Aerial view of a baseball stadium.

Moneyline Bets – How to Bet 101


Moneyline betting is the most common form of betting along with spread betting in sports. Many consider it complicated while in reality, it’s actually straightforward. Here’s how:

The Favorite

The team or player that’s expected to be the winner of a particular fixture is referred to as the favorite. The team with a minus sign is the favorite for the fixture. Let’s set $100 as the standard betting unit. If a team has -150 on the Moneyline, the bettor would have to put up $150 to win $100. So if the bet is successful, they get $250, which includes the stake ($150) and their winning ($100).

Aerial view of a baseball stadium.

The Underdog

The team or player that’s less likely to win in a fixture is known as the underdog. On the Moneyline, the underdog is represented by the plus sign. Continuing with the $100 betting unit, you’ll notice something like +150 listed against the underdog. Here, you have to put up $100 to win $150. For the stake and winning in total, you get $250. Essentially, the payout for an underdog to win, which is rare but not impossible, is generally higher.

The Outcomes on A Moneyline Bet


As a bettor, you win the bet if the team or player that you chose either won or draws (if it’s available as an outcome). Picking draw as an option is common in some sports where it’s an acceptable outcome.


If the team or player you pick loses the fixture, you lose the bet. If the particular sport in question also has a draw outcome and the game ends in a draw, you also lose the bet in such a scenario.

“Draw no bet”

In some specific cases, the draw no bet applies for sports where draws can take place but aren’t offered on the Moneyline. It’s mostly common in Soccer, where the Moneyline only allows betting on one team to win the game. In such a scenario, you get all of your stakes back. But if there’s a draw option available, the draw no bet clause won’t work. If the game is a draw and you did not select the draw option, you lose.

Baseball player swinging the bat at a ball.

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