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South Africa vs. British & Irish Lions Betting Tips


Since 1888, the British and Irish Lions have gone on their famous tours in rugby union. This year they stepped foot in South Africa. The team consists of players from England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. The British and Irish Lions have lost more than half the matches in the tournament.

The online sports betting craze will only increase from now on. Even when the tournament is done and dusted, here are a few betting tips that can help you in the future when betting on these sides. In rugby, just like any other sport, there are many tournaments and leagues where these tips can come in handy.

Pay Attention to the International Calendar

It’s important to be analytical when predicting and betting in sports. Consider the heavy training schedule of the team and make sure to note down which key players will be absent. Because rugby is a team sport, not having certain players can take down the entire team. When the players don’t have commitments to international tournaments, they can play and commit better to the team.

Analyze the Current Ranking

It is crucial that you know and are able to analyze the current ranking between the two sides before you decide to bet on the team you want. Rugby is a cyclical sport, and when it is being played on an international level, such as in South Africa, it can get dominated by those teams, as was the case in the 2021 South Africa tournament.

The same is the case in national games and championships. To make a good prediction and bet, you need to study the previous games and matches well enough and consider each team’s dominance.

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Register Yourself

The most important tip, however, is to get registered with as many bookmakers as possible. You want to make sure that bookmakers are offering the match you want to bet on. Check out different sports betting sites that can allow you to bet on the match you want.

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