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Betting On The NFL – 5 Things To Know


Placing bets on NFL games has become part and parcel of watching the games. Football bettors from all over the world eagerly take part in the various betting websites and win big on NFL games. However, the world of betting can be complicated, and it’s not surprising to see a newcomer get confused over the jargon being used and the complexity of it all.

Regardless of whether you’ve just started gambling online or have multiple years of experience dabbling in a wide range of sports, markets, and sportsbooks, there are a few basics that you should always have in mind. Here are five things about betting on the NFL that every bettor needs to know.

1. Single-Game Bets

Any bet that you make on a singular match between two teams falls under single-game bets. These are the most popular forms of betting, found on any of the websites you can find on our list of best sportsbooks, and include many popular subcategories.

2. Betting On The Spread

In single-game spreads, when two teams not quite evenly matched are going against one another, the sportsbook introduces betting against the spread, which means that the favorite to win a game needs to do so with a specific margin for its supporters to win.

A group of friends watching a sporting event on a laptop3. Moneyline

Another form of single-game bet is the Moneyline, which asks you to bet on which team you think will win. This means that your winnings are only concerned with which team goes out on top. Keep an eye on the numbers next to the playing teams as they show how much you have to wager to win.

A negative number means that they’re more likely to win, and the number itself is how much a bettor has to wager to win $100.

4. Over/Under Bets

This type of bet doesn’t concern itself with which team is likely to win but rather how both teams perform. The sportsbook will add an estimated number of points that it projects may be scored, and bettors wager on whether the teams will collectively concede points over or under that figure.

5. Multi-Game Bets:

These include parlays and teasers and depend on the outcome of more than one game for a bettor to claim their winnings. These types of bets are usually highly profitable because they rely on more than one game for the final payout. Go for this only if you’re a football expert and can predict games like no one else.

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