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A Guide to Arbitrage Betting


Arbitrage betting is a simple but lucrative way of betting on sports. It revolves around a basic principle that involves placing multiple bets on different outcomes of one single event. You place these bets by combining different odds to ensure a profit, no matter the actual result.

It’s a great way of earning money, but it can get a bit overwhelming. For guaranteed returns, be patient and work hard to find the right combination of betting odds. If you’re willing to learn, keep reading this guide to find out more about arbitrage betting, and you’ll be a pro in no time!

How Does It Work?

Arbitrage betting is a concept taken from finance, so it’s bound to be a little confusing as it involves mathematics. The basic concept is to combine multiple bets and calculate to find out if an arbitrage can happen.

A scenario in which arbitrage can work is when different bookmakers offer odds for different outcomes of an event, and some odds are higher than the others. While bookmakers do set the odds themselves, these odds can change based on demand and supply.

Arbitrage is possible when one bookmaker has priced their odds lower than the lay odds. When some odds are lower than the market price, sports bettors can place arbitrage bets and win regardless of the outcome.

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How to Find Arbing Opportunities

It’s a challenge to find the right arbitrage opportunities. While they might occur frequently, they don’t last too long as bettors can spot them quickly, and then the odds change immediately, leaving no chance for an arbitrage. However, with the following options, you can find arbs.

Arbitrage Betting Software

You can check out free or paid software that will track and find arbs and alert you immediately. It’s a reliable and simple option plus arbitrage betting software is easy to use. They do all the work for you, and you will be notified so you can place bets.

Proper Research

You can win easily when you do your own research. Through research, you will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. But be aware that arbing opportunities don’t last very long, and you need to be very quick.

Forums and Betting Sites

There are many websites you can check out for arbitrage betting opportunities. Some sites and forums post about these opportunities, while some won’t inform you. You would have to look for them on your own.

On forums, people won’t disclose the most lucrative arbitrage opportunities as they want to be the ones to take advantage. However, these opportunities do disappear quickly, so you have to be alert.

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