5 Snooker World Grand Prix Betting Tips for Beginners


The World Grand Prix 2021 is still some time away as it’s expected to begin by 13th December, giving time to players to confirm whether they’d like to participate or not, which is why reliable odds might not be available as yet.

However, based on past performances and form, bettors can make some well-educated predictions regarding the prospective high-achievers of the event, such as Selby or Trump.

While there are no guarantees of a hundred percent success for snooker betting, tips can always come in handy.

#1: World Rankings

World Grand Prix features people that rank amongst the world’s top 32 male players. While this field consists of some amazingly qualified players, the winner can be expected from a pool of selected players.

Therefore, the first tip is to ensure you place a bet on a player that ranks someplace high.

#2: Record Books

As we mentioned in our previous post, World Grand Prix is a relatively recent sports event that started in 2015. However, this has provided enough time for players to get a firm grasp at the event, resulting in some players performing better than others.

Therefore, the second tip is to check how the potential betting picks have performed in the past.

#3: Alternative Market

Sometimes it’s better to widen your scope of winning by placing a bet on other markets away from the typical matches, such as betting on the winning margin in the opening round.

Hence, the third tip is to search the market for other betting options rather than sticking to mainstream bets.

#4: Watch the Action

Snooker is a game that attracts many bettors; therefore, you can expect live streaming on many betting sites. Take full advantage of it to watch how players perform in real-time to get a solid understanding of their winning probability.

#5: Be Responsible

Whether you’re betting worth a few tens or hundreds of dollars, it’s always best to make a budget and stick to it. No matter how well you’ve researched, winning can’t be 100% guaranteed.

Therefore, the final tip is to bet responsibly.


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