The stadium for super bowl match

Super Bowl 2022: The Betting Guide


The Super Bowl 2022 is set to begin from the 13th of February, leaving not much time for you to place your final bets. If you don’t know what the Super Bowl is, it’s an annual American football match that decides who bags the National Football League (NFL) title.

The stadium for super bowl match

The finals of the NFL series are split into two conferences: National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). Throughout the playoffs and regular season, the best team is identified for each conference that makes it to the final match called The Super Bowl. The winner of this final match takes the trophy and title home.

When it comes to the betting options for the Super Bowl, there is a wide variety of options to choose from, which can often get a little too overwhelming. Apart from the standard NFL bets, you also get the options to choose from the new and exciting range of prop bets for added advantage. If you aren’t aware of these bets, here’s a quick rundown for you.

Moneyline Bets

A moneyline bet offers the most basic bet of all time, placing a wager on the team you think will win the Super Bowl. While this is a basic bet, the payout mainly depends on the type of teams competing in the match, their history, and what odds the bookmakers offer. Generally, the more difficult it is to guess the outcome, the higher odds you get.

This bet is best for people who are new at betting and prefer the simpler way out. Based on how well you do your homework, you can predict the match’s outcome well. However, keep in mind the match’s ground, any recent injuries, and the weather conditions to make a winning bet.

Spread Bets

After moneyline bets, the spread bets are the most popular betting option for the Super Bowl. This bet is perfect for everyone regardless of how expert or novice of a bettor you are. A point spread bet involves placing a wager on the team you think will perform better or outperform their expected performance. The bookmaker sets a line based on how they think each team will perform, and then you can choose whether it’ll be over that line or under.

A spread bet is best to place a wager on the team you think will lose based on the past trends or recent performance evaluation. Secondly, with spread bets, it’s much easier to understand the value of each team and make the final decision since the bookmakers already provide a set line.

Los Angeles Rams

Totals Bets

This is one of the coolest and best innovations in the sports betting industry. This is also known as an “over/under” bet. The totals bet provides bettors with great flexibility when placing bets based on something other than the game’s outcome. And since this bet is again very simple in nature, it’s the perfect bet to attract beginners.

An over/under bet is basically where bettors place a wager on the game’s flow where you decide whether the teams will make cumulative goals above or below the decided number. The bookmaker sets this decided number. This number is independent of the game’s outcome, as it doesn’t matter who takes the trophy home. All that matters here is how many points the teams can make.

The over/under set line is decided based on the previous track record of the teams playing throughout the playoffs and regular seasons. All their scores are added to see the average number of points they make per match, and then the total is used as the set line. This betting strategy takes all the hard work out of the bet for you. However, when making totals bet on the Super Bowl, don’t forget to factor in the weather conditions, coach’s plans,

and any recent injuries that could affect the total score.

In-Game Bets

Want to make assertive bets as the game continues to unfold? Then in-game bets are the ones you need to consider. These bets are also known as live bets, and are placed during the game. Sportsbooks now offer many live betting opportunities for everyone, from betting at random points during the game to specific situations.

Many professional players prefer in-game betting since they offer a much higher value for money than the other bets. This is because for the other bets, the books have a plethora of time at hand to run algorithms and ensure they’re not making a mistake. But they don’t have much time to check for mistakes with in-game bets, which gives bettors extra room to make winning moves.

And since the bookmakers depend on computer algorithms and simulations to make the bets, they fail to consider the intangibles of the game itself, such as the weather conditions or player injuries.

Players during NFL match

Future Bets

A future bet is ideal for the experts and professional bettors only since you need extensive research and experience betting on a future event. A future bet is one where bettors place a wager on an event that’s YET to happen, an event from the future. One of these events, which is not very far away now, is the Super Bowl.

The rule with future bets is that the sooner you place the bet, the higher return you’re expected to win. Some common future bets include: who will win the NFC/AFC round, the Super Bowl winner, which head coach will be the next to be fired, etc.

One drawback of future bets is that the juice, the commission charged by bookmakers, is very high here, so many professional players also avoid making a future bet. However, those looking for big payouts still opt for this bet regardless of the high vig.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

And lastly, the Super Bowl proposition bets are so famous that they deserve their own category. A prop bet, or proposition bet, is where bettors place a wager on whether or not an event will take place during the course of the game. And if you know a lot about sports betting, you must know that the Super Bowl prop bets have a huge variety to choose from every year.

