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6 Popular Betting Markets for Snooker World Grand Prix 2021


Brace yourself for the Snooker World Grand Prix 2021 scheduled to begin from the 13th of December. The event will be taking place at the Coventry Building Society Arena with Snooker Association and World Professional Billiards as the event organizers.

Picture of snooker balls and cue

Even though the World Grand Prix is a recent event launched in 2015, there’s still quite a lot here with some amazing prizes that the top players would definitely want to win. While the players prepare for the event, you can prepare for betting by keeping an eye on these popular betting markets this season:

Outright Winner

This is one of the most popular betting methods on Grand Prix events, where a wager is placed on the tournament’s winner. If the host places a bet on Trump, O’Sullivan, and Selby for the prospective winners, each receives odds centered on their chances of success.

Match Winner

Another famous market for the World Grand Prix event is to place a wager on the winner of the matches. While the final result helps determine who placed a successful bet, the risk and reward are quite high.

Frame Winner

Every game has a favorite and an underdog that helps bettors win money. This is a live bet that must be placed at the right time on the frame winner to benefit the most. This betting market offers quite significant returns to bettors.

Winning Margin

Some betting sites offer an opportunity to place a wager on the margin of victory at the end of the match. For example: betting on Trump to beat O’Sullivan by -3.5 rounds.

Highest Break

As the name suggests, the bettors place a wager on the player they think will make the highest score during the entire World Grand Prix tournament. The maximum breaks possible in snooker is 147, which is very rare.

Century Break

Century breaks are quite common in snooker. However, it’s only possible when players are on top form and score over 100 at the Grand Prix. Bettors usually get a “Yes” or “No” option, but this market is available with very limited sportsbooks.

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Who To Approach For These Bets?

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