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DP Golf World Tour: A Complete Betting Guide


The DP Golf World Tour is a top-tier golf event that’s sponsored by the Dubai-based shipping firm DP World. The tour is just around the corner and will take place from January 20th to 23rd. Top golfers from all over the world will participate in this event, and the final leg of the tour will take place at the Jumeirah Golf Estate. For enthusiastic sports bettors, this is a great chance to try your luck and win big. Here’s how you can increase your chances of winning wagers.

Format For The DP Golf Tour

Since 2019, the game format for the DP World Tour has involved 72-hole stroke-play without any cuts or handicaps. The player who manages to win gets 2000 points for the Race to Dubai, while the remaining participants win points according to their performance. At the end of the competition, the one with the most points wins. The game offers a $9 million prize and the finale, and the race has huge prizes as well.

The Best Betting Lines

The top betting lines in golf are future, prop, to-win, and head-to-head bets. To-win bets are perhaps the simplest bets. All you need to do is pick a player you think will win and wait for the results. If your choice was correct; you’d win, otherwise; you lose the wager. In comparison, head-to-head bets are a great way to make money by using a bit of research and knowledge on the players. This bet is between two players and doesn’t involve anyone winning. One simply has to predict which player will score higher.

Future bets are a bit tricky. Instead of winning big when the player you bet on wins the odds go down for the winner and go up for the one that lost. So you essentially have to bet on the one you think is most likely to lose. Finally, prop bets are good if you just want to have a good time betting on the game. These bets are related to the players. You can get bets about the number of holes in a particular round or what will be the age of the winner.

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Top Betting Tips

For golf, the best tip is to study the form of the players and place most wagers on betting lines that aren’t associated with the players. The reason for that is because even when the players are in form, a new golf course can throw off their performance. The second most important tip is to always make small wagers to prevent losing a lot of money.

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