Some of these prop bets include:

  • Which player will make the first touchdown?
  • When will the first score happen?
  • Will X quarterback be able to throw beyond 295 yards?
  • Who will score first?

Keep in mind that Super Bowl proposition bets are purely for entertainment. While you do extract some benefit out of it, once you participate in them, you’ll truly know how fun they can be. For example:

  • Will the National Anthem end in 1:52 minutes?
  • Who will be heading, and who’ll be tails?
  • Will there be any score in the first half?
  • What will the color of Gatorade be that’ll be dumped on the winning team’s coach?

One player jumping over the other

Super Bowl Commercials and Betting

The breaks between Super Bowl games are packed with fun and super entertaining commercials. If you have a strong grip on your bladder that won’t have you running for the bathroom in every break, then make the most of this opportunity by making fun bets on the Super Bowl commercials too!

The average number of commercials run during a Super Bowl is about 80 to 100 ads per year since 2003, with the total ad time being 46 minutes. The creates many fun opportunities for bettors to bet on the commercials, such as:

  • Which ad will play first during the Super Bowl break?
  • Which ad will repeat the most?
  • How many ads will be played in the first break?
  • Which ad will be the last one to be played?

Now that we have a good understanding of the betting options you have, let’s discuss some details about the 2022 Super Bowl itself:

Who is Playing the 2022 Super Bowl?

Cincinnati Bengals vs. LA Rams

The two final contenders of the 2022 Super Bowl are the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams, who are meeting for the first time in the NFL finale. Individually, this is Ram’s fifth appearance in the Super Bowl post-merger, whereas the Bengals have returned the finale for the first time since their last appearance in the 80s.

When will the Super Bowl be taking place?

Date: Sunday, February 13th

Time: 11:30 PM UTC

Network: NBC

Location of the Match: SoFi Stadium, LA.

The SoFi stadium is home to the Rams, giving them a home-field advantage. This is the second time in a row that a team has had home-field advantage in the Super Bowl.

2022 Super Bowl Odds, Line, and Spread

Opening Spread: Rams (-3.5)

Moneyline: Rams (-200)/ Bengals (+162)

Over/Under: 50

The Rams are expected to open at a slight favorites advantage with 2.5 points over the Bengals. Both these teams have impressive high-powered offenses, which is why the number 50 makes complete sense. And this is precisely what will also make this match a tough bet.

Players fighting during super bowl

How many times have the Bengals made it to the Super Bowl?

Apart from this year, the Bengals have made it to the Super Bowl about two other times, once in 1981 and another time in 1988. So far, they haven’t been able to win any Super Bowl, though.

In 1981, Ken Anderson was the quarterback for the team where they were competing against the 49ers. They lost the match at the final score of 26-21.

In 1988, Boomer Esiason was the under center for the squad where the 49ers once against won with the score of 20-16.

How many times have the Rams made it to the Super Bowl?

The Rams have been to the Super Bowl about four times until this year, with their last appearance in 2019 against the Patriots.

Since after their match in 2000 against the Tennessee Titans with Kurt Warner, they’re again in the position to win the title this year. Apart from 2000, the Rams have appeared in the Super Bowl in 1980, 2002, and 2019.

NFC/AFC Summary

Both the teams, the Bengals and Rams, were able to trail by double digits in their conference title games. The Bengals had trailed at 21-3 with five minutes to go in the second quarter and were able to score 24 of the final 27 points of the game. It was almost the perfect xerox of their game against the Chiefs in the 17th week. On the other hand, the Rams were down by 17-7 while going into the fourth quarter and scored the final, winning 13 points that helped them seal the victory.

When putting both teams against one another, almost all NFL bettors and scribes consider the Cincinnati Bengals the more impressive and higher team due to their exceptional performance this season. However, when it comes to finding one of the NFL’s most talented teams, then the Rams are the one. If the Rams do push forward and put their best performance out there, they might be able to win the title. But the question is, will the Bengals let that happen or not?

The Cincinnati Bengals

Time to Place Your Future Bets

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