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Cricket Betting Tips & Previews for All Major Cricket Events


Cricket is one of the most popular sports, especially in the commonwealth countries like India and Pakistan. Cricket’s origin can be traced back to south-eastern England; however, there’s a disagreement amongst cricket followers of whether cricket came into existence in the 13th century or the 16th. It became popular around the early 18th century.

The sport has grown massively since then, and every year the world cricket calendar is filled with sporting fans cherished and enjoyed by millions of followers around the world. Cricket is associated with rich traditions and events in many cultures, and all the events are of high prestige. These events attract fans and sports bettors from all over the world. Massive cricket betting takes as millions of wagers are placed during these cricket events.

Major Cricket Events

The ICC Cricket World Cup

The ICC Cricket World Cup is the biggest cricket tournament in the world of cricket. The World Cup is one the of most prestigious sporting events in the world, and all cricket players aspire to be able to play in a World Cup one day. Countries wish to host this major event as it is held every four years. The last ICC Cricket World Cup took place in 2019.

In this tournament, the ODI format is followed as ten teams compete against each other in matchups of 50 overs. In the previous World Cup, Australia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and West Indies were the teams playing against each other.

Women’s Cricket World Cup is another tournament that follows the same format and is held every four years. The first one took place in 1973, and the next one will be in 2022. New Zealand is set to host it.

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The ICC T20 World Cup

The T20 World Cup has gained immense popularity as the T20 format is fast-paced, and the play is shorter than other formats. Cricket followers love this event’s format because of the power and shot selection. The excitement this cricket event brings to the fans has been the reason behind its increasing popularity, especially amongst the newer generations of cricket lovers.

The ICC sponsors and promotes this T20 World Cup, and the trophy given during this tournament is also the second-most revered silverware given to cricketers around the world. The first t20 World cup was held in 2007, and it takes place every five years. The recent one took place in November 2021, and Australia won.

The women’s T20 World Cup is also very popular, and it’s held every two years. The next one will be taking place in South Africa in 2022, and 10 teams will be taking part in the event.

The Ashes Series

This is another cricketing event that attracts cricket lovers and sports bettors from all over the world. This event has been played a key role in defining the renowned England-Australia rivalry in the cricketing world. The first game in the Ashes series took place in 1882 in England, where Australia emerged as the victors.

People defined this as the death of English cricket, and its ashes were said to be spread in Australia. The English captain in the following year wanted to reclaim the “Ashes” as the team headed to Australia, and hence, the name of this cricketing event was born. The trophy is known as the “Ashes Urn“. England and Australia both take turns in hosting this event.

Asia Cup

This is an event where Asian nations come together to compete against each other. The event onset in 1984 in Sharjah, UAE and is played in the round-robin format. It was meant to be played every two years, but the most recent Asia Cup has been postponed twice and will now take place in 2022 in Sri Lanka. Currently, India is the record-holder seven times winner of this event.

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The Indian Premier League

IPL, the Indian Premier League, is the richest and largest cricket league on this planet. With 86 million fans, the league brings together fans from various backgrounds together and attracts millions of wagers as sports bettors find many betting opportunities in this league. The big teams in this league, like Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Chennai Super Kings, are responsible for bringing in millions of views.

Australian Tri-Series

This is another event that has kept the cricket betting world alive and keeps the markets interesting all year round. Australia and other touring teams take part in this event, and it’s named after whoever is sponsoring the event at the time. The recent one was called Gillette T20 International Series as the company “Gillette” sponsored the event, thereby winning the naming rights. The series was played in the ODI format until the 2017-18 season as then it switched to the T20 format.

Test Matches

Test matches are played over five days. The ICC has included twelve test-playing countries in the World Test Championship. England, Australia, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, and Ireland play series or one-off test matches against each other. The first edition of this championship saw New Zealand emerge as the winners in 2021. As test matches approach, cricket bettors get busy.

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The Most Popular Cricket Bets

Here are the most popular cricket bets.

