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NBA: Betting Tips, Trends & Strategies to Consider


The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a professional basketball league that’s one of the four major American sports considered the easiest to predict. But this perceived predictability might be a double-edged sword. It’s incredible to be able to handicap matchups while being reasonably accurate. But the bookies are also spot on with their opening lines with much more regularity than one would desire.

However, betting on NBA still offers decent profit potential for players looking to navigate this unique betting landscape. The key to staying profitable in NBA sports betting is understanding what the lines mean and how they’re made. When players are sharp in this area, they can easily find sports where the lines are off and ready for hammering or when they should stay away—which is a crucial skill for keeping a profitable margin in NBA betting.

We asked experts at Betting Sites Ranking to help us curate this NBA betting strategy guide. These individuals have considerable experience in the field, helping them understand tricks, tips, and insights to improve the NBA betting prospects. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or new to NBA betting, we’re confident that these helpful tips will help you sharpen your NBA betting acumen. Let’s get started.

NBA Basic Betting Tips

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Curate a Tailored Plan for Bankroll Management

Many people budget everything, from utility bills to housing and grocery shopping. But for some reason, they completely abandon the budgeting concept when it comes to gambling. The truth is, if a player wants to continue gambling consistently to enhance winning chances, they should have a robust bankroll management plan in place. It’s up to them how they plan to keep tabs on the betting bankroll; we’re not trying to force financial advice upon anyone. But sports betting, especially for NBA, can be incredibly intensive, with myriad betting opportunities and thrilling action that can be enjoyed during each game. Players should have a solid basic plan regarding their overall bankroll and standard betting options to keep cash from hemorrhaging in a short time. Monitoring the bankroll helps players from going off the rails with large, potentially crippling bets. They also help steer away from the temptation of chasing the losses.

Stay Informed on Player Rest and Injury Updates

There’s probably nothing worse than playing a betting line that you might think is way off base only to realize after the significant loss that the line was only juicy because the team’s star player was being rested or was out for the night because of an injury. This regrettable move could’ve been avoided if an informed decision had been made after checking out the player’s injury updates. Such moves are like a black hole for the player’s bankroll. It’s only intelligent to stay updated with the latest happenings. Bettors can find out about minute restrictions, who are out or in the game, and whether the player they’re relying on is playing banged up as it could be, they wouldn’t be as productive in such a case.

Staying informed should be a big priority for all serious NBA bettors. News about player injuries rarely breaks until the match is incredibly close. In our experience, placing bets as close to the tip-off as possible is better. While this might sound cumbersome, it’s an incredible way to save money. It helps players find the most profitable opportunities to bet the other way once the news breaks. This is the reason big sharps have closed-circuit TVs in private booths—to relish the opportunity to race tickets in before the sportsbook takes it off the board or changes a line. Bookmakers tend to adjust the lines as soon as the news breaks. The sharks are well-aware of this trick, so they take full advantage of this.

Pay Attention and Track Schedules

No NBA team is likely to perform well when they’re fatigued. Much like the injury tracking tip, it’s vital to ensure your betting horse doesn’t limp into the arena with tired legs. In this new age of data, game-changer tips that sharks once held are easily accessible for all. Over the years, we’ve found schedule tracking to be incredibly crucial. Schedule tracking enables punters to get an overview of the team’s schedule to evaluate patches that could lead to the team feeling fatigued and performing below average.

The trick is to understand that, for these particular matches, the betting lines might fail to reflect this factoid, leading the team to be overvalued, giving incredible value to bet against the team. This is especially important for the teams that remain public favorites no matter what. Bookmakers often keep the lines high for such teams to streamline a balanced action.

Getting the Edge on NBA Betting

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Read the Bookmaker Thoroughly

Sun Tzu teaches a fundamental principle in The Art of War. And that is to know the enemy. Translating this into the world of betting helps us understand the importance of learning about the bookmaker’s intent when putting out the lines. One of the most critical ‘separator’ skills that helps bettors separate consistent pros from recreational punters.

This game behind the game strategy is crucial for NBA bettors. It encourages players to ask themselves why the bookmaker might have opened the line at a certain number. Sharp bettors consider it an essential question, but sometimes recreational or novice bettors undermine its importance. Let’s put it this way: X and Y are two teams that are evenly matched. These teams are supposed to play in a highly anticipated game where a huge betting volume is expected. Team X is at home, meaning it has the home-court advantage and many other factors tend to signal that the game is a true pick’em. So, what should the opening line be in this case? Zero? Wrong. Team X: -1. Why so? Finally, you’re asking all the right questions! You now realize how often players get lured into traps.

This is a prevalent example of the majority public’s inclination towards betting in favor of the home team in true coin-flip scenarios. Whether a player is an experienced bettor or a novice, a common perception that’s likely to be leveraged by bookmakers is that if a particular team wins, it’ll win by over one point. This means it’ll be worth laying the point and paying less vig than one would on any money-line bet. Bookies often capitalize on these commonly upheld perceptions by putting the pick’em matches out at the home team -1.5 or -1, making players pay a premium on their long-standing habits without realizing. They also put out the Home Team -1 opening lines even when the home team should ideally open as a 1-point underdog.

