MLB players during a match

MLB: Baseball Betting Basics To Know


Are you new to MLB betting and finding it extremely confusing to make sense of the displayed odds? Well, worry not as we’re here to help!

When it comes to betting on the MLB, there are many options to choose from, including bets such as who will win the game and by how much. However, MLB is more than just that. But to proceed forward, let’s discuss what MLB is in the first place.

MLB players during a match

What is MLB?

Major League Baseball (MLB) was formed in 1903, and was a professional North American baseball organization. It merged the two US baseball professional leagues, NL (National League) and AL (American League).

The game consists of innings with both top and bottom half, which helps teams compete while playing offense and defense. The home team bats at the bottom of every inning, which is a fair advantage. The game is making the highest number of runs win.

MLB Baseball: Betting Markets

MLB series are spread on multiple weeks, providing many different betting opportunities for bettors from around the world. While you might know of some of the common bets, here are some bets you might not have known about:

Run Line (Spread Betting)

Placing a wager (betting) against the spread is common in sports betting; however, it’s not often used in basketball. But another sports betting option for MLB betting is run line.

The games have become much more competitive since the batters are just aiming for fences that decrease the total runs scored in every game. This is precisely why the run line for almost every baseball game is fixed at 1.5 runs.

There are many variations bettors can find for run line betting, but the main area of the question here is if the run line is lower or higher than 1.5 (the standard). For example, if the game states that the Dodgers are -1.5 on the run line over the Jets, the Rockies have the edge to win the game while making at least two runs.

MLB players during a match in the stadium

First Five Innings

MLB matches can stretch too long, making the entire game quite boring at times. If you’re not the patient sort who can wait for about three hours or maybe even more to see the result, then you can focus on the first five innings.

This type of bet is typically offered for moneyline betting, but there’s another third option for bettors. Each sportsbook sets the first five innings a little differently. For example, here are some odds:

  • Arizona Diamondbacks -150
  • Tie +200
  • Colorado Rockies -185

The bet comes to an end as soon as the MLB game is official. Bettors can enjoy the rest of the game without worrying about the bet.

MLB Totals

Sometimes baseball can be quite a hard game for making accurate predictions. That’s why it’s best not to place wagers on the MLB winner but MLB totals instead. Since this bet is focused mainly on the total number of runs that have been scored in a specific MLB game, you might know of it as “over/under.”

For example:

  • Over 8.5 Runs -110
  • Under 8.5 Runs -110

The first thing to be noticed here is that the payout for either way will be the same. If you’ve bet on over and the team can make nine runs combined or more, you win the bet. And if they make eight runs or lower, you lose the bet.


Since MLB games always take place around March/April of every year and you can’t wait for so long, then there is another option called future bets. The odds for future betting come out as soon as the regular season ends.

Here is an example of how the future odds for the 2022 World Series would look like:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers +500
  • Atlanta Braves +1000
  • Houston Astros +1000
  • Chicago White Sox +1200
  • New York Yankees +1200
  • Tampa Bay Rays +1200

MLB Parlay Bets

If you’re not okay with winning a single wager, try to parlay bets instead. MLB parlay bets are quite satisfactory as you win a series of bets rather than just one. It provides bettors complete control as they can choose how big or small a wager to place.

Each bet in a parlay is called a “leg,” where the bettor must win each leg to hit a parlay.

Picture of stadium before MLB match

MLB Prop bets

Based on which sportsbook you choose for placing your bets, there are many options you can choose amongst for betting. A proposition bet is very simple as bettors must place a wager on the likeliness of an event taking place during a specific game or throughout the season.

Do understand that this does NOT have any impact on the overall outcome of the game itself, i.e., who is the final winner. An easy and famous example of the prop bet is whether or not a player will fall while making a run or not for a specific game. And if yes, then how many times will they fall throughout the game or season.

MLB Teasers and Pleasers

Teasers and pleasers bets are other types of parlay bets but apply to over/under and point spread bets only. A teaser bet will let you adjust the point spreads for every game in your favor. But in exchange, the bettor will receive a lower payout than a standard parlay.

