Credits used for sports betting are subject to a 3x rollover and the casino bonus is subject to a 30x rollover. All bonuses are subject to a USD 1,000 cap.

How to Win Big Through This Promotion

The optimal way to win big using this offer is to concentrate on winning by betting on sports. USD 3,000 in free credits with a rollover requirement of just 3x for sports betting are some of the best terms of any BetUS promotion!

Once you’ve got your BetUS credits, check out some of the sports betting strategies we’ve touched on in our blog and devise a plan. After that, it’s just a matter of placing the right bets and you’ll be cashing out winnings in no time.

We recommend using the remaining 50% of this promo for casino games with one goal in mind—to have fun! Don’t worry about maximizing your earnings this way because it’ll take forever to cash out your earnings due to the 30x rollover rule.

The Referral Raffle Contest

If receiving up to USD 6,000 in credits for referring friends isn’t enough, BetUS also gives bettors raffle tickets for referrals! The prizes for these raffles aren’t as lucrative as the other promos, but they’re immediately claimable.

In other words, all you’ve got to do is refer your friends, and if your name comes out in the draw, you’ll instantly walk away with amazing prizes including smart watches, game tickets, and high-value gift cards!

The Fine Print

This promotion is available to any member who refers a friend that deposits at least USD 100 into their BetUS account. One participant per household is allowed and the bonus you earn from this promo is subject to the following rollover limits:

  • 10x rollover for horse bets
  • 20x rollover for USD 25 chips and 30x rollover for USD 100 chips used in the online casino

This promo expires within 14 days of being claimed.

How to Win Big Through This Promotion

The obvious way to win big through this offer is to refer as many friends as possible so you get a huge number of raffle entries.

Fortunately, this offer runs parallel to the 300% Bonus Per Referral offer. In other words, you’ll be earning up to USD 6,000 in bonus bets and stand a chance to walk away with a prize by referring your friends—so get to it!

5. Sports Betting Contests

A woman using her phone

Parlay Challenge

Have you heard of parlay bets? It’s when a bettor combines two or more bets into a single bet that’ll only pay out if all outcomes are achieved. For instance, if you bet on a soccer team to win a game and a specific player to score, you’ve made a parlay bet!

The BetUS parlay challenge is simple—buy a parlay card for either USD 5 or USD 10 and predict the outcomes of upcoming events like the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

As the number of bettors buying parlay cards grows, so too will the overall parlay pot—and if all your predictions come true on the day of the event, you win the whole pot!

The Fine Print

There are no rollover requirements for this offer. The minimum pot values for USD 5 and 10 parlay cards are USD 50 and 100 respectively. There’s no maximum pot limit, and parlay cards expire once the event they’re associated with commences.

How to Win Big Through This Promotion

This promotion is an extension of traditional parlay betting—so the key to winning big is to bet on sports you know. For instance, as of October 2022, BetUS is running one USD 5 and two USD 10 parlay cards on the FIFA World Cup.

In this scenario, if you want to win big, do as much research as possible on the FIFA World Cup. After that, it’s just a matter of picking the right parlays and you’ll maximize your chances of making a killing through this promotion!

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Survival Pools

Survival pools is arguably the simplest sports betting promotion BetUS has on right now! The concept is simple—pick a different team to win their game outright every week.

If you’re correct, you advance to the next round. The player that survives the longest stands to win a massive amount of money!

The Fine Print

Bettors are given the chance to rebuy into their survival pool once. Prize money is paid out into your BetUS account and there are five buy-in tiers—USD 10, 25, 50, 100, and 500. Each tier has a different prize pool.

How to Win Big Through This Promotion

One of the best ways to successfully capitalize on this promotion is to plan your picks ahead of time. Remember—you must pick different teams each week, so we recommend checking out the schedule of the sports you’re betting on and devising a strategy.

For instance, if you’re betting on the NFL, one strategy is to pick a favorite every week and try to last as long as possible. Occasionally there’ll be upsets—so if you can take calculated risks and pick the right underdog at certain stages, you could go far!

Another useful strategy is to try a low tier multiple times. For instance, if you have USD 500 in your account, it’s better to attempt the USD 100 survival pool five times than to attempt the USD 500 pool once. Why? Because you’ll have more shots at perfecting your strategy!

USD 25,000 Court King

If you’re a fan of betting on basketball, the BetUS USD 25,000 Court King contest is for you. This promotion awards bettors who go on a winning streak of 15, 20, and 25 basketball bets!

This promo is open to college and pro basketball games and involves picking straight winners before each event starts.

The Fine Print

This promotion is only valid if you pick winners of games within 7 days of the previous pick. Bets must be for at least USD 10 and parlay bets on multiple outcomes in one game only count as one pick.

Prizes are credited within 48 hours of the streak and the total prize pool for the contest is USD 25,000. In other words, if USD 25,000 in prize money has been given out, the contest will close.

The prizes are USD 500 (15 predictions in a row), USD 2,500 (20 in a row), and USD 5,000 (25 in a row).

How to Win Big Through This Promotion

It’s vital to stick to the minimum bet of USD 10 for this contest so your losses are minimized. Moreover, it’s crucial to do your research and stay up to date with news concerning player injuries, game cancellations/postponements, and so forth.

We recommend choosing the size of the win streak you’re aiming for based on your knowledge of basketball. With that said, the 15-game win streak isn’t worth it because the payout is too little (only USD 33.33 per correct guess). 

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