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eSports Betting: Where’s It Headed in 2022?


It’s no secret that eSports has taken over the sporting world with a storm. In the past, eSports tournaments were rare, but now there’s regular tournament happening quite often. Not to mention the increased audience engagement. Many online Platforms like YouTube offer live streaming of these eSports tournaments.

Back in the day, anyone could enter an e-sports tournament and play games, but now competitors practice for years before entering a professional event. The prize money has also increased from a few thousand to millions. As a result, sports bettors have taken a keen interest in e-sports as well. Here’s where e-sports stands in the gambling world.

More E-Sporting Tournaments

A lot of mainstream game makers are jumping into the sports scene. With the popularity of CSGO and DOTA 2 in the past year, many gaming companies and communities have started organizing more tournaments even if the games are not much popular. The format depends on getting sponsorships from companies to support the players, the equipment, the venue, and the winning prizes.

This has given betting sites an outlet to be involved in e-sporting events as they are eager to sponsor them. AS a result, punters cannot wager on local events in their country or town.

Live eSports Betting

More and more gambling sites have started introducing streaming and live betting on their websites. In the past, these were limited to physical sporting events, but now, these sites have opened the live betting option for eSports as well. The best thing about this is that experienced and novice bettors are on the same level as the betting format is new. Some bookmakers have started rolling out apps that only deal with eSports so that people can wager more comfortably.

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Market Growth And Revenue

Market growth is directly linked to revenue; the more esports prevail, the more money investors make. The current prediction of the market growth is in billions, meaning eSports will soon be on the same footing as the top sporting events. Online sportsbooks that have jumped on the trend are expected to see a growth in their revenue in the coming years. The same thing goes for the bettors who want to make big by gambling on esports.

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