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Betting Tips For The Formula 1 Motorsport


The 2022 Formula 1 will kick off its first race in March in Bahrain. This year, the race will introduce a few changes to the racing event. The changes were postponed from 2021 to 22 in lieu of the pandemic. The F1 racing event is perhaps the most popular motorsport event in the world. Each year thousands of fans flock to the circuit to get a glimpse of their favorite drivers and cars. The same can be said about the betting world. Top gambling sites release special promos and bonuses to encourage punters to make more wagers. Here’s all you need to know to start betting on F1.

The F1 Betting Lines

The most common betting lines in the Formula 1 races are futures bets, prop bets, and podium finish bets. In future bets, you need to predict who will win the championship or which team will most likely score the most. This bet is usually opened before the start of the season.

In prop betting, you need to wager on the occurrence or non-occurrence of an event in the game. They aren’t linked to teams and players directly and focus more on the events that can happen during a race. Finally, the podium finish bets are the wagers that predict the winner. You can bet on the overall winner of the championship, or you can bet on the winners of each individual race.

Don’t Stick To One Driver

If you’re a new punter, it’s better to bet on multiple possible winners instead of sticking with one. You’ll increase your chances of winning more along with winning any bonus associated with the wagers as long as one of your wagers wins. The best way to pick your drivers is to look at their rankings and odds. Bet on the ones that have the highest rankings and odds.

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Keep He Circuits In Mind

In most sports, the field doesn’t have much of a hold on the outcome. But in F1, a lot depends on the track. Each circuit is defined by its corners, straights, and curvy paths. The performance of the cars and the drivers depend on their ability to maneuver these tricky bits. For example, some cars are great at cornering while others are good on the straights. The same goes for the drivers

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