Person overlooking a game of football.

Fundamental Sports Betting Concepts Explained


Looking to get into sports betting but overwhelmed by the amount of information that you have to learn? Much of the game revolves around the fundamentals and the better you understand them, the easier it is to build a better foundation for the future. Here’s all you need to be aware of:

Person overlooking a game of football.

Parties to the wager

Two parties are always involved in a wager, with each of them holding opposing views. One of them believes in a particular outcome while the other believes in a different option. These parties could also be two friends, but generally, when you’re betting traditionally or online, it’s the bettor and the oddsmaker.

The bookmaker lays the wager, which simply means that the bookmaker is the one taking the wager while the bettor places theirs.


The selection just refers to what the bettor will place a bet on. Suppose that between a Barcelona vs Manchester City game, it’s believed that Barcelona will win the game. In such a case, the bettor will pick the selection of “Barcelona wins”. One of the interesting and exciting aspects of sports betting is that you have the opportunity to make different kinds of selections.

Essentially, there are numerous markets and each of them requires you to select a different type.


Any money that you’re risking on a wager is known as the stake. The stake is different from the winnings, as it refers to the cash that you pay a bookmaker when making the wager itself. There are limits to the maximum and minimum stake that you can put up for a wager. Once you’ve won a wager, you get the stage along with the winnings.

If you lose, the bookmaker keeps the stake.

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The odds dictate how much the bookmaker is required to pay compared to the initial stake if the selection made by the bettor is correct. You’ll notice that generally, the odds are higher for events that are unlikely while more than likely events have lower odds. You’ll see odds in various formats and for different markets.

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