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What’s The Kentucky Derby, And How To Bet On It?


The 148th Kentucky Derby will begin on the 7th of May in Louisville in Kentucky, US. The race marks the end of the 2-week long Kentucky Festival in which three-year-old thoroughbreds participate. The winner of the race receives $3 million prize money.

This horse race event is mainly popular among sports bettors who flock to the festival to bet on the top horses. Online betting sites also release special promos and odds to rope in seasoned and new punters. If you’re new to all of this, our guide will help you out.

What Is The Format Of The Game?

The derby gives 20 horses a chance to compete in the races once in a lifetime. The horses must travel along the road to Kentucky and win a series of races at different locations to earn this chance.

The top 4 winners of each race are given points, and the points are awarded based on a tired point system. The top 20 horses from them will compete in the derby.

How To Pick A Horse?

The best way to pick horses to bet on is by checking their fitness and form. Top-of-the-line horses maintain consistent performance. So you can check their performance results in previous races.

Moreover, you need to look at their trainers and jockeys. Credible trainers have some of the best horses. Other than that, the odds will tell you how a horse may perform.

What Are The Types Of Bets?

There are two main types of bets in horse racing: the standard wagers and the exotic ones. Each type has several subcategories depending on the type of bet you can make.

Standard wagers are the generic wagers that have been around for ages, while exotic wagers involve betting on two or more horses. Exotic bets are harder to win, but the payouts are higher.

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What Factors Go Into The Odds?

Horse race betting odds are easy to understand once you figure out what they mean. The odds in the races determine the amount of money wagered on each horse. For example, if 20% is wagered on a horse, then the horse has a 1-in-5 chance of winning. T

he wagers are also determined this way. For an 8-1 wager, you’ll get 8 times the payout for a single bet, plus your initial investment, i.e., the wager money.

What Are Some Top Betting Tips?

The best betting tip you can have for horse racing events is to stick to the top performers. If you’re a novice, you won’t understand the different performance metrics immediately. So, in that case, it’s better to stick to horses that have proven capabilities.

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