Luck vs. Skill in Sports Betting: Some Theories


Many people stay away from sports betting entirely, afraid of the complications it has and how heavily involved luck is. In reality, luck does play a part but people tend to forget how crucial skill can also be in sports betting. Here’s a breakdown of the two prevalent elements in sports betting and how they operate:

Is Skill Actually Involved?

The main argument that people make regarding the lack of involvement of skills in betting is that the bettor themselves don’t engage in the sports, hence their skill has no influence on the game. The skill aspect comes from smartly betting on games, utilizing the right knowledge, and making inferences and deductions from a large amount of data to make a good call.

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All of this constitutes as skill, and the bettors that bet professionally tend to display these and regularly make better wagers than the average person.

But What About Luck?

Could you make a wild guess when you have very limited options and end up making the right call, simply by luck? Yes, it’s possible. In certain markets, you don’t have aspects of skill involved. A coin toss would be an excellent example, which is why it’s not a preferred betting market but does give an idea of how much luck is involved.

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There are also betting independent aspects directly relevant to the sports that are based on luck and could lead to major upsets and turn the tide in favor of luck against skill.

Which One Reigns Superior?

While you have little to no control over your luck, you can use your skills to make bets more efficiently. As previously stated the best bettors tend to make the right wager more often, and they’re able to achieve this by focusing on empirical data and the right variables that give them a better outlook.

You can turn luck in your favor by utilizing the information available to you to get a better idea of how games will play out and how you can win.

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