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Ice Hockey Betting 101: How to Start Wagering


Legal sports betting is only growing in popularity, and the National Hockey League (NHL) is one of the biggest sporting leagues that people bet on. But how do you start betting on the matches, and making a bit of money in the process? Hockey betting odds are available in almost all sportsbooks, so it’s very easy to find a match to bet on. Read on to see how you can begin placing bets on ice hockey matches.

Understanding Hockey Betting Lines & SpreadsBetting Details for a matchMoney Line

A simple way to understand how betting works in hockey is by understanding the table above. The home team is Chicago, which by default is always listed at the bottom. According to the final column, we can tell that the favorites to win the match are Chicago because of the negative sign. So if you placed a bet in favor of Chicago, to win $100 you would have to wager $150. You could also place a lower bet, and wager $15 to earn $10.

If you place a bet favoring Detroit, you would wager $100, to win $130. With a lower bankroll, you could wager $10, to win $13.

Point Spread

You could also bet on the ‘puck line’. Once again, according to the 4th column in the table, Chicago is the favorite. However, they would have to win by 2 goals or more. So, if you place a bet and wager $100, you would earn $160 if Chicago wins by the specified margin. You could also place a $180 bet on Detroit and win $100 if Detroit win, or lose by less than one goal.


Now, we come to the fifth column in the table. This refers to the total number of goals that are expected to be scored in the match. If you place a $100 bet for over, you would win $130. To bet for under, you would have to pay $150 to earn $100.

a man cheeringNow that you know the basics of betting, you can bet on sports online. You still have a lot to learn when it comes to placing proper bets, so we advise that you conduct more research. At Betting Sites Ranking, you can find verified, local betting sites in your country and enjoy your profits.

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