A bettor watching a game.

Famous Sports Bettors: Top 3 Sports Bettors in the World


Can sports betting catapult you to fame? What happens when you’ve reached the pinnacle? These are some of the noteworthy names in sports betting, giving you some idea of how the greatest operate:

Billy Walters

It’s unfair to talk about sports betting and not give a shout-out to Billy Walters. One of the most prolific names in sports betting history, Walters has maintained the status of an enigma by never really disclosing his techniques and working with a heavy chain of associates. His company, ACME Group Trading, allowed him to bet around $2 million on the NFL.

A bettor watching a game.

His notoriety may have led him to be banned from Las Vegas, but he managed to work with his associates and the company to make the call and collect the money. He’s been through legal troubles recently and there’s a chance that Walters has had his last waltz.

Marco D’Angelo

Marco D’Angelo is somewhat of an anomaly. He claims that he goes with his gut and own intuition rather than the science of the game. While many would say that this is a bad choice, but the Vegas resident’s high success rate for sports picks averaging around 57 percent begs to differ.

If that wasn’t enough, he made 25 consecutive accurate choices for MLB games in a row, which is hard to replicate and rarely ever happens. He’s now a handicapper, initially starting off as a bettor.

Ben “Parlay Patz” Patz

Most people in their right mind back away from parlay betting, as it can be some of the riskiest. And then there’s Ben Patz, earning the nickname Parlay Patz for his Moneyline parlay betting strategies. Patz was regularly making several hundred thousand dollars over his parlays, skyrocketing to fame and making a fool of sportsbooks everywhere. It seemed like the Patz had it all figured out until some serious allegations against him were made.

A person holding betting money.

Ben Patz is no longer allowed to take on sports betting in-person or online.

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