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Dos and Don’ts of Cricket Betting


Cricket is one of the oldest sports out there – with roots dating back to England in the 18th century. If you’re a fan of cricket and looking to bet on it, we’re here to help. Whether you’re rooting for Australia, England, or South Africa, we can help you learn the dos and don’ts of cricket betting.

Do look for patterns

Don’t go in without a deeper understanding of betting and the sport. It’s important to look for patterns. Fortunately for you, most bookmakers fail to consider these patterns in their offers. For example, you would be more comfortable betting on a batsman that didn’t perform well in his last outing due to flue than someone who is in bad form or injured. These patterns will help you place a good bet – and you might end up beating the bookie at their own game.

Do some research

Some research about the teams and players always comes in handy. Get insight into the game by digging up the history of teams and players. Moreover, assess how they have performed against one another. This will provide you with a fresh assessment of the team’s performance and potential.

Don’t follow the crowd

While you may have a good reason to bet on a certain player, trusting the numbers is always important. Although it’s okay to develop a specific type of liking for a particular player or team, betting is more about the brain than the heart. Consider the step you’re about to take and act accordingly. Follow the numbers, and if the data doesn’t give your favorite team or player the upper hand, choose a player or team with more chances of winning.

a man wins a cricket bet

Don’t bet if you don’t understand the game

Betting isn’t just about luck; it requires you to understand the game. Knowing the game and how it works is paramount. Understand the complexities and gaming patterns before going in all guns blazing.

Don’t bet if you’re intoxicated

Betting is a game of numbers and the more you know your numbers, the better. It requires a thorough understanding of the gaming patterns and concentration. When intoxicated, avoid any type of cricket betting. You should only gamble when you’re sober.

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