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The maximum payout on any parlay is $150,000. Review


Why YouWager?

If you’re looking for an online sports betting website that features competitive odds across the board, a wide variety of betting options, and huge bonuses, you’ll love YouWager. However, if you’re looking for a customer-focused sportsbook with a modern, slick design, you should look elsewhere.

Here, we review YouWager – an online sportsbook betting destination designed to serve North American bettors. YouWager claims to offer the best bonus structures, the fastest payouts, and top-notch customer service. While it’s true that YouWager offers excellent bonus structures and quick payouts, their claims about customer service may be wrong.

Warranty of money payment to users at any rate?

YouWager is a legitimate website as it holds a gaming license in the country of Costa Rica. Thus, bettors can rest assured they’ll get their money at any rate. read more

Daily offers of sports events that will be held soon in your country:

The website provides daily offers of sports events.

Legal licenses for the activity of betting sites:

YouWager is a regulated and licensed sports betting website and casino based in Costa Rica. Signing up for an account with YouWager is perfectly legal. The website targets players from the US, and its bonuses are only available to Americans. However, you can register with YouWager from other countries as well.

Online support:

While the online support of YouWager has positive reviews from bettors, there have been some complaints about the staff not being knowledgeable enough. YouWageroffers support 24/7 – their live support staff is even available during the middle of the night. You can also get in touch with YouWager through email or a toll-free phone number. Their team also responds to emails quickly. While the website quotes a 24-hour response time, they often respond to emails in a few hours.

The attractiveness of the site environment and its ease of use:

YouWager allows bettors to sort by wager type. Across the main sportsbook menu bar, bettors can choose options like parlays, teasers, and straight bets. Since we don’t see this ability on a lot of online sportsbooks, it’s cool to see that YouWager offers it. This is an incredible functionality to have when you’re looking to place a specific type of bet irrespective of the sport.

YouWager should allow punters the ability to change how the odds are displayed. Currently, the odds are displayed in the American odds format. Although most players can work with that, others are more comfortable viewing odds in fraction or decimal format. Since a lot of other online sportsbooks offer this option to their bettors, it would be nice to see YouWager doing the same. The website’s speed was fine, and there’s a lesser chance of bettors running into any snags.

Extension of betting site options:

The website offers an extensive range of prop bets for popular leagues and sports.

Deposit and withdrawal methods:

YouWager has enabled cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, BTC, Dash, and Litecoin for blockchain enthusiasts.

YouWager is one of the few online multiservice casinos to offer six cryptocurrencies for payment, with the majority accepting only Bitcoin. In addition, bettors can use Discover Card, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for deposits and withdrawals. However, every withdrawal at YouWager must go through a pending period of 72 hours.

The processing begins thereafter, which may take more than 5 business days. This means it may take as much as 8 business days for bettors to get their money. Plus, a maximum of only $2,000 can be withdrawn every week. These withdrawal limitations may disappoint some bettors.

Minimum and maximum money for betting on a match:

YouWager should appeal to every casual sport betting fan as, depending on the event, the minimum bet at YouWager is $1-2 only.

Generally, the maximum bet is $5,000. However, you can wager up to $10,000 on NFL sides.

Registration possibility from most countries in the world:

Yes, registration is possible from most countries, but certain countries are still restricted.

Language of the site:

The website supports the English and Spanish languages only.

First deposit bonus and the convenience of using the first deposit bonus:

YouWager offers 50% Free Play on deposits ranging from $100 to $1,000. The minimum deposit is $100 only, and 10x is the required rollover. It can only be used on straight bets and moneylines up to +190.

Considering that YouWager gives bettors the ability to withdraw their winnings at any time (something that most bookmakers don’t allow) and has a low rollover requirement, YouWager’s first deposit bonus looks incredible when compared to other bookmakers. Proceed to YouWager sign-up now!

Speed of site rising and availability of the site with a variety of platforms such as laptop, mobile, tablet, and home computer:

YouWager has made sure that betting via its mobile website is just as hassle-free and sample as betting via the desktop website. In fact, bettors can just use their mobile browsers to visit the website – there’s no need to download an app and worry about upgrades. Just by visiting YouWager’s mobile-optimized website, players will enjoy a condensed version of the desktop website. Plus, this mobile website works equally well on various mobile platforms.

Navigating through various pages was easy. Plus, placing bets is easy, requiring just a few taps of the finger. The mobile bet slip is simple, the odds are marked clearly, and the website is responsive to the touch. Thus, bettors can find the entire wagering process effortless. Thanks to YouWager, betting on the go is easy, and bettors can play casino games while accessing account info wherever they want.


YouWager is a legit sports betting website, and its reputation in the industry is great. However, they’re not as good an option as others in the current climate. Various other sportsbooks are better than YouWager but that doesn’t mean they’re not a viable option. They’ve certainly moved on from the litany of complaints and cold-calling tactics, and now only a few websites can match their markets worldwide, let alone the US industry. YouWager has a range of bonus options and a VIP program too. The website has the potential to become a top choice if its withdrawal requirements and fees get a little cheaper. read less

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