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Top Four Best NFL Betting Resources


Finding value bets for NFL seasons often feels like going through a baffling maze of stats, data analytics, pro opinions, and team views. Not to mention the news channels, websites, apps, and podcasts about the game. Nobody has the time to follow all these data resources to improve their win rates.

There is no magic formula when it comes to NFL online betting, either. Many novice bettors fall for ‘tout’ scams that guarantee winners. Only the right information used properly at the right time can lead to better chances of winning. The more research you do and the more knowledge you have about the game, the better.

Here are some of the most valuable NFL betting resources including, apps, professionals, and more. Let’s take a look!

Football Outsiders

If you’ve never heard of DVAO, chances are you’re one of those bettors who don’t pay any attention to stats. DVAO is an all-encompassing method of evaluating teams, players, and units in the NFL season. It examines team members’ productivity by comparing their accomplishments on every play to the league’s average.

Although it’s up to each bettor to decide the stats they want to follow, Football Outsiders stat experts believe that DVOA’s evaluation and odds can give bettors an edge in the game. They also offer premium content that provides bettors with access to much information on their website for free.

Todd Fuhrman

Todd Fuhrman is among the leading panelists on gambling daily shows who has been nailing his NFL predictions for over the years now.

Many panelists’ success has been short-term, but Fuhrman has been building a consistent bankroll and credentials as a sports and race analyst at 29 before becoming an expert sports gambling analyst.

His basic life tips regarding NFL picks and betting predictions are what make him worth following.


SharpSide is one of the leading apps that offer a shop for all betting lines and bet tracking for all sports, including the NFL.

Using this betting app, users can find leaderboards to check which team or player has the greatest track record, prop bet, etc.

Adam Schefter

If you place mobile bets or indulge in micro-betting, you can’t afford to be even 20 seconds behind. You can count on Adam Schefter to bring NFL news every other second. Schefter also uses his platform to recommend bettors use their money to wager on games like the NFL.

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