Teams playing rugby

Gear Up for Rugby World Cup 2023 by Placing Your Best Bets


Rugby is one of the most famous games in one part of the world and remains completely oblivious in the other. It’s considered a gentleman sport and is played all around the world. Today, woman rugby has also gained a lot of popularity in the world of sports.

In this complete rugby guide, we’ll go over the ins and outs of the game but help you bet on your favorite team and players during the Rugby World Cup 2023.

Teams playing rugby

All about Rugby Betting

Rugby is a game played between two teams to score more than the other one. The teams can score in two ways. They can either take points by placing the ball over the defensive line of the opposing team or try to gain points through penalties. It looks pretty simple and easy, but it sure is not!

Here is everything you need to know about rugby betting basics.

Rugby Union vs. Rugby League

They both look the same to people, but they are certainly not. There are several fundamental differences between Rugby League and Rugby Union.

In Rugby League, after every 6 tackles, the team has to surrender their position. On the other hand, in Rugby Union, the player has to legally maintain the ball when they are first tackled. Apart from it, the scrum is left uncontested in Rugby League, while the forward players are replaced with athletic sportsmen in Rugby Union.

Live Streams & In-Play Rugby Betting

Live betting is the most common type of betting with less risk attached to it. Anything can happen during a game, for instance, an injury, rain, etc. Hence, a bettor has a chance to make quality decisions by looking at the changing match condition.

Every bettor has a favorite during a game, but sometimes favorites don’t perform well. Live betting saves you from wasting your money on the wrong team since you’d be looking at their live performance and making judgments accordingly.

Exchange Betting vs. Fixed-Odds

Exchange betting is great for people who like to place lay bets or bet in-play. Not all sites offer such bets, but those who do have really changed conventional betting.

In exchange betting, you buy and sell odds like you buy and sell stocks at an exchange. Here the bettors are betting on the bets set by other users, thus, increasing the bar to win better.

On the other hand, fixed-odds betting refers to placing bets at a traditional bookmaker where the bet doesn’t change even if the odds change at a later date or time.

Different Types of Rugby Bets

A Rugby ball

Now that you know how rugby works, it’s time to find out how to bet on different games. Here is a list of different types of rugby bets you should know about before you start betting on Rugby World Cup 2023.

Match Result

Match Result is a pretty straightforward bet where you bet on a team to draw, win or lose a game. The hype increases in international matches where there is a huge chance of upsets, so the bets are risky as well.

Handicap Bets

Here’s an example to understand handicap bets in rugby.

Suppose you’re backing New Zealand against the British and Irish Lions. If there is a -10 wager on New Zealand in the handicap market, then you’re betting on New Zealand to win by 11 points or more.

Handicap bets are extremely popular. There’s a margin in such bets set by the bettor that their selected team has to overcome. In case the team overcomes the margin, the bettor wins the money and gets the profit. It’s famous among bettors because it’s more exciting than simply putting your bet on the team to either win, lose or draw the match.

Winning Margin

Want to earn more profit? Well, try your luck with the winning margin!

It seems similar to a handicap bet, but it’s certainly not. The winning margin is riskier since you bet on one team to win by a certain number of points. The odds on a winning margin are higher than the handicap bet because of greater risk.

First Scoring Play

First Scoring Play is another famous bet among bettors. Depending on who has the ball’s possession first, you can bet if the first scoring play can be a drop goal, try, penalty, or penalty try.

What’s more important hereis to study the game first to see how teams are performing on the ground; otherwise, there’s a high risk of losing money.

Mostly, the penalty has the shortest odds, and try represents the best value bet in the game. So, if you’re new to this bet, make sure to learn all about it before trying your luck.

Top Try Scorer in a Tournament or Series

Teams fighting to win the Rugby match

As you can expect from the name of the bet, it’s a bet in which you choose a top try scorer for the tournament or series.

Top Points Scorer in the Tournament or Series

It’s a simple type of bet in which you choose the top points scorer in the tournament or series.

