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Websites vs. Mobile Apps – Which is Better for Online Betting?


Initially, the online gambling market was concentrated on websites and PC browsers only. There was no introduction of betting apps on smartphones.

As we proceed deeper into the digitally-driven 21st century, the online sports betting industry, as we speak, is changing by the day. There are now hundreds of websites and mobile applications that are allowing online gamblers to wager on their favorite sport, team, and player.

The most interesting part is, people are now comfortable with using online applications and websites to place bets and learn about bet rankings. This trend has surely left a significant gap in the physical casino market.

In this blog, the online betting experts at the Betting Sites Ranking have shared their insight about the differences between betting applications and websites.

Introduction of Mobile Online Gambling Applications—A Revolution or Not?

With more betting applications launched on iOS and Android platforms, virtual bettors and gamblers are now able to enjoy a holistic online experience in the market. There are now several betting applications that are offering secure mediums to bet online.

Betting Sites Ranking has been reviewing and ranking online betting websites for many years. Alongside, our professional, multi-national team of online bettors offers in-depth analyses of different betting sites.

Online bettors and punters are struggling to arrive at a decision between choosing online betting websites and mobile applications.

So let’s explore the options.


Betting websites may seem like a traditional yet secure option to wager online. They’re quite successful in terms of offering good UX/UI design.

CNBC reports that by 2025, there will be at least a 73% increase in smartphone usage for online gambling. This reveals that mobile-responsive betting websites and applications will continue to be a hit in the upcoming years.

Today, there are casino and sports betting software designers and developers busy creating robust operating systems to help online gamblers make the most of their bets.

Number of Updates

There’s a clear line between gamblers who want to use betting websites and bettors who love the mobile app penetration in this market.

While there are several mobile betting apps available today, it’s true that most of them require serious bug fixes, navigation improvements, and end-to-end security for safe deposits. We know that online betting websites with SSL certificates are the top priority among online bettors. Therefore, these website users look for gambling apps that offer the same updates, security features, and optimized payment options.

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All in all, we think that setting the two online betting platforms apart is still quite easy, given the huge majority of bettors that still prefer websites to place bets.

At Betting Sites Ranking, we offer complete reviews and comparisons among myriad betting apps and online gambling websites from across the world.

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