Match Betting

This is the most common type of cricket bet. It’s a pretty straightforward bet, as you have three outcomes to bet on. You can either select which team would win (out of the two) or if the match would end in a tie. It’s the most popular bet as well because of how simple it is.

Completed Match

This is a bet people place on whether a particular one-day match would finish that day or some outside factor like the weather condition would interrupt the game. The wager is a simple yes or no bet about a match finishing on the day it takes place/is scheduled to.

Tied Match

This is another simple, straightforward bet in a cricket match. You bet on whether a particular match would end in a tie or not. If you select the right outcomes, you win the wager.

Innings Runs

In this bet, you predict how many runs would be scored during the first innings of a match. Usually, online betting sites will display this bet as an over/under bet. When that happens, the number of runs would be posted, and you would bet whether the runs would be more or less than that.

Top Bowler/Top Batsman

In these wagers, you bet on which player would be the top bowler (the one who takes the most wickets) or who would be the top batsman (scoring the most runs). This can be either for a particular match or the entire series. You can also pick the team these players belong to, but that’s optional. However, picking the team can get you more payout.

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Team of Top Batsman

If you are unable to pick the player you think would score the most runs, you can pick the team the top batsman would belong to. Since the odds are high for this bet as there are only two options to choose from, this is a common bet.

Tournament Outright Winner

This is a wager that can give you one of the highest payouts if you predict the outright winner of the entire cricket tournament correctly. You can have to pick which team you think would win the tournament.

Win Toss

This is a cricket wager that doesn’t depend on the team or players. In this bet, you just pick which team you think would win the coin toss that takes place before the match starts.

Most Run Outs

This is one of the most simple bets placed in cricket. Here, you have to choose and bet on the team you think would end up with the most run-outs either in a match or the entire series.

Man of the Match/Player of the Series

At the end of every match or series, there’s a man of the match or player of the series. You simply bet on those players. This bet isn’t available in many betting markets, but it’s one of the most popular ones nevertheless.

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Cricket Betting Tips and Strategy

Like any other sport out there, you can either choose to bet for fun or place your wagers strategically, so you are guaranteed to win. Here are a few tips and strategies that can help you.

Read Up & Research

Betting on any sport requires that you do proper research as your money is involved, and you need to be aware of everything that goes into the nitty-gritty of sports betting. For cricket betting, everything doesn’t just depend on the players and the team but also the conditions in which a game takes place.

You should know the rules of cricket and understand the matchup perfectly. Read up about the matchup’s previous statistics and old records. Do proper research about the teams. Check the weather forecast. Always look up about the country’s weather conditions as some countries have quick sunsets and rainy weather all the time. This can make or break a cricket match.

Ground History & the Pitch

It’s important to understand the pitch in a cricket stadium and the type of wicket. The ground a game takes place in also matters a lot in choosing cricket bets. Pitches in different stadiums differ, and some pitches are meant for slow cricket matches.

Some pitches make it easier for batsmen to score more runs and some pitches allow more wickets, making it easy for fast or swing bowlers. Dry pitches help bowlers. But flat pitches are not good for sports bettors, as they can make the match end up in a draw.

The Toss

The toss is significant for sports bettors. It is a decision that helps the bettors make their decision. It can decide how the entire match would turn out to be. The player or team’s performance can depend on whether the team is bowling or batting first.

Form of Teams & Players

Before choosing to bet on a team or player, make sure you check the players and team’s form. Your research should help you understand their form and how they have played in the recent matches. It’s important to check the pitches for the previous games as they can help you understand the gameplay better. Also, look at the statistics and any recent news updates about the team or players.

In-Game Bets Value

Lately, in-play or in-game bets have gotten a lot more sports enthusiasts involved in sports betting. The cricket betting market is constantly changing, and the matches really get the fans involved. When a match begins, many people can choose to bet as they get a much clearer idea of the game and how it’s turning out to be. Odds keep changing during a live game, and real-time statistics help the punters decide which side or player they want to bet on.

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