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Here’s All You Need To Know About Betting On The VI Nations Rugby Tournament


Every year, millions turn up to bet on their favorite rugby team in the VI Nations tournament, which pits 6 of the best rugby teams in the world against each other for the coveted championship trophy.

As teams gear up to try and become a part of the legacy, bettors are working to determine their best bets. If you’re looking to take part in betting circles this season, here’s all you need to know about betting online on the VI Nations Rugby Tournament.

The Team To Beat – France

There doesn’t seem to be a single weak link in the lineup this year, with all teams boasting huge star power and chances to take the gold. That being said, experts predict that France is set to blaze through the competition and come out on top. England and Ireland follow close behind, with Italy considered the underdog in most betting circles.

France will be pleased to find how highly experts have rated it so far since its last win at the tournament was in 2010. Wales won last year’s bout, but the odds aren’t looking too good this year, being just ahead of Ireland and Italy as potential winners.

Grand Slam Winner – England and France

A Grand Slam Win means a team does a clean sweep in the entire tournament. While having no grand slam winner is the obvious choice, since all the teams are under intense competition, England and France are the most likely teams to do it.

While the French and English are worth looking at if you’re willing to take a risk, the more realistic bet would be that there is no Grand Slam Winner this year.

Triple Crown Winner – England

According to bettors, it seems that France and England are the teams to beat this year. The English side, coached by Eddie Jones, is at odds of +130, higher than any other side this year by a considerable margin.

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