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Things To Know Before Betting On The English Premier League 2021-22


The Premier League is one of the most highly anticipated and watched football leagues in the world, with superstar players from around the world playing each year for the gold. It is a 20-team competition that consists of two divisions, the English Premier League and the League Cup, and each team plays 38 games during the season.

The team with the most points after 38 games during the Premier League season will become the champion of England’s top-tier football competition. If a team finishes fifth in the Premier League, it automatically qualifies for the second continental competition, the Europa League. If a team finishes seventh or sixth, it can also qualify for a Europa League spot, so you know it’s a high-stakes competition.

Positions 18 to 20 are what is referred to as the relegation zone. After 38 games, the three teams who finish in these positions are relegated to The Championship, the second tier of English football.

The league is immensely popular among bettors looking to take their enjoyment of the game to the next level and win some money through their passion for the game. If this is your first time betting on football, here are some things you need to know before placing a bet on the English Premier League.

Understanding Premier League Odds

Understanding the various betting markets and odds available for the Premier League can help you make an informed decision when it comes to placing your money on the game. Bookmakers offer a wide variety of Premier League football odds, ranging from outright bets to more advanced propositions such as Top Four Finishers and Asian Handicaps.

Premier League “title odds” are a bet on who the winner of the championship will be and are offered by every bookmaker that’s covering the English Premier League. They are calculated based on the total number of Premier League matches played and are available to bet on before and during the season.

Although this bet is perhaps the easiest to wager on, it also comes with its surprises. It was 5001.00 to win the league title for Leicester City before the start of the season in 2015/2016. To the surprise of many, they went on to win the tournament despite all odds, which was an incredible feat that led to a massive loss for British bookie’s customers. It is believed that the loss for bookmakers was worth around £25 million.

A Premier League match being watched by spectatorsPremier League odds vary depending on the bookmaker where the bet is being placed and the teams involved. That’s why it’s best to choose your betting resource wisely.

The Premier League is one of the most competitive divisions in the world. And with so many options to pick from, it can be difficult to pick who the winner is going to be. The odds on a certain team winning the Premier League season vary depending on how they perform throughout the season.

The Premier League winner odds are computed depending on a variety of factors, such as a manager’s change of command, injuries to key players, and new signings. Some of the bookmakers offer each-way Premier League betting odds as well. For instance, if we were to place a £20 each-way bet on Tottenham to win the Premier League, we would be taking odds of 10.0 and 1/5 on them, finishing in the top 3. This is a good way to diversify your odds and not put all your eggs in one basket. It’s especially recommended to novice bettors who can take a smaller piece of the winnings through a decreased level of risk.

The premier league relegation market is for those who are interested in betting on which team will finish in the bottom three of the Premier League. It can be done before and during a season. There are also relegation odds for whether a team will be able to stay in the Premier League or be demoted to the Championships. This market is referred to in the industry as “To Will Stay Up”.

One of the main reasons that Premier League betting is so popular is that it allows traders to trade in and out of markets throughout the season. For example, A particular club may have a hard schedule for a long time. This may cause you to wait until after their opening run to bet on them. On the other hand, a club that has an easy schedule may be able to get off to a good start. You can effectively change who you’re betting for throughout the tournament.

Premier League Stats

Any experienced better will tell you how important it is to have a grip on the stats of the league before betting on the current edition. This is because stats provide great insight into how you can predict the winner of any game.

Home Team Advantage

The home track advantage plays a considerable role in which team will come out on top in Premier League matches, and bettors should keep an eye out for them when choosing which team to place their bets on. The average home team has earned more points than their away counterparts in the last five seasons. With a winning percentage of 44.5, home clubs are just below the league average of 45.3%. In terms of goal advantage, home-field advantage was typically worth more than away goal advantage in the Premier League.

A goalkeeper kicking the ball back into the gameDrawn At Half-time

The Premier League saw 42.3% of matches draw at half-time, which is above the ten league average. Away clubs led at the break with a combined 34.9%, while home clubs led with 23.6%.

Premier League Points Handicap Odds

The points handicap is a very popular and interesting market in the Premier League. It gives each club a points mark which starts at zero for the best teams and goes down as the teams who are lower-rated get assigned points up to 40.

Each club is given a handicap, which is used to create an even race among the clubs. At the end of the season, the total points accumulated by all the clubs are added to their handicap, and the team with the highest total markets is the winner.

