NBA player in mid-air

How to Bet on Basketball: 3 Profitable NBA Tips for 2022


Betting on the NBA is arguably the most popular in the US, following the NFL hype. There’s a lot that goes into making the right call when you’re betting on the sport, with various basic tips that bettors overlook while others are often hidden from the public. Here are some things to focus on when betting on the NBA:

NBA player in mid-air

Favorites After Loss

Whenever a team loses, people generally tend to count them out and consider them the underdog for their next bout. According to statistics and recency bias, it would seem true. But after putting up poor performance, sports teams generally tend to work harder and produce big upsets.

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The teams in the NBA are in another league of basketball and generally have to make a point to their deniers. In case you see a team hasn’t done so well, don’t count them out and try to research properly.

The Team’s Schedule

It’s well documented about the NBA that amount of fatigue players take a great toll on their performance. According to some reports, NBA players end up traveling 50,000 miles each year. This amount of traveling can lead to some health complications.

If a team has back-to-back games across the coast or long distances, it can put on a lot of strain. Players won’t be able to approach games in succession with the same productivity. Expert bettors look heavily into these factors along with any scoop they can get.

Looking at Moving Lines

The Moneyline isn’t static and changes from time to time, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility for it to deviate from one team to another. Sportsbooks and the public try their luck at making the most of this. As a bettor, your job is to figure out what’s causing the Moneyline to change so significantly. This allows you to predict the potential outcome and bet on it. Many suggest that the change in Moneyline is an opportunity for various sharps to go for the public’s money, but they can be mistaken as well.

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