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3 Reasons To Bet On The European Open In Antwerp


In the world of tennis, the European Open at Antwerp is one of the renowned tournaments for tennis athletes. The tournament features a good number of top tennis players as well as novice ones. Next year will mark the 7th edition of the tournament that will feature 250 in-door events at Antwerp’s Lotto Arena in Belgium. The events are a mecca for online bookmakers and gamblers alike due to the sheer number of betting options and events. Here are the 3 reasons you should start wagering on the European open.

Lots Of Wagering Options

In the past decade, tennis has gone from being a lesser-known sport in the gambling world to being one of the top ones. That’s mainly due to the increasing interest in sportsbooks in tennis and the number of wagers being offered. The 250-event tournament gives bettors multiple opportunities to place winning bets for the European Open.

The fact that there are only 2 players involved in each event makes it easier to make your pick. Not to mention that betting sites usually have special promotions and bonuses put in place during important tennis events like this one.

Easy Predictions

Since tennis offers a larger number of betting options than most sports, it makes sit easier to predict. The two-player system makes it easier for bettors to pick a winner. If you get a chance to wager on star players like Djokovic or Serena Williams, you can easily make winning predictions. But even if you’re new and don’t know much about tennis, following the game stats makes it pretty easy.

This is why it’s best to bet when the series reaches its midpoint. That way you’ll know more about the players, and the novice ones are usually eliminated by this stage. You can easily focus your attention on the star players as well as the ones that show potential.

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Low Losses On Failed Odds

Tennis has low odds on the favorites. This can be considered a flaw as well as a plus-point. When making winning wagers, you won’t win big; but if you end up losing the bet, you won’t lose much either. This makes tennis a great sport for novice bettors, as they can make many wagers without draining their bank accounts. It can help them learn how to place bets, what things to look for, all the while sticking to their budget.

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