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GAD concession no. 15226. Goldbet SpA - with registered office in Rome, Via degli Aldobrandeschi, 300 - 00163. VAT GROUP 15432831004, Tax code 09255551005,

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PayPal, Skrill, Visa Electron, Visa, postepay, Mastercard, ,

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Goldbet S.p.A. Servizio Clienti Via degli Aldobrandeschi 300 - 00163 Roma - Italia

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Italy , ,

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Up to €160

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iOS, Android,

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€10,000 single bet, €50,000 combination bet

GoldBet Review


Why Goldbet?

Goldbet has been around for a long time in the betting scene, starting work in the sports betting business in 2004, and is generally considered one of the go-to choices for bettors in Italy. Many might know Goldbet primarily for sports betting, but the company has expanded its services to provide online gambling choices as well. Nevertheless, the core audience regularly uses the site for sportsbook odds betting.

The business has done a decent job of making an all-rounder website by providing bettors with gambling options on their casino, offering people a huge host of games. Goldbet has limited its services to Italy, which many consider a con, but for the locals, they've offered commendable services that make the business one of the most reputable options in the sports betting space.

Warranty of Money Payment to Users at Any Rate

Goldbet has been in the business for a long time, and the secret to their success is that they hand off legitimate winners their due amounts in a reasonable amount of time. It's a major contributor to their long-standing success.

Goldbet takes around two business days for Visa, MasterCard payments. Payments via other options are completed within 24 hours. These are industry-standard times, but Goldbet has a great reputation for ensuring that their customers get paid, and while there's nothing to write home about, there's not much you can complain about either. read more

Daily Offers of Sports Events That Will Be Held Soon in Your Country

Goldbet has remained one of the top sports betting sites in Italy, and as of now, it seems unlikely that the website will expand its territory into other parts of the world. Rather than tread in unknown territories and sign up for games that don't work in some parts while working fine in others, they've centralized their services.

Legal Licenses for Activity of Betting Sites is owned and operated by Goldbet S.p.a. It's licensed and regulated by the Customs and Monopolies Agency of Italy. The Customs and Monopolies Agency of Italy is fairly strict, having stringent rules about transparency and accountability. It's the utmost responsibility of the platform to provide a fair and good experience to bettors on the website.

Goldbet uses industry-standard software to ensure fairness, safety, and security across the user experience. They also incorporate the usage of cookies, SSL encryption, and other software to make the experience on the platform better and more secure.

Goldbet also verifies the player's age before registration, not allowing anyone under the legal age to participate in the website's activities. They've done a fairly decent job of maintaining updated privacy policies and terms and conditions documents for its users to offer additional transparency.

Customer Support

Goldbet has a dedicated support page where users can talk to a customer representative. Goldbet caters to only Italian players, so the chat support understands and replies only in Italian. Their dedicated email service has a similar limitation. But for those that understand the language, their services are worth appreciating and do a decent job for users.

The Attractiveness of the Website and Ease of Use

For our Goldbet review, we tried all of the options on the Goldbet portal. The layout of the website is relatively easy to get used to, and while Goldbet doesn't reinvent the wheel with the banner and sidebar style, their implementation is easy to wrap your head around.

Goldbet does utilize some large thumbnails around the main page to make it easy to understand what the option is about, reducing the need to read text all the time. The website has a responsive design for mobile phones, but it's better to use the iOS or Android app.

Extension of Betting Site Options

Once you're done with Goldbet sign-up process, head to the main page to get started on your sportsbook betting journey. Goldbet is primarily known as a sports betting site, and a single glance over its offerings will explain why that idea exists. They have numerous options in their collection, along with a dedicated live betting tab where you can bet on games playing in real-time.

They've got a different tab for casino options, but their offerings are fairly limited when compared to the options they have for sports, racing, and lotteries.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

For our Goldbet review, we take an extensive look at its options. Goldbet allows MasterCard, SKrill, Neteller, Visa, PayPal, Maestro, bank transfer Paysafecard. Goldbet has a minimum bet limit of 0.01 EUR, while they don't specify a maximum limit. The maximum winning accepted is 10,000 EUR for a single bet and 50,000 EUR for a combination. There are some variations to the rules for specific options. Goldbet has a minimum withdrawal requirement of €50 by bank transfer or €10 by credit.

Registration Limitations

At the moment, Goldbet is only offering services for the people in Italy. Rather than deal with the various licensing costs and other issues that come from trying to expand services across different regions that all have their own restrictions, they're focusing on only Italy. They aim to offer the best services within the Customs and Monopolies Agency of Italy's set parameters.

Language of the Site

Because it only offers services to Italy, Goldbet only offers support in Italian. This applies to everything from their instruction, live chat, and customer support service to even their email replies.


All you need is a stable internet connection on a computer to place bets at any time and place. You can also use the Goldbet application on your iOS or Android device, which we recommend for those looking to use Goldbet on the go.


At the end of our Goldbet review, the only problem we have in recommending Goldbet sign-ups for bettors is that the site only supports Italian bettors. If you're in the region, it's one of the go-to options, and unless you're looking for a website that's got a great collection for gambling alongside sports, it's a no-brainer. Its huge support for various sports, easy-to-understand design, quality customer service deserve appreciation. read less

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