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Local bank transfer, Astropay, QuickTransfer, NinePay, UnionPay, AliPay, QQPAY, UnionPay QR, AliPay QR, PayTrust, Go ATM, Quickpay, SuperPay, FastPay, WealthPay, M Online, EeziePay, TruePay, EeziePay Mobile, TruePay Mobile, Ethereum,

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+44-203-514-3338(Vietnam), +44-207-048-2246 (Thailand)

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Eastern Asia,

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4.00 MYR

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4.00 MYR

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USD 600,000

M88 Review


Why M88?

Mansion 88/M88 is one of the top online casinos and live betting sites in Asia for good reason. It has an incredible range of live casino games and sports offers. You’ll find some of the best offers for sports betting and casino games on this site. The website and mobile app are easy to navigate, so finding what you want to bet on is easier than ever. The site always has some promotions going on, so make sure you take advantage of them!

Warranty of money payment to users at any rate

The site only requires time to verify and process your transaction, after which it replenishes your account with earned winnings within 24 hours. All withdrawals are also processed within 24 hours of the withdrawal requests. read more

Daily offers of sports events that will be held soon in your country

The M88 sportsbook is among the best in Asia. It offers daily bets and high odds for the ongoing and upcoming tournaments in sports such as football, baseball, e-sports, etc. The site also has a regional partnership with LaLiga, which enables it to present exclusive betting lines for LaLiga matches. The site has a team that updates daily offers for sports events on a regular basis.

Legal licenses for the activity of betting sites

M88 is committed to responsible gaming, due to which it promotes safe online betting measures and guidelines on its site. It’s licensed by the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority, which is a regulatory jurisdiction restricted to the Asian market.

Online support

One of the most unique and supportive features of the site is its country-specific customer support. You can find separate contact details for the countries of Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, China, and Indonesia. The site also has a live chat which is typically very responsive. You’re likely to get a response from a live representative within a few minutes.

The attractiveness of the site environment and its ease of use

M88 strays from the old red aesthetics many other Asian live casinos have. Instead, it has a dark blue layout with all the important information displayed on the homepage. The site has a lot going on, which may overwhelm first-time visitors. However, the abundance of information provided on the main page is helpful for finding what you’re looking for. The site is easy to navigate and its translatability to numerous languages makes it accessible to many.

Extension of betting site options

M88 is an incredible site that stands out in the market and one of the reasons is its range of incredible online games and sports. The site functions as a sportsbook and live casino that lets you bet on lucrative games that are popular in Asia. You can bet on keno, virtual sports/e-sports, bet builder, lotto & jackpot, casino fishing, etc. Its exclusive feature right now is the LaLiga Room, where you can access and place bets on LaLiga matches.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

The only issue is the restricted use of certain methods as per the country. The methods which are available to you depend entirely upon the region you’re gambling from. The deposit methods include online deposits through local banking apps like PayTrust (Malaysia), Online Pay (China), GoATM (Indonesia), etc., and bank transfer. Depending on your region, you may even be able to pay through eWallets like AstroPay. The currencies accepted are Malaysian Ringgit, Chinese RenMinBi, Vietnamese Dong, Thai Baht, and Indonesian Rupiah. A major drawback is that you can only withdraw money through local bank transfers in all regions.

Minimum and maximum money for betting

The minimum amount you can deposit for betting depends on the currency you’re using. For the default Malaysian Ringgit, it’s MYR 30 and its currency equivalents. The maximum deposit amount also differs as per the payment method and currency. It can go up to MYR 50,000 and its currency equivalents.

Registration possibility from most countries in the world

M88 is exclusively an Asian online casino. It does not cater to any countries in the West. Its market is limited in Asia too since its only accessible in a few countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, etc. Only users in these regions can access the site and register on it.

Language of the site

The site’s default language is English but it’s accessible in various Asian languages like Chinese, Malay/Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Vietnamese, etc. Changing the language of the site as per your preference is very easy. You can do it directly from the right side menu.

First deposit bonus and the convenience of using the first deposit bonus

As of right now, the site is offering a 150% welcome bonus up to MYR 588 to new players. The M88 sportsbook offers a bonus of 150% with 88 free spins. M88 also offers a live casino exclusive bonus of 175% or 20X RO with 88 free spins. The site offers some of the best promotions online. Its wide range of bonuses on different live games and sports makes it highly attractive to all Asian gamblers.

Speed of site rising and availability of the site with a variety of platforms such as laptop, mobile, tablet, and home computer

The speed of rising on M88 is relatively slower than some of its competitors. The loading time for pictures, graphics, and certain features like the live chat could be faster. The site is accessible from mobile to everyone in the region of service, but users who aren’t registered can’t really do anything on it. There is also an M88 mobile app that players in Asia can download and bet through. The app is available for Android and iOS platforms on any device.


M88 is one of the leading online gambling sites for the Asian market. It has a busy interface but the site is easy to navigate. It’s also accessible due to its translatability in various languages. It also accepts various local deposit and withdrawal methods that are restricted to specific regions. Overall, it’s among the best Asian sportsbooks and live casinos due to the sheer amount of games it has to offer. Its exclusive regional partnership with LaLiga gives it legitimacy as a leading online betting site too.read less

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