This is simply because the public deems the game a flip, and the bookies understand they’re likely to receive most bets on the home team. Therefore, they want that side of the action to pay the vig, allowing them to remain in profit in the long run. As long as the match outcomes fall on the 50-50 line, they make profits on the points along with the times the supposed ‘dog’ makes it through. Players can profit in this scenario by avoiding such traps of hammering what they think is a betting favorite, only laying point at home. This doesn’t mean that every opening line out there will be a trap by the bookmaker. But this tip is intended to push players to think about what the bookie might be trying to accomplish with a particular betting line and why the lines might be where they are. This will help players find great profitable opportunities all over the board regularly.

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Track the Results According to the Bet Type

Players should maintain full records of their bets, no matter the sport they’re betting on—it’s the mark of an incredible handicapper. But experts believe that it’s essential to track NBA bets by bet types, such as money-lines vs spreads, parlays vs straight bets, how many legs in parlays, 1st or 2nd half bets, full-game bets, bets on quarters, and so on. There are many ways to track bets by patterns you think might be worth a second look. The point is to track what bet types have proven to be the most profitable and identify bets that are draining your bankroll.

Tracking NBA bets also helps ensure players aren’t only throwing away all their money on certain bet types. It’s only intelligent to save the profitable bet types and transfer the less profitable ones into bet types that perform well for you. If a player is performing well on the first-half bets or full-game bets, but they’re bleeding cash on second-half bets, it’s time to stop making bets on the second half of the NBA match. Likewise, if a player is grinding out significant profits on straight bets, don’t give it back by gambling on frivolous, long-shot parlays.

Find the Shaded Lines

When bookmakers expect heavy betting action on a particular side of the matchup and move the opening betting line towards that side, it’s known as line shading. It can be as large as 3+ points or as small as 1-point. It provides an incredible profit-seeking opportunity for those who know how to find the line shades. Let’s see this textbook example to understand this better. Let’s say the Trail Blazers go on a fiery streak, both in ATS and wins. They’re likely to grab a lot of media attention. In this case, many bettors would want to ride the wave. The bookies would keep their betting handle balanced by inflating the lines involving the Trail Blazers by a couple of points. If the Trail Blazers were supposed to be a favorite -9 in the game, the bookmakers would put them out at -12 instead. There’s nothing wrong with what the bookies are doing here. This is because if the Trail Blazers stay hot, the bookies could lose hefty amounts of money in each game from the lopsided betting on them. In this case, the shaded line is the correct move as long as it evens out their action.

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Although not always, but quite often, the value-play in such scenarios lies in betting against the line shades, allowing to take advantage of the underdog points. In this case, experienced bettors and the bookmakers know that the line has been swung to dis-favor the cover by the Trail Blazers. Even if the public gets disappointed for not knowing this trick, the sharp bettors can still enjoy a nice score. The bookie also gets satisfied as they get enough action on both sides. However, it’s important to remember that this sort of play is often based on short-term perceptions. This means players can’t plan for it beforehand. It’s vital to remain updated with the opportunities, NBA events, news, and build-up of the bettors’ intuition of whether the masses have caused line shading.

Learn How to Middle the Second-Half

This sweet play in NBA betting is an absolute money maker, making it a vital part of every professional punter’s arsenal. If you’re not familiar, the term middling or middle refers to instances where the swings in betting lines allow for opportunities where players can bet both sides of a particular win and potentially win both bets. If Boston is playing Atlanta, and the line opens with Atlanta as a -5 favorite, players bet on Atlanta. Now just an hour before the tip-off, it’s announced that Boston is resting three of its best players, meaning they won’t be playing for the evening. Betting action comes in incredibly heavy on Atlanta. The bookmaker is likely to respond by swinging the lines to a -10 favorite. Here. The middling opportunity would be if the player bets on Boston +10. This means, no matter what, they’ll win one of the two bets. However, if Atlanta ends up winning by 5,6,7 or 8 points, both the tickets will get paid. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, there are risks involved.

For instance, while one punt will come through, if none do, the player might be a loser as they’ll be paying the vigorish to the house. It’s essential to evaluate all the probabilities vs the price before deciding to go with middling. Experts suggest looking for tips once you’ve wagered on the NBA game, along with the first-half results in a blowout for either side. Let’s put it this way. If Detroit is playing Chicago, and a player bets Chicago as a +3 underdog, but Chicago leads the first half by 15 at halftime, the bookie will likely put the second-half line at Detroit at -6. Players can begin a happy dance at this point as, in this scenario, they already have an 18-point cushion for their +3 bet on Chicago. However, if they bet Detroit to cover the -6 in the match’s second half, they could win the half by anywhere between 7 to 18 points. Here, both the bets would get paid, allowing players to enjoy an 11-point range where both punts would win.

Tons of bookmakers offer middling opportunities throughout the NBA season as they make a ton offering half lines. However, their weakness is having to put out lines based on where they think the bets are likely to fall, the action that has already been taken, and the action that’s likely to occur in the game.

Looking for such opportunities can help players crush the bookmakers whenever they give such incredible opportunities. This strategy is like taking advantage and winning a play that’s yet to be corrected in the betting world. Players looking to place bets on NBA should have multiple accounts across various betting sites to line shop worldwide and enhance their chances of finding such incredible opportunities.

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