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IPL 2022 Predictions You Need to Know


The Indian Premier League, AKA IPL, is all set to commence on 2nd April 2022. The most awaited, highly-enjoyed, and extremely entertaining Indian sports season is less than a month away! So why haven’t you started making a list of the best odds and exciting predictions that can help you place safe and rewarding bets?

However, don’t worry because the experts from Betting Sites Ranking are here to tell you about what’s hot this season.

IPL is full of amazing teams with talented local and international players. Every year, Indians, as well as foreigners, are attracted to this one-of-a-kind cricket season. And 2022 is going to be no different. So are you ready to leverage this year’s IPL by placing well-thought and strategic bets?

Check out these exciting predictions.

1. Dehli is Expected to Fly on Top

This team closed 2021 IPL with a bang by bagging the highest number of wins in one regular season. Dehli Capitals has some of the finest talents that the cricket industry has to offer. Players like David Warner and Rishabh Pant have their fans’ eyes set on them.

While it’s a bold prediction that Dehli Capitals will come out stronger this season, that’s the beauty of IPL. Sometimes the most anticipated predictions are left upended while the bold ones are proven correct!

Keep track of this season’s favorite team this year!

2. We Have a Prediction for IPL 2022 MVP Award Recipient

MVP, short for Most Valuable Player, is one of the most coveted and honorable awards presented to one player by the end of the season. This award has been a part of the IPL legacy ever since the tournament was launched in 2008.

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Global stars like Chris Gayle and Sachin Tendulkar have been MVPs of the IPL in the past. And this year, we predict that the Afghan superstar Rashid Khan may bag the title. He has truly been the tournament’s extraordinary player in the last few years.

3. The Least Favorite Team—Sunrisers

Hyderabad Sunrisers haven’t been performing well in the past few IPL tournaments. The team has failed to score points that can help them make it to the top tier. While, just like other teams, Sunrisers also have talented players. But in 2022, the team doesn’t have the power drivers like Rashid Khan and Jason Roy!

Sunrisers is still definitely a team with high potential, but there are low chances of them making it to the top.

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