And for the pleaser bets, the MLB spreads will be moving for every game but only in favor of the sportsbook itself. This creates an opportunity of receiving higher payouts for the bettor but winning these bets is VERY tough!

MLB: Betting Strategies

If you’re looking for the perfect betting strategy for MLB that helps you win every time, sadly, no one can provide that. This is because every bettor is unique in their ways, and they must figure out what works for them.

While strategies do come in quite handy, it’s essential to know some guidelines that can help use the strategies correctly. Here are some betting tips that’ll be quite helpful for you:

Pay Attention to The Starting Pitching Matchup

If you follow MBL teams closely, you might notice that some teams have moved away from using a starting pitcher. We are completely against it, as looking at the starting pitcher is very important when doing betting research for the MLB series.

Sportsbooks use the same information set to set the betting odds for each game. While runs are quite fun, the pitching helps dictate the outcome of each MLB game.

Don’t Forget For Lineups To be Posted

Are you an impatient bettor? Then following this tip might be quite tough for you. But if you wait for the lineup to be posted, we assure you it’ll pay off well as help you make some major winning bets.

Most of the teams announce starting lineups about three hours BEFORE the game is set to begin, which means it’s the perfect time for you to strike! Making bets before the lineup has been posted pays high because making an accurate bet then is quite difficult.

Players set for MLB match

Keep An Eye on The Weather Conditions

Making a weather prediction involves major science, pretty much exactly the amount needed to hit a curveball. A weather forecast will help you make clear judgments on how the game will unfold and affect the team’s performance.

However, if the game is being played in a closed stadium where the weather will have no effect, you can easily exclude this advice.

Pay Attention To The Recent Events

Since the MLB is a very long season, there are many streaks where some win while others lose for every team. The best way to go about this is to take a thorough look at the recent events before betting on MLB.

Sometimes, even the best team of all time in the league can go on a losing streak, making it very difficult for you to stay away from them. But always remember, it’s better to not bet sometimes than bet on a team you know is set to lose. While miracles do happen, do you think this one is worth the risk?

MLB: Schedule

The regular season of MLB consists of 162 games, where the games begin by the end of March and last through the end of September. Since there are so many options to choose from as the game lasts quite a while, betting on baseball is becoming increasingly popular.

People who choose to bet on the MLB series prefer to think of it as a marathon and not a sprint, as you need to be patient for this. There are five teams that make it to the MLB playoffs from each league, where the final season concludes with the World Series. This usually takes place in the first week of November, which is not an ideal weather for playing baseball in Colorado especially.

Since betting on MLB every day can be VERY exhausting, we highly recommend taking breaks throughout the series to ensure you’re able to focus when you bet. Pick your battles and see which MLB bets are worth the hassle.

MLB: Live Odds and Comparison

Sportsbooks based on Colorado offer live betting odds for the MLB series, which provides bettors with the perfect opportunity to try betting on MLB. While live betting on other sports events can be challenging as the action happens too quickly to be processed, MLB live betting is very different.

There is ample downtime in baseball betting, giving bettors time to think and make the right call. Do keep in mind that the odds in baseball also continue to change with every pitch; that’s why make sure you’re keeping up with the action if you want to place winning live bets.

Another tip here is to ALWAYS compare odds provided by each sportsbook for the MLB bets before settling on one. We agree this takes additional time and effort but trust us as it’s worth it. In the end, you want to get the best odds possible to win maximum money. Once you find the best sportsbook online offering the ideal odds for you, it’s time to shift your attention toward MLB expert predictions.

MLB team player ready to throw the ball

MLB: Predictions

Major League Baseball so far has had over eight different winners for the World Series in the past eight seasons. Many teams remain amongst the betting favorites every year, which makes betting on the MLB series.

While everyone has always had a keen eye on the Yankees and Dodgers, many up-and-coming teams, such as the Atlanta Braves, are climbing up the ladder toward the world series. Keep an eye on the predictions that will be released close to the 2022 MLB games, so make sure you make winning bets for the coming season.

Some people argue that the credit for making MLB such a popular betting market belongs to Pete Rose. Baseball and betting used to be considered taboo but it has become quite a good starting pitcher for the Rockies.

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