A football stadiumPremier League Top Goalscorer Odds

The Premier League Top Goalscorer bet can be placed on any team throughout the season. Many books also offer odds on who will be the top goalscorer at a given club. This can be very profitable for seasoned bettors who have deep knowledge about the league.

Statistics show that since the Premier League started in 1990, only nine teams that had the top goal-scoring candidate went on to be a part of the Champions League group stage.

Even though the current campaign has been turbulent, one cannot predict what the future holds. It’s truly been a roller coaster ride for bettors. To help bettors make the most of it, here are some of the most interesting markets one can bet on.


With the Premier League underway, experts and pro-bettors have started sending in their predictions on how the points table will look by the end of the season.

Champions – Manchester City

The Blues from London finished 4th in the Premier League in 2020-2021. This season, they have an extremely reinvigorat team playing in the league. The team is currently top of the Premier League with a record-breaking amount of goals scored. They are also undefeated against all opponents this season.

Their defenses have been incredibly effective in keeping opponents at bay, allowing only 3 goals in 9 games. The addition of new players has also helped the team improve its offensive output considerably.

A football during a gameTo Finish Bottom – Norwich City

Norwich City is perhaps the first word that pops into Premier League watchers’ minds when they think about the English football market., but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. This season has been a disaster for them, and they are not going to get any easier with relegation. Fans have noted a distinct lack of motivation among players, which is unsurprising seeing the level of play they’ve been able to put out.

It’s going to be difficult for Norwich City to end up anywhere other than the bottom of the table by the end of this season.

Golden Boot Winner – Mohammed Salah

The English Premier League is full of talented attackers this year. Last season, it was mainly due to the brilliance of some of the best players in the world like Harry Kane, Jamie Vary, and Bruno Fernandes. This season, it’s going to be even better with the additions of Romelu Lukaku and Cristiano Ronaldo. Although they’re highly respected around the world, they’ll need a while to adapt to EPL conditions.

That being said, it’s Mohammed Salah that’s expected to take the Golden Boot this year. He’s been scoring goal after goal this season and isn’t looking to slow down any time soon. The fact that Salah is playing for a team that’s expected to go the whole nine yards is only going to work in his favor.


There are several factors that you can do to improve your odds of making money when betting on the Premier League. These are important regardless of the league or tournament that you’re placing bets on.

Some essential and universal rules to betting include betting only when there is value, keeping a detailed track of where you’ve placed your bets, and having an account with multiple sportsbooks.

Since betting is an exciting hobby and punters usually feel like trying their hand at every bet type available, it’s usually better if you specialize on a few markets rather than try to be a jack of all trades. This will help you make more informed decisions and prevent you from making bets on a whim.

A football during a gameThe Premier League is one of the toughest leagues to beat. This is why every bettor needs to conduct a thorough analysis of every team that’s playing before you choose your favorite and bet on them. Each match has different conditions, and several factors play a role in the eventual outcome of the match. That’s why it’s important to brush up on the facts before you place a wager.

The Premier League is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world. Its massive popularity is evidenced by the amount of money that is bet on it each weekend. This makes betting odds a strong indication as to who will win a match because there’s a large number of the considered opinion that makes the Premier League an efficient betting market.

Only the best football bettors make money in the Premier League. Therefore, before you start betting, make sure that you thoroughly study the Premier League.

Premier League Online Betting With Betting Sites Ranking

The stakes will have never been higher in the 2021/2022 English Premier League, with the world watching on the edge of their sites rooting for their favorite teams. If you’re planning on betting for the first time during this year’s edition, there are a few things you have to keep in mind.

Betting online has taken over traditional betting shops and casinos as a more convenient and lucrative mode of placing bets. Not only is it more convenient, but it’s also instant, safer, and often has higher winnings. Many digital betting sites also provide a more diverse range of payment methods.

However, no two online betting sites are the same, and it’s important to find one that is licensed, verified, and provides a solid return. Just like betting tipsters and predictions, site aggregators provide bettors with sportsbooks that suit your needs best. If you’re confused as to which site you want to start betting on, Betting Sites Ranking provides you with a list of betting websites for various countries in different parts of the world. We use industry aggregates and expertise to figure out which top betting websites are worth your time. Click here to find a list of the best Premier League betting sites in your country.

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