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Everything You Need to Know about Snooker- World Grand Prix 2021-2022


Snooker has become very popular over the last couple of years, with sports channels airing major tournaments for online sports bettors to watch. The greatest thing about snooker is that anyone can play the game, but it takes serious dedication and commitment to master it. If you’re like most people who prefer to bet on it instead of playing it, we’re here to guide you through it.

We’ve compiled and listed all the necessary information you need to get started on online betting for snooker this year. With World Grand Prix, 8th edition, only a few weeks away, all the bettors are on the edge of their seats.

This blog will discuss the betting markets, how you can bet on them, betting value, odds, and more. Let’s begin!

Snooker Betting Rules

This goes without saying, but the first thing you should learn is the basic rules of the sport itself. If you’ve never played or watched snooker before, you must watch some frames to understand how the pro gamblers do it.

Here are some basic tips for you:

1. For Finding Odds

The first rule that applies here and at every other form of online sports is to look for the price. Compare the game’s odds at different sites and place your money at a site offering the best returns.

2. Using Bonuses

Betting bonuses are a blessing. We recommend novice bettors to always bonuses as their first bets.

3. Value Bets

Although it can be tempting to bet on your favorite player, this will not accomplish anything. Make sure to find value in underappreciated players who will likely make it big. Judd Trump has had a good year and is looking forward to taking home the World Grand Prix title this year.

4. Handicaps Betting

Handicap betting is great for evening out the field.

5. Research

Remember, the more knowledge you have about the game, the more likely you’ll win the game.

Betting Type

Like every other sports betting game, snooker bettors can also place different bets for different outcomes. Here are some of the betting types:

1. Outright Betting

An outright bet is usually made on the tournament’s winner and is, therefore, a risky bet. If the odds are high, you can get some solid value from the bet.

2. Frame Winner  

This bet is made live when the game is happening. You only bet on the winner of the next game and not the entire tournament.

3. Total Frames

In this betting type, bookies set several frames you can pick from. You need more or fewer frames than played in the match to win.

Betting Odds

Betting sports odds and payouts are the biggest factors that determine how much you’ll win. Shopping for the best odds will increase the likelihood of your win.  Make sure to also check the payout rates for the game before placing your bet.

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If you’re looking for a reliable website to bet on Snooker World Grand Prix this season, head over to our list of local betting sites and find the best betting site to register for.

If you’re new to the sports betting world, you can check out our ranking for the best betting apps to gamble on the go.

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