The Margin of Victory in a Series

It’s a risky bet in which you predict the result of a series. For instance, you will bet on how many games a team will win throughout the series.

First Try Scorer

It’s another exciting bet where you bet on the first player to score a try. It can either be the position of the first try scorer, the scorer from either of the teams, or a scorer in each half. It does not matter when the player scores a try during the match – all you bet on is the player who will score the try first.

Tournament of Series Bet

Before diving into this type of bet, let’s quickly clear up one thing. A tournament in rugby refers to competitions such as the Six Nations or World Cup. On the other hand, a series refers to the number of test matches between two teams.

Now that you’re aware of it, these are long-term bets. The bettors bet on top points scorer, top try scorer, or the margin of a series victory. Bettors betting on a series or tournament study each team and follow the records to avoid facing a loss.

Tournament or Series Winner

In this simple type of bet, you back the team you expect to win the match in the tournament or series.

A rugby player hitting a penalty

Strategies to Bet on Rugby

Be it rugby or any other game, and whether you’re a pro or a beginner, everyone needs to be aware of a few betting strategies to win big. If you’re unable to plan out a few, then you’re already in a losing position. Betting on online sports is not as easy as one might think; it requires the bettor to do their homework.

To devise strategies, you must be aware of each team’s capabilities, their performance, their top players, and much more. For successful betting, make sure you have an organized plan to win big bucks.

Before wasting any time, let’s discuss a few strategies that can significantly help you in rugby betting.

Research Beforehand

How can you bet on a team if you know nothing about them? It’s like throwing an arrow in the dark and expecting it to hit the target.

For instance, New Zealand plays explosive ruby, while South Africa believes in the forward-powered kicking game. Every team on the ground has a different style of playing, and if you want to win the bet, you need to know all about it.

Betting is all about predicting, and you cannot do it properly if you don’t know what your favorite team can do next. Make sure to read about all players and check their records to see how they perform under certain conditions.

Check the Weather

Teams playing rugby in the rain

Bad weather can put even the best of players on the back foot and all your efforts will go in vain. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on the weather. Often, rain leads to a low-scoring match as the ball becomes too difficult to handle.

In this situation, players are unable to keep a hold of the ball and mostly control how they act and play on the ground. If you see a change in weather prediction, then adjust your bets according to it.

Are There any New Players on the Team?

Any unfortunate situation can lead a team to drop their top-level players and include new ones to play the match. You have to check if any key player of your favorite team is missing. Any change in the team can also affect the overall outcome of the game.

You need to make sure that no additional changes to the team can influence their performance on the ground. Any last-minute change can also have a great impact on the team’s performance.

Are Teams in Form?

In series matches, teams play every week, which can influence their performance.However, international matches can have a month-long difference, so the team’s form does not matter a lot over there.

If you’re betting on series matches, then you have to pay attention to the team’s form instead of turning a blind eye to it.

Betting Odds for Rugby World Cup 2023

Players during a rugby match

Now that you know almost everything about betting on rugby, it’s time to start placing your bets for Rugby World Cup 2023. Know that the bets can change at any time. Therefore, it’s best to place them as early as you can.

Here are the bets on the favorites.

  • New Zealand +200
  • France +306
  • England +425
  • South Africa +550
  • Australia +1200
  • Ireland +1400
  • Wales +1550
  • Argentina +2800
  • Scotland +5000
  • Japan +12625

The only way to predict the future is by looking at the past. Hence, before you make a wager, you must know these trends to avoid losing your money.

  • The host team has won the Rugby World Cup three times
  • Wales is another country that has appeared in the top eight six times but was unable to finish.
  • In all 9 appearances of New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup, the team has ended in the top 8.
  • Southern Hemisphere countries have won 8 Rugby World Cups out of 9.
  • Only South Africa won The Rugby Championship and the Rugby World Cup in the same year, 2019.

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