Snooker betting is picking up steam all over the world. Find out how you can bet online on the sport.

Betting on Snooker: All You Need to Know


2022 is a marathon year for snooker, with the Big Three including some excellent matchups and exciting, high-stakes action. Aside from the World Championship, eight other ranking tournaments are held in various countries. Some of these include China, Germany, and Australia.

These tournaments are part of a series of 13 Players Tour Championships that are held around the world. Players who participate in these events have a chance to earn ranking points. If you’re looking to bet on snooker during any of these tournaments, here’s all you need to know to win real money.

Most Popular Snooker Bets

Aside from the match-winner, customers can also bet on the tournament’s winner. They can place their bets before the start of the tournament, or they can wait until the event has already started to get a feel of which players are in form.

Some of the most popular bets include outright bets and those based on the favorite’s chances of winning. If the favorite is already established, then the customer can also bet without the favorite.

Another popular type of bet is match betting. This allows customers to back a particular player or group of players to win a match. An accumulator bet is also a popular type of bet. It allows customers to get bigger odds by having multiple selections rolled up.

If you’re following a match between two players, you can also bet on the frame handicap. For instance, if Player A has a handicap of 1.91, they would need to win five of the first six frames to cover the line. On the other hand, Player B’s handicap is +2.5, which means that they only need to win three frames to win.

This type of bet is very popular because it allows bettors to analyze the odds provided by the bookie regarding a particular match. It’s also a good way of betting on a tournament that’s expected to be one-sided.

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In-Play Snooker Betting

Due to the nature of the sport, snooker betting odds can frequently change during a match’s In-Play period. This allows customers to make a profit by betting on what they’re seeing.

Odds are based on the opinions of the bookie’s traders and the amount they have bet on each player. A well-backed player might be favored during an In-Play period, while a player with a poor record might be considered a longshot.

There are various types of In-Play betting markets that are available when it comes to professional snooker. However, these markets are usually completely random and can result in losses over time.

Due to the partnership between various bookmakers, such as bet365, William Hill, and Paddy Power, customers can now watch live streaming of professional tournaments. A simple step is required to activate the live streaming feature.

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