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How to Pick the Best 2022 NFL Playoff Teams to Bet On


The NFL playoffs are arguably the most anticipated sports matches all Americans wait all year around for.

The league has been keeping the spectators on the edge of their seats this 2021-22 NFL season. That was to be expected though since the teams just keep stepping up their game. Regular sports watchers and habitual sports bettors are equally as excited for the playoffs.

Even before the 2021-22 regular season began, the league was already attracting massive attention from sports bettors. Not all of the 45 million Americans who plan to wager on the 2022 NFL playoffs will make smart bets, but you can! Follow these tips to pick the best NFL teams to bet on.

1. Keep Up With the Games

The most important thing is for you to keep up with all the NFL games involving your top team. You probably have a favorite team, every American does. But what makes NFL so interesting is that your favorite team isn’t always going to perform well. That’s why it’s important to keep up with your team’s schedule and monitor their performance. You can still support them, but don’t be afraid to jump ship if you don’t see any winning chances!

2. Access Expert Betting Predictions

If you don’t have a favorite team that you’ve successfully bet on in the past, then let the betting/sports experts be your guide. Many of the top bookmakers make their expert predictions available on the internet so that sports bettors can access them. You can simply just look these predictions up on search engines.

The largest benefit of accessing expert NFL betting predictions and not making your own is their expertise. The bookmakers make their predictions after taking into account all the factors that can contribute to a team’s performance. These factors can include player injuries, player scandals/controversies, team management problems, sponsor problems, traveling influences like jetlag, etc.

3. Find Good Betting Sites

Another important thing to focus on before you place any bets is NFL odds. You can either register with or simply visit the top betting sites to access daily NFL odds. Most of the best online sportsbooks let you access the latest NFL odds for free, but the ones that don’t only offer small fees.

If you’d like to place your NFL bets after the games have already started, then you can use betting sites that offer live betting. Live sports betting lets you access NFL odds that are updated in real-time. This way, you can study the game’s atmosphere as it goes on, and make lucrative bets at